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A bit about muah~:
Name: Emeliene XXXXXX aka Yo-Chan~
Age: 18
Nationality: American/European
Reason(s) for being here: To share, and get feedback on my \'fanfics\'.
My love for writing drives me to find a place like this rather than Quizilla, no offense.
But it\'s just This is exactly what I need to expand my imagination/creativity.
About My Writing: I like to tred in areas that I know best, I like to make a believeable fanfiction and insert my characters into the story as if they\'ve always been there. I\'m not the biggest fan of 2nd person writing, so you won\'t see it a lot.

Current Obsessions:
- Bleach - DOGS: Bullets & Carnage - Ouran High School Host Club - Naruto - Gravitation - Code Geass - Full Metal Alchemist - & Bleach.

Beloved Music:
*-Two Door Cinema Club *-The XX *-Bring Me the Horizon- *-A Day to Remember- *-Pierce the Veil *-Passion Pit- *-Frederic Chopin- -LMFAO- -Chris Webby- -The Afters- -AWOLNATION- -The Beatles- -Florence & the Machines- -The Devil Wears Prada- -Asian Kung Fu Generation- -Deadmau5- -Queens of the Stone Age- -Blessthefall- -Escape the Fate- -Every Avenue- -Asking Alexandria- -All Time Low- -Benny Benassi- -Bon Iver- -Cute Is What We Aim For- -Death Cab for Cutie- -Breaking Benjamin- -Boys Like Girls- -Taking Back Sunday- -Katy Perry- -Nine Inch Nails- -Green Day- -Kings Of Leon- -We The Kings- -You Me At Six- -Fall Out Boy- -Stevie Ray Vaughn- -Tool- -Coheed and Cambria- -The Maine- -Foo Fighters- -David Guetta- -Muse- -Lamb of God- -Chase Coy- -Cobra Starship- -Violent Femmes- -Lady Gaga- -Afrojack- -Framing Hanley- -Evenescence- -3 Doors Down- -Panic! At The Disco- -Attack Attack!- -The Submersed- -Never Shout Never- -Letting Up Despite Great Faults- -The Chordettes- -Young and Divine- -Hollywood Undead- -Scary Kids Scaring Kids- -Soulja Boy Tell \'Em- -Mgmt- -The Cure- -Red Hot Chili Peppers- -Smashing Pumpkins- -Nirvana- -Blue October- -Puddle of Mudd- & more. -♥-

Beloved Songs:
-It Never Ends- -Black & Blue- -The Sadness Never Ends- -Medusa- -Chelsea Smile- -Sleep with One Eye Open- -Football Season is Over- -The Comedown- -Diamonds Aren\'t Forever- ~ All by Bring Me the Horizon -Harder to Breath by Maroon 5- -Love Cats by The Cure- -Louder Than Thunder by The Devil Wears Prada- -If it Means a Lot to You by A Day to Remember- -Blister in the Sun by Violent Femmes- -Hollow by Submersed- -Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off by Panic! At the Disco- -After Dark by AK-FG- & much more -♥-

Beloved Video Games:
*-Kingdom Hearts- *-Fable 1,2&3- -Mario- -Sonic- -Zelda- -Eternal Sonata- -Burnout- -Grand Theft Auto (ALL)- -Halo- -Call of Duty Black Ops- -Left for Dead- -Soul Calibur 1,2,3&4- -Final Fantasy- -Dead or Alive- -Gun- -Naruto- -Bleach- -Ninja Turtles- -Modern Warfare 2&3- -Skyrim- -Dance Central 1&2- -Just Dance 1,2,&3- & so much more -♥-

Beloved Animes:
-Bleach, duh. -DOGS: Bullets & Carnage- -Code Geass- -Innocent Venus- -Naruto- -Ouran High School Host Club- -Gravitation- -Full Metal Alchemist- -.Hack- -Blood+- -DNAngel- -Big O- -Gundom- -Hamtaro- -Prince of Tennis- -Haruhi Suzumiya- -Cowboy Bebop- -Death Note- -D.Gray-Man- -Love Hina- -Loveless- -Howl\'s Moving Castle- -Spirited Away- -Samurai Champloo- -Ghost in the Shell- -Eureka Seven- -Yu-Gi-Oh- -Elfen Lied- -Le Chevalier D\'Eon- -Claymore- -Trinity Blood- -Peace Maker Kurogane- -Rave Master- -Ranma 1/2- -Soul Eater- -Vampire Knight- -Tokyo Mew Mew- -Sorcerer Stabber Orphen- -Eyeshield 21- -Fruits Basket- -Junjou Romantica- -Katekyo Hitman Reborn!--♥-

