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05/19/2014:Chapter 4 has been COMPLETELY redone. It's a new must read. Go go!

05/11/2014: Oh hay! I haven't updated in YEEAARRSS... I've just been lurking and reading other's amazing works and neglecting my own... Well a creative bug has bit me and I want to update my story... I've had it all planned out in my head for years, just no will to write. Plus, I went back through and re-read everything and got hooked on my own story (how weird is that?). So! I'm updating the chapters now, fixing some typos and story holes/things I didn't like. I hope people who liked it will come back to read it...

10/13/2008: New chapter of Bloodwork and Atmosphere up~! Finally, hahaha. I really am so sorry about the wait. I got to the lemon and was just like... I couldn't write it D:!! I've read so many *ahur!* but I just couldn't write my own... But I'm writing it right now... bwahahaha...

11/14/2007:I AM VALIDATED :0! THAT'S SO AWESOME!!! I feel so honoured ;___;~ Thank you all so muucchh~!

Current Stories:

Bloodwork and Atmosphere
{{I was surprised at the lack of good Reno x Reader fics around here, and so decided to write my own...}}
Amazing, you had been accepted into the organization you dreamed of... But, the problem is, your recruit mission deals with the Turks, and well, your run-ins with a particular red-head aren't pleasant... Tables are turned, and now who you thought you could trust is the enemy. When did life get so complicated?

(Reno X Reader~)

Eternal Ritual:
{{The idea for this story came up years ago between my friend and I... I've decided to rewrite it, and finally finish it the way I want ^^}}
Being a twin was a truly wonderful thing. Never being alone, always having a friend, and someone to talk to. But in this village, there was a duty, and it had to be performed no matter what. There was no backing out. And the twins were almost always willing participants...


Fanfiction story pertaining to the game Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly. All original characters, though the idea spawned from the game.

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