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New series :)

- 7/03/09


Story Name: All Fall Down
Female Lead: Jamie Mitchell
Male Lead: David Petrovic
Credit: Meselfy :)

Story Name: Blind Eyes Divine
Female Lead: Elizabeth Nobel
Male Lead: Gilbert Nightray
Credit: Mochizuki Jun *-*

Story Name: Cloudy Reflections
Female Lead: Aria Lisle
Male Lead: Lavi
Credit: The D.Gray-Man title and all characters are (c) Hoshino Katsura
Betas: ViViD Eminence (first 2), crazydominodragongirl

Story Name: Etched in Silver
Female Lead: Katherine Nighthawke
Male Lead: Edward Elric
Credit: Ed/Al/Roy etcetc are Arakawa\'s, Katherine and her people, the story, etc are mine ^-^

Story Name: Fairy Circle
Female Lead: Aisling Moore
Male Lead: Andrew King (Alias)
Credit: Mine~ =3 Completely, totally mine *insert evil laughter* well, mine and the old folk tales...

Story Name: Lucky Number XIII
Female Lead: Lae Novak
Male Lead: Train Heartnet
Credit: Train and his buddies and enemies are Kentaro Yabuki\'s... the \"plot\" and the OCs are mine ^-^;


Story Name: Alla Breve
Female Lead: Evelyn
Male Lead: Roxas
Credit: Roxas and the gang, Seifer and his gang, Twilight Town and blahblah are Square Enix\'s and Disney\'s. Evelyn is mine =3

Story Name: Promise Me
Female Lead: Kairi
Male Lead: Sora
Credit: SE and WD own KH... ~_~;

Story Name: The Sun Sets Awkward
Female Lead: Aika
Male Lead: Sora
Credit: Destiny Islands, Riku, Kairi, Sora, Selphie and all those wonderful Kingdom Hearts people are Square Enix\'s and Disney\'s =3 Aika is of my creation
Written For Vicky

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