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Stelliferum \"Stelli\" Fluxa

Early twenties

Part-time photographer & writer, part-time student, full-time fangirl.

Fun Facts;
My alias is Latin for starry fleeting.
I have a rabbit and dog.
I would kill for chocolate.
Writing is my passion, photographing is my release.
Coffee is required or my brain dies.



Red Shirt Curse

When you\'re a redshirt, certain rules apply. One of those rules; never fall in love, because you\'ll end up dying anyway. Thanks to a curly-haired Russian whiz kid, you just happened to do exactly that.

Now you can only hope you\'ll live long enough to tell him.

[ Reboot!Chekov x Redshirt!Reader ] [ Post Star Trek (2009) and Post ST:ID ] [ 0/??? ]


Sickbay Shenanigans

You can never guess who or what comes in through sickbay doors unless you\'re that person, or you work there. For you, it\'s the latter. You were a simple girl, obediently tending to patients and quietly scolding McCoy when he stabbed someone with a hypospray a little too violently.

You never knew he noticed, though.

[ Reboot!McCoy x Blueshirt!Reader ] [ Post Star Trek (2009) and Post ST:ID ] [ 1/??? ]



I own none of the characters that are used here unless stated otherwise, and they all go to their respective creators. Unless specified, none of the pictures I use are mine. I only own the words I use, and everything else goes to the character\'s franchises.

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