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Name: Blood of Zexion
Alias: Sarkari Fukuto
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Im Sarkari Fukuto. Call me Sar though! Im happier right now the normal just because! i love yugioh and dueling. im normally sad but now im happy! Im GXDarkness on twitter so drop by sometime and say hi. I\'ll most likely be on twitter. umm.... dont know what else to say other then to give me LOTS of hugs. please give me hugs. T_T they make me happy and not depressed because i feel that someone cares about me. i already have people that care about me but still... hugs are nice to get.

Working on:

DeathNote: KA muder case - 95% complete handwriten. 3% typed. on hold.

frist lemon (unamed): 33% complete. working on it now. Bakura x OC ((i think this is going to be the hardest thing ive ever had to do.... x///x))


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