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Hey I\'m Krista from Auckland (New Zealand)

I go to West Lake Girls High School.
Have three cats but rather have a Dog-Seberain Husky.

I have recently created a blog dedicated to the submition of my Fanfiction stories. Spread the word and follow me ^^

Personally, I\'m a HUGE fan of Kingdom Hearts.
Any one that knows me from DA(deviant art) will know that.

Hope you enjoy my stories :)

:.: About The Author :.:

- General Information -

Name: Kitay

Age: Guess..... 13-24

Gender: Female

Birthday: March 23

Looks: Shoulder-length red-brown layered hair. Average height. Hazel (green & blue) eyes.

Hobbies: Drawing, Watching movies, Writing, Playing Games(PS2/Computer), Chating Online.

Loves: Anime, Twiligh, J-Pop music, Roxas.

Hates: Spiders, Bees.

Occupation: Student

Other works:, * Kitay *

- :.: Stories :.: -


Twinkle Little Star

Love Interest:(OC) Casey

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Teen; Story

Rated: [10+]

Summary: A small runt of the family at birth, Star - a young champagne kitten - sets out on her own love-adventure. However, she doesn\'t live out a normal cat life. Taken in by a young man, Casey, givin food and shelter, Star grows to care deeply for her savior.
After showing a fellow alley-cat kindness, an old hag-of-a-woman grants Star her heart\'s deepest desire.
As it turns out, being human is more hastle then she originally thought.


Love of the Sight

Love Interest:Roxas

Genre: Romance, Action/Adventure; Story

Rated: [13+] for violence, and minor sexual scenes.

Summary: Trixks has no memory of her life before she was brought to Castle Oblivion by a young, blond, dreamy-eyed Organization XIII member. Now, as well as being forced to fight through the trails that Xemnas - the Organization\'s superior - has set out for her for a reason unknown to her, she must also face the trials that her troublesome gift, and also first-love with her saviour, has set out for her...


Beauty and the Tainted

Love Interest:Sora

Genre: Romance, Angst, Action/Adventure; Story

Rated: 13+ for violence,gore and minor sexual scenes.

Summary: Family killed by the Heartless. Nightmares ridden with blood-shed and golden eyes. Danella dreams of a better life than that of which she has found herself in. Can a tall, dark saviour with a haunting secret bring her that?

- :.: Original Characters :.: -


Name: Trixks.

Nicknames: Trixy.

Hometown: ...Unknown...

Hobbies: Hanging with friends, Traveling to different worlds, Kicking Axel\'s butt, Drawing.

Likes: Sea-salt icecream, Wolves, Stars, Blue eyes.

Dislikes: Teasing, Being Alone, Axel.

Looks: Shoulder-length Brunette hair, deep, crystal blue eyes, average stature - smaller than most.

Clothing: Organization uniform - edited her way. Short-shorts. Red Dress top. Signature belt.

Personality: Shy yet brave. A very out-going girl when the oppertunity is presented. A little smug when she wants to be.

Power: Sight - To see the past, present or future - at a price.

Strengths: Her legs - her most powerful feature - speed and strength.

Flaws: A one-track mind. Usually quick to judge.

Stars in: In main Fan-Fictions.


Name: Roxanne (a.k.a Star).

Nicknames: Ann-y, Rox.

Hometown: ...Unknown...

School: Tranquil High

Hobbies: Playing with her Bell-collar, Reading, Learning more, Exploring.

Likes: Shiny objects, the Stars, School, Books, Classical Music.

Dislikes: Fighting, Violence, Blood, People getting hurt, Loud noises, Cars, Weapons.

Looks: Human -
Champagne-blond hair, green(cat-like) eyes - with a golden hue around the pupil, smaller than others her age, Scar over her left breast.
Cat -
Champagne fur, white belly and muzzle. Spring grass-green - golden hue around the diamond pupil, A runt, Scar over her heart.

Clothing: Bell-collar. Medium slate blue, knee-length, dress - a hot pink ribbon attached, under her breasts.

Personality: Shy around others, but intensely curious. Kind-hearted towards other.

Strengths: Her hearing and eye-sight.

Flaws: Is new to the human world

Stars in: Twinkle Little Star


Name: Danella.

Nicknames: Danny, Dana, Ella.

Hometown: Hollow Bastion.

Hobbies: Reading.

Likes: Romance novels, Victorian fashions; rituals, Being of help to others.

Dislikes: The way things are, Heartless, Cruelty.

Looks: Shoulder-length curly blond hair, Warm golden-brown eyes, Average height.

Clothing: Varies

Personality: Shy - not very out-spoken. Obedient. Stubborn at times.

Power: None

Strengths: Her sense of empathy. Very understanding. Trustworthy.

Flaws: Doesnĺt speak her mind a lot of the time.

Stars in: Beauty and the Tainted

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