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Hello there, welcome to my profile. You can either call me saya(most of my friends call me that) or saiya or rosy doesn\'t matter.

I\'m a gamer geek and sometimes a anime geek. I have a lot of games I don\'t know how many. I\'m a shy person around strangers and I don\'t talk that much, unless I\'m hyper I\'ll talk a bit more or around friends. I love to go outside most of the time and sing.

My current favorite Manga: 1/2 Prince, Kamisama Haijimashita!~

My favorite game(s): Elder scrolls skyrim, Dragons dogma, The Sims, Final fantasy x and Xiii, Shadow hearts, Persona 4, Summer Night, Shadow of the colossus. The Walking dead Telltale series. And probably The Wolf

Favorite anime: Princess jellyfish, Blue exorcist, Vampire hunter d, Hellsing, Yu-gi-oh, Yu Yu hakusho, Inuyasha, Bleach, Naruto.

Stories of characters I\'d love to see more for

Yen\'fey (FE13):

Libra (FE13):

Mephisto Pheles:

Hey, who wouldn\'t love this cute Psychopath?

Garry (Ib):


Prince gumball:

Alfred Drevis:

Mister Sohta:

My likes:
--Hanging out with friends.
--Video games.
--Being hyper.
--Writing(If I have a ideal.)
-Art and stories.

My Dislikes:
--Food (or fruits) that are too sweet.
--Almonds and coconut.
--Being stared at.
--Mean people.

I also issued a challenge if you\'d like. Please check it out. c:

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