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Alias: Arisa, Blaize and Sadako
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Your three favorite (yes we know we arent really your favorites but eh) author goddesses in one! Blaize, Arisa, and Sadako!

Okay...well, do you want stats on all three of us lol? Here we go!

Name: Blaze
Age: 16
Fav Anime: Inuyasha, Naruto, Witch Hunter Robin
Fav Quote: Life is like Hell...except worse
Stories posted: Thirteenth Night
Stories to be Posted: Setsume\'s Life: the Beginning, The Quest of the Chosen one
Likes/Dislikes: When people in stories sacrifice themselves to save someone ele eg: Kurama (yyh) willing to give himself up using that mirror thingy to bring his mom back. Well, think about it, this way, he suffer, and she watches over him from heaven happily. The other way, hes chosing that he wants to be happy in heaven while she suffers the guilt that comes with knowing her son killed himself for her. Extreamly selfish to kill yourself for her. Extreamly. Oh, and I love ice cream XD...
Hobbies: Singing, drawing, writing stories, reading manga, watching anime, hanging out with friends, spending time with my boyfriend (^___^)

Name: Arisa
Age: 14
Fav Anime: Wolf\'s Rain!
Fav Quote: Life is like a box of chocolates: take it all
Stories Posted: Thirteenth Night
Stories to be Posted: uhh...
Likes/Dislikes: i hate kids, they\'re loud and annoying, and when they\'re parents leave, they sprout little horns and devil tails and fangs and they turn red and..and!...Okay, if i keep going, someones going to hit me... *cough* blaize *cough*
I like...puppies! (not really, but coulnt think of anything)
Hobbies: Dancing, writing, spending time with friends, watching anime, reading manga

Name: Sadako
Age: 14
Fav Anime: uhh...Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist
Fav Quote: Im so bored!!!!!
Stories Posted: Thirteenth Night
Stories to be posted: as Arisa said;uh...
Likes/Dislikes: i hate people in general and i like...trees, they\'re quiet
Hobbies: singing, hanging with friends, i donno...lotsa stuff


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