Beloved Anime Characters:

*D O G S: B U L L E T S & C A R N A G E: - Badou Nails - Heine Rammsteiner
*B L E A C H: - Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez - Ichigo Kurosaki / Hollow Ichigo - Toshiro Hitsugaya - Renji Abarai - Nova - Shinji Hirako
*D E A T H N O T E: - Near (Nate Rivers) - Mello (Mihael Kheel) - Matt (Mail Jeevas) - Light - Ryuk
*K I N G D O M H E A R T S: - Sora - Riku - Roxas - Axel - Leon - Xemnas - Demyx - Cloud - Auron
*C O D E G E A S S: - Lelouch Lamperouge - Suzaku Kururugi
*O U R A N H I G H S C H O O L H O S T C L U B: - Tamaki Suou - Kyoya Ootori - Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin
*N A R U T O: - Itachi Uchiha - Sasuke Uchiha (Shippuden only) - Kiba Inuzuka - Shikamaru Nara - Pein - Deidara - Kankuro
*G R A V I T A T I O N: - Shuichi Shindou - Eiri Yuki - Hiroshi Nakano - Ryuichi Sakuma
*F U L L M E T A L A L C H E M I S T: - Edward Elric - Al Elric - Roy Mustang - Envy
*E U R E K A S E V E N: - Renton Thurston - Holland Novak - Matthieu - Jobs - Hap - Moondoggie ♥ - Dominic Sorel
*B L E A C H: Yes, there is always more. - Byakuya Kuchiki - Kenpachi Zaraki - Ikkaku Madarame - Izuru Kira - Shuhei Hisagi - Sosuke Aizen (Evil Only, thank you.) - Jushiro Ukitake - Shunsui Kyōraku
*B L E A C H: - Rangiku Matsumoto - Yoruichi Shihōin - Rukia Kuchiki - Tatsuki Arisawa - Orihime Inoue - Hiyori Sarugaki - Suž-Fēng - Nanao Ise
*C O D E G E A S S: - C.C.
*N A R U T O: - Tsunade - TenTen - Temari

Currently Working On:

(OC: Scout)ReaderXRenji
Bite Me

(OC: Zeniira)ReaderXShinji

Currently Postponed:

(OC: Hina)ReaderXBadou

(OC: Fuu)ReaderXHeine
Symphony of Death

Characters of a mad-woman:
Note: These are characters I\'ve created; it will help give you some insight to what they look like as you read.

-B L E A C H-
Name: Toshio Watari
Gender: Female
Height: 4\'8\"
Weight: 82lbs. That may seem ridiculous, but if you go on the Bleach Wiki site, you will see under most of the small shinigami women are around those sizes. JSYK.
Hair: Soft blonde that reaches to her lower back, the ends cascade in a wavy flow from her shoulder blades on.
Eyes: Breathtaking scarlet red, with a dark red outlining the iris with a thin line, and a piercing orange that surrounded the pupil and dissolved into the red abyss, leaving a haunting or demonic feel about Toshio.
Appearance: Is adorned in the usual shihakusho uniform, but the bottoms were normally tied tight to her lower calves with red ribbons, making it \'puff\' out over the top ribbon in rebellion. As for her feet, it was usually a black pair of tabi (socks) or no covering at all. As for Yoko\'s hair, she usually had it pulled up into a messy bun that was tied up with a crimson red ribbon to match her electrifying orbs.
Rank: 3rd seat of the 6th division.
Personality: Sharp, witty, cunning, clever, mischievous, comedic, sexual, cute, sweet, sarcastic, mean (at times), temperamental, lover of all seasons, can be perverted and abrasive.
Other: Her tongue is pierced.
Zanpakuto: Kakimaru (meaning: \"Fire circle\")
Reiatsu: A fiery red color with a pure white outline.
Kakimaru\'s spirit form:
Gender: Male
Height: 6\'4\"
Hair: Bewildering red that was wild and kissed below the nape of his neck. (Think Shuuhei Hisagi when he was in the academy.)
Eyes: Deep purple that would captivate you into a loving trance for him.
Appearance: He wears nothing but the bottoms to his shihakusho; hakama, I believe. That is held tight to his defined hips by a purple sash instead of the usual white one. Adorning his neck is a silver chain that reaches down to his navel with beads that connect the loose sides in the middle of his chest. (Hard to describe.)
Personality: Suave, sexual, cocky, tempting, cunning, clever, irresistible, comedic, caring to Toshio only, seductive, ladies man, likes to entice women.
Other: Shares the same tongue piercing as Toshio.
Appears in Stirred Up Hornets Nest and a few drabbles. NOTE: NOT YET CREATED


