Member Profile: etsu of the sand
Name: etsu of the sand
Alias: etsu
Status: Member
Join Date: 06/25/08
Last Logged In: 09/15/09
Skin: Autumn_Red

when i was little my dad try to kill me and so did my sister. i grew up with my family hating me. Some people think I\'m crazy, evil, and twisted who knows. I am just misunderstood when you get to know me you still might think that or not but you will also like me too because I\'m a likable person.i am an emo/punk type of person. when im with my friends im like a different person. I\'m am happy with my friends. when i am not near my friends i am a very mean person. if you mess with my friend i will hurt you and if you mess with me my friends will hurt you.

My favorite colors are blood red, black, sea grean and blue.

My favorite book is Twilight.

My facorite movie is The Under World.

My favorite showes are Naruto, FMA, Black Blood Brother, Inuyash, Rosario + Vampire, Blood, and Vampire.

I like wolves, coyotes, raccoons, hurting people, starting fights with my enemy, bats, my close friends, nighttime , and blood.

I hate preps, the color pink, jerks, daytime, and my family.

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