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First and foremost, I must congratulate whoever is presently reading this for stumbling upon my page considering there is nothing much to redirect you here. But I suppose it wouldn't be far off to think you've come here for the penname I chose for myself. In due time, I will be "publishing", so to speak, my stories here once they're ready for the perusing of human eyes. Otherwise, they stay hidden in the copious amounts of folders I keep on my laptop.

Second, I suppose now is a good time for introductions as I have been putting it off in the first paragraph. I respond to Calmasis or Cal, whichever one you prefer. This, of course, isn't my real name, and if you share a passion for the webcomic about four kids playing a game created by the man named Andrew Hussie, then you might be familiar of the character which inspired the penname.

As you can tell, I am a bit adamant about sharing personal information. I won't be revealing much if I deem the information irrelevant and unnecessary for people to know. Though I can tell you now that I am a person seemingly unsatisfied with most everything. With that, I am most likely to publish and delete stories on a whim, and perhaps I will do the same with this so-called introductory profile. In fact, I am thoroughly unsatisfied with how this came out to be.

On a final note, I suppose that's enough from someone who hasn't quite yet made a name for themselves, so I will be leaving it at that.

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