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So! About me:
Name: Stephanie
Age: 23
Birthday: April 2
Previous name on here: Salanti
Hobbies: Too many for my liking.


Story Status:

The damn bunnies and my muses are on a damn vacation. COME BACK PLOT BUNNIES OF DOOM!...I wouldn\'t mind my muses either.

For Whom The Bell Tolls: Yu Yu Hakusho Taking a Small break, writers block on said story >.> My brain broke.

Fallen Hearts: Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts I dare say I know where I am going with this said story, too the end too. its just when ever I can rewrite chapters to put them up. Writers block. but I will continue eventually

Shuffled Lemon Shots: Death Note, Kingdom Hearts, That was a Very VERY random thing for me so I\'ll update when I have the inspiration to. Hot Damn the things I do when I\'m bored, I take on a Lemon challenge, go figure I\'m not good at it either. Practice makes perfect I guess >.>

Haha, just when I say I\'m stuck on Shuffled Lemon shots I finish off Roxas\'s oneshot. Go me ah huh.

Be Prepared D.N.Angel ongoing drabbles, ficlets, onshots for Dark or whatever I do.

Future Stories:

Book of oneshots >.> I\'m redoing those, considering the fact that I lost them in a computer Crash, and FOS went down. So, I\'ll most likely do 2 seperate things, one for Lemons, one for nonlemons, and or sticking the lemons in the song one.

Author Note Mood: Meh

Hey guys sorry if I haven\'t updated in a long time. College + a Writers Block isn\'t that fun. I\'ve been writing, but it is hard to finish things with me. No clue why. Been mainly working on my own stories.


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