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1) Freedom
Category: Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan
Pairing: Reader x Various
Chapters Planned: 15

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~I'm still new in all my accounts but I just want to say that I won't repetitively post the same stories/fanfics on the many accounts I have. Each website will have a different series of my stories. Wattpad and will mainly focus on my shippings and OTPs in various animes. Quizilla and Lunaescene will lean more to reader-inserts (Quizilla will have some CYOA Quizzes too, eventually) and my Facebook is for anyone who wants to contact me directly through chat to share any of their thoughts with me (since I feel FB chat is much easier, I will message more there) and... I'm a roleplayer on FB too! I also am open to flames and criticism (but please go easy on me DX). Lastly, I will accept requests if I'm not too busy with school and shizz XD~

Don't hesitate to send me any messages! I love getting them~ Thanks, and bye-bye~ ^-^

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