Name: Fuji Hikana
Gender: Female
Height: 4\'4\"
Weight: 82lbs.
Hair: Strawberry blonde with black tips, her hair reaching her shoulders. A natural curl twisting into cork-screws.
Eyes: Bright turquoise.
Appearance: The usual shihakusho uniform.
Rank: New captain of the 9th division.
Personality: Soft, nice, caring, outspoken, happy, obedient, respectful, and hopeful.
Other: Always wears a silver anklet with a four leaf clover adorning it.
Zanpakuto: Shikokyuu (Meaning: \"Death Breath\")
Reiatsu: Piercing white with a lime green outline.
Shikokyuu\'s spirit form:
Gender: Male & Female
Height: 5\'10\" & 5\'1\"
Hair: Shorter black hair that feathers around the males face in a shaggy fashion; long black locks that stay dangerously straight with blunt bangs that make the females eyes flare.
Eyes: Both have eyes of black with yellow irises like a hollow.
Appearance: The male wears a usual school uniform but with a black button up shirt and a red tie with black dress pants, and the female wears a girls uniform thats black instead of gray and a red bow.
Personality: Vicious, cunning, rude, brutal, hateful, dangerous, ravenous, beastly, heartless, deadly.
Other: Both are connected together by a simple red string that ties them together by their pinkies.
Appears in Crooked. NOTE: NOT YET CREATED


Name: Kaora \"Scout\" Madara
Gender: Female
Height: 4\'9\"
Weight: 70lbs.
Hair: Sandy brown, with bright blonde on the top layers of her hair. Her hair reached down to her mid-back with a messy look on the short top layers. The look made her look like a rebellous child.
Eyes: Soft Irish green, that sparkled a golden color in the sunlight.
Appearance: The usual shihakusho uniform, with the bottoms normally tied tight to her lower calves with black ribbon.
Rank: 3rd seat in the 6th division.
Personality: Devious, playful, mischievous, childish, comedic, talented, strong-willed, ambitious, quite happy.
Other: A soft coating of freckles over her nose and cheeks making her look even younger than she really is, she also has industrial piercings, in both ears, one is vertical (left ear) and the other is the traditional (right ear). Her tongue is also pierced to add to her rebel look. On the back of her neck, she has a tattoo that says \'Infinite\'. Many scars decorate her person, such as the three large claw marks that come from her side and end just before her navel on her stomach.
Zanpakuto: Rikkatenshi (meaning: \"Snow angel\")
Reiatsu: Hot pink with a black outline.
Rikkatenshi\'s spirit form:
Gender: Male
Height: 4\'5\"
Hair: Soft white that reaches the nape of his neck. (Looks like Shinji Hirako\'s.)
Eyes: Peppery light gray that makes you shiver.
Appearance: Small petite looking boy, wears an all white shihakusho uniform with a cat choker around his neck that has bells on it. The legs of his uniform are tied tight to his calves like Kaora\'s except his are tied all the way to his knees with bells adorning the white bows that are made from the ribbon at its knees. Also has a white slightly fluffy thick cat tail.
Personality: Cold, playful, mean, devious, harsh, ruthless, icy.
Other: Has the same tattoo on the back of his neck that Kaora has. \'Infinite\'.
Appears in Bite Me.


