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I go by the name Rose, I am an Original thinker, Artist, and an adventurer. My life itself has been nothing short of an journey, when I first started writing I was in a bad place emotionally and mentally. Since the last I\'ve been on here I have changed so much and grown beyond my expectations. I will be finishing my stories that I started on here, though I forgot completely where I was going with them (lol) so I will be using what I have and just being going from there. I think I might turn Wicked Finding into an original story. I have a lot going on right now, and I always have so this is more of a side hobby for me especially now since I haven\'t written anything in almost four years. Don\'t worry though I have tons of ideas, and my writing has only improved with time. I\'m really interested to see what\'s gonna come out of this head of mine. lol.


I am currently: Reading a book on Chakra Healing and listening to some funky music ;)

My mood is: Excellent and calm

I am looking forward to: Starting a new job and getting that money flowing again, and getting back to writing and drawing

Stories Status Hiatus for now

Wicked Findings: Hiatus I totally forgot where I was heading with this story

What We Call Home: Hiatus :)

New stories with no names I will be starting on these soon probably I have an idea for a mermaid story, so you might see that sooner that Wicked Findings. I really don\'t know though. lol

Right now I\'m not too focus on writing because I have more important things to focus on right now in my life, like getting a job and what not. Don\'t worry though I\'m back! And I\'ll defiantly be writing though, right now I\'m just trying to get back into my hobbies and get my life straighten out. Trust me though I need an outlet, so you\'ll either see drawings or stories coming your way. Well the drawings will be on deviantart.

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