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I\'m new here on Lunaescence and only recently started visiting. In reality, I came here trying to track down GaurdianAngel07 of whom wrote a cute little series about Digimon. (yah, I like Digimon ;P) I owe it all to Wizzie (Wizardmon) that I found this place at all. Wizzie\'s the best Digimon ever, along with Impmon and his digivolutions! *Nerds out for a second* *comes back to reality* Err, like I was saying though, I really enjoy reading fanfictions and hope to meet plenty of new people~ This is an amazing website! I\'m still a kid at heart, but aren\'t we all? :) That\'s all there really is to say about me, so thanks!!

*~If you find the username \'MitzvahRose\' anywhere, than it\'s likely me~*

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