Name: Zeniira (ZEN-ear-a) Aizen
Gender: Female
Height: 5\'1\"
Weight: 99lbs.
Hair: Chocolaty dark brown thatís wavy and curly as it travels down the length of her hair; which is to her shoulders.
Eyes: Silvery light blue in the right and a gentle yet devious brown in the left.
Appearance: Wears a white hakama with a white robe that lays open to show a white tube top that covers her breasts only. A one inch thick light pink ribbon cress-crosses over her stomach and runs over the tube top over her breasts and wraps around her neck to come back to the front tied into a bow.
Rank: N/A visored created by Sosuke Aizen when she was a young child
Personality: Playful, tender, friendly, easily motivated, energetic, curious, lively, respectful, gracious, hopeful, delightful, powerful, sincere.
Other: Was taken from the soul society as a young child when Aizen felt a spiritual pressure within her. From there, Aizen took his genetics as well as Gin Ichimaru\'s and gave them to Zeniira to create a being more powerful than his Arrancar army. Within the process of training her to be a soul reaper, Aizen began her hollowfication when she was ready to control the power within her.
Zanpakuto: Does not know the name of her Zanpakuto
Reiatsu: Golden amber
____\'s spirit form:
Gender: Male
Height: 6í1Ē
Hair: N/A
Eyes: Glowing silvery blue
Appearance: Looks as if he wears a shihakusho but canít tell.
Personality: Quiet, mischievous, wise.
Other: Zeniira has only seen him in her dreams and can never see his features but only his eyes through the darkness because whenever she sees him, he is standing in front of a light.
Appears in Stranger.

-D O G S: B U L L E T S & C A R N A G E-

Name: Hina Kuso
Gender: Female
Height: 5\'5\"
Weight: 116lbs.

-C O D E G E A S S-

Name: Dez Madarame
Gender: Female
Height: 5\'3\"
Weight: 98lbs.
Hair: Silky straight black, that reached her shoulder blades, her bangs soft and wispy down to the bridge of her nose.
Eyes: Golden topaz with tinges of green.
Appearance: Normally is seen wearing her Ashford school uniform. Outside of school, she wears normal everyday clothing, and always wears a gold locket that was given to her by her mother before she passed away.
Personality: Sweet, quiet, warm, loving, caring, tender, gentle, respectful, and responsible.
Other: Is blissfully unaware of the government and acts as if nothing in the world is falling apart, trying to hide the fact that she is fairly afraid of what is to come of the world.
Appears in Cross the Line and possibly some drabbles. NOTE: NOT YET CREATED

There will be more characters added, patience is a virtue.

\"Grimmjow \"Grimmjow\"Image

- is undoubtedly the love of my life. -

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April 13, 2008


-Jan. 5th, 2011: Stories will come along slowly, I promise to be as quick as possible, most stories will be in chapters. Thank you!
-Jan. 5th, 2011: Stirred Up Hornets Nest is in progress, the first chapter should be up soon.
-Jan. 6th, 2011: Bite Me will have a chapter up sooner than Stirred Up Hornets Nest.
-Jan. 7th, 2011: Bite Me chapter one is being validated, and chapter two is almost complete.
-Jan. 12th, 2011: Bite Me chapter one has been up, chapter two is being validated.
-Feb. 5th, 2011: Works in progress: Bite Me, and Twiddly Little Tid Bits.
-June 18th, 2011: I don\'t really update this anymore, my apologies. Bite me, Stranger, and Twiddly Little Tid Bits are all in motion.
-June 18th, 2011: Bite Me\'s forth chapter \"Fire & Ice\" is being validated and should be up fairly soon.

note: spacing between the rant\'s are slightly weird on different sized computer screens; these were adapted to a 27\" mac screen.

