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Name: Sidden
Alias: Shae
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Welcome to my profile!!

So, just a little about me:

Name: You can call me Sidden, or anything else that happens to seem appropriate. xD It doesn\'t really bother me too much what I\'m called.

Age: I\'m 18.

Sex: I\'m of the female category~! ;)

Location: We\'ll leave it that I reside in the USA. :P

Current Obsessions:



Vampire Knight

Persona 3

Nabari no Ou


Wild Adapter



07 Ghost

RE: play


Plus many MANY more. :D
(List will be updated with everything, at some point, I\'m sure.)

If you want to get to know me, feel free to send a message, but otherwise, enjoy my writing~!

Updates as of 11/20/10:

Bane of My Existence: Hiatus. (Will probably be dropped.)
I\'m afraid I haven\'t looked at this in quite a while, I don\'t remember where I was going or what my initial intention was, but for now, I don\'t plan on updating until further notice.

Heart Guarded by Bone: Hiatus. (Will probably be dropped.)
Same as the above everyone. xD

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