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August 3, 2015

    I'll be honest, I don't post much of my material to Luna anymore. Call it selfishness - as I don't deny some of the inherent selfishness - on my part, but I receive more feedback on other sites. And I do not just mean people flood me with praise--far from it. I mean, people take the time to comment on my work, acknowledging how they feel, what they enjoyed, disliked, or what I should improve on.

    I am not the first fanfiction author to feel stung by the lack of active readership. I'm not the first fanfiction author to sit here sometimes and wonder how a story could have several hundred views, even favorites, yet only one or two reviews (if you're lucky). Perhaps it's me showing my age, I don't know. What I do know is that when I joined this site in 2006, I did it in the hopes of connecting with other people in the fandom, and in the hopes of improving as a writer. And back then, the community was highly active. The majority of readers left reviews and connected with authors, and authors were more than happy to reply and connect with readers.

    I will never leave this, not truly. But Luna is no longer my focus. I will update stories here, perhaps add new material on occasion. Just not with the speed I use for other sites.

    As for now, my writing corner for Lunaescence has been updated below. If you've stuck around thus far, have a look to see where I'm at.

    Much love to you all~ ♥

[ - Writing Stuff and Thangs - ]

    Updated as of October 16, 2015

[ - Main Focuses - ]

     photo 4823bade-d9f3-4eeb-820c-c03d2b4e0035_zpsooznu1mx.jpg

    Reader x Rick
    Stage of Development:
    Rewriting Previous Chapters 100%
    Writing Next Chapter 10%

     photo a4d5db1f-2b0b-41ff-a7fd-b2694c0b4d2a_zpstxinmcl2.png

    Reader x Merle
    Stage of Development:
    Finalizing Outline 8%

[ - Secondary Focuses - ]

     photo sabal_zpst3soxqdr.jpg

    Blood Lotus
    Reader x Sabal
    Stage of Development:
    Rewriting Outline 5%

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