Mini-Rant about Sosuke Aizen:
Okay, okay, Aizen is a dick, we all know that, he knows that, but who can honestly say without lying that they don\'t find this evil, conniving, cocky man sexy? \'Cause I sure as hell can\'t say that. He\'s as tempting as the cookies that are sitting just over the line on the dark side; he\'s the definition of \"DAAMMMNNN\" on the movie Friday. You know, the movie with Ice Cube and Chris Tucker, now you know what I\'m talking about those funny mother fuckers. Anyhow, who can really judge the man? He just wants more power and to punish the Soul Society, theres always someone else other than the antagonist that whines and bitches about wanting more power, if they realized that Aizen is just actually achieving his goal to gain more power, they would probably see him in a new light... or maybe that\'s just me. But nevertheless, I love yet hate Sir Sosuke Aizen. I hate him for being a douche, but I love him for bein sexy and realistic. Hm, this rant is getting me nowhere other than into a great idea for a story~. Muah, I love you Aizen. ♥♥♥

Mini-Rant-Praise? about Ichigo Kurosaki:
Ichi, is the hero in my daydreams and the Sex God between my sheets. HA! I wish, we all wish, but hey, what\'s the problem with wishing right? The man is a shining beam of light that does nothing but helps others without helping himself in the process. I find it odd that he\'s not classified as a visored, I mean, he\'s part hollow, right? And part shinigami, hm. I pondered over this the other day and then I just found myself daydreaming with stars in my eyes and a grin on my face. So much for that thought, haha. One of the reasons I\'m so in love with Ichigo is because before I even knew about Bleach, I was eating strawberries and raspberries all the time, everytime I\'d go to the store, I\'d buy some. When I picked up the first manga volume, I had an all new obsession with strawberries, so I can tell you now, most of my writing will include a deep passionate love for strawberries. Don\'t be surprised if the stories that revolve around Ichigo are hot and saucy, [wink, wink]. If I could make one wish in the whole world, it would be for every anime/manga fan to be able to go to that world, if I woke up one morning and I was an anime character in Bleach, I would be terrified but shivering with happiness all at the same time. I can\'t even begin to describe my utter... UGH, I\'m feeling a daydream coming on, oh how sad it is to wake up from a brilliant dream like Bleach and realize you were never there. [Slumps in sadness]. Well damn, I love you Ichigo Kurosaki. ♥♥♥♥♥

Some sort of Mini-Rant about Kisuke Urahara:
What is there to say about Mr. Hat-n-Clogs? Hm, that nasty pervert makes me smile. Once you fall in love with Kisuke, theres no turning back, not ever. I suppose the saying, \"Once you go black, you never come back,\" can be used here, besides the blatant fact that Urahara isn\'t... black. I\'m sounding rascist, I apologize to those offended but you understand. The man\'s a dirty seductive genius with a childs grin. I can\'t say how many fanfictions I\'ve read about Mr. Urahara, he\'s just got that fun-loving personality that I find so alluring and when I read the stories about him, it\'s like my day dreams put into words, I love it. Thank you too all that have written a Kisuke story, you have given me the joy of the hat and clogs. To my love, Kisuke Urahara. ♥♥♥

Rant-tastic fun about Mello:
Chocolate. Sweet, sweet chocolate lover of mine. Lips that taste so sugary and delicious that all you can do is go back in for more. The amount of ecstacy in one kiss could kill you, Mello will be the death of us all. From either his rage, or passionate love for chocolate. A tantalizing treat that teases you and makes you beg for more; I don\'t mean to make Mello into a toy, but more like a master. My master; I would be his little pet and feed him chocolate with a delightful smile. I may sound obsessive or insane, but honestly, I cannot lie about the cravings I have for that man. So sinister but sweet, just like the chocolate you eat. The man that will be the death of me. Death by Chocolate. ♥♥♥♥

MORETHANJUSTARANT-Rant about Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez:
Love doesn\'t even describe the bone chilling feelings that Grimmjow instills into my body. The electic blue locks, the piercing Caribbean pools that stare you down through narrowed slits, the dangerous grin the is plastered to his face. My, my, for someone fictional he really gets your skin crawling. For Yamamoto\'s sake! This man is far beyond a God, he is much much more. The man has prey, he\'s not just a little kitten people! He is a Big Cat, an animal that feeds upon the weak, tearing them bit by bit, piece by piece. Survival of the fittest; Grimmjow is on the top of the food chain, filled to the brim with power and lust. Everyone is his prey, he\'s just lurking in the shadows like Jack the Ripper, waiting to pounce. Yes, I did just compare Grimmjow to Jack the Ripper, a man that raped and killed prositutes in London a long time ago. But hasn\'t anyone noticed that? Grimmjow is just usually right behind you with a satanistic grin smeared across his gorgeous face ready to take you as his own, ready to feed upon your screams of pain, or if you\'re me, pleasure. Zac, my best friend mentioned higher up the page, doesn\'t understand my love for the vicious beast that is Grimmjow. Zac had the audacity to say, \"He has blue hair!\" I simply looked at him with disappointment and said that he obviously doesn\'t know me well at all. I mean come on! Many people have to understand my deep undenying love for Grimmjow. I can\'t even begin to put together audible words when I\'m having a \"conversation\" with Sir Zac about the marvelous man that I am ranting about. And by \"conversation\" I mean; me rambling like an idiot while Zac looks at me like I\'m completely mental. I don\'t want to even hear it from that runescape loving nerd, [rolls eyes dramatically]. That\'s all he does is sits on the computer posting on his stupid little forums about \"trolling\" and shit. Bleh, but then again, look at me drooling all over Grimmjow. We are obviously best friends if we both have our own little obsession problem. And no offense to those whom love Runescape, I don\'t mind it, I just hate it when that dumb friend of mine spaces out and ignores me while I\'m trying to talk to him. [Snorts with a grin], whatever the case, Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez is my own dark angel; I love you, my dear Grimmy. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Mini-Rant about Jushiro Ukitake:
Eeeek! Jushiro is just one of those guys you want to cuddle because they\'re so cute! Don\'t deny it! That man is like the snuggle laundry detergent bear! You know that cute little teddy bear that just looks so soft and cuddly. That\'s what I want to do with Jushiro! He\'s such an adorable man, no matter how powerful he is, all I\'ll see is that sweet heart and boyish smile. ♥ I could glomp that man until the day I die. [Thinks for a moment.] And then do it all over again when I\'m in the Soul Society! :D Haha, Jushiro! I still have some tricks up my sleeves! I feel like a wee little lass again, getting all giddy about nothing, or is it something? Hmm? Riddle me that! Ah, I love you, Captain Ukitake. ♥♥♥♥♥

Super Dooper-Rant about Renji Abarai:
So to start; guess who is ignoring me? Hm, that\'s right, Zac. What a dick. Haha, anyhow, Renji is... perfect. Perfectly perfect, absolutely perfect. I love, love, love, love him so much and his glorious red hair, and that impeccable grin. Oh God, he\'s unbelievably remarkable and well let\'s just say orgasmic. I wanna come at you like an Amazonian woman! No, that would be creepy. I apologize for my sudden... outburst. Forgive me my love, for I am just in a trance from your fucking brilliant eyes and magnificent body. Damn, you beat Aizen in the DAAAMMNNNNN competition. Zac just said we have a love hate relationship, it stings a little. I love Renji more than I love Zac, isn\'t that sad? No, I don\'t think so either. I\'d love Renji more than anyone, that\'s called commitment right there. I love you, Renji Abarai. In the words of Zac, \"Renji is just...the boss.\" ♥♥♥♥♥

Simple and Sweet-Rant about Ikkaku Madarame:
Ikkaku, I love your bald ass head, and your rockin\' ass body. Can I just say he\'s pretty sexy for a bald guy, I love him so much. I wonder if I rubbed his head, if a magical gene would come out of his ear? [Rubs Ikkaku\'s head making him growl] Eeek! Let\'s test that theory another time. ♥ Hmm, if he only knew the thoughts that ran through my head about him. I don\'t think he\'d ever look at another woman if he knew what I wanted to do to him, all the time, every night, all night long. Mmm, sweet like candy. He\'s scrumdidliyumshious like Willy Wanka\'s Chocolate Factory, hmm? Yes, I would love some chocolate, drizzled all over him. Mmm, yum. Delicious, gorgeous, tasty bald man. I love you, Ikkaku. ♥♥♥

Dirty Talk about Toshiro Hitsugaya:
Dear Captain Hitsugaya, I am starting this off properly so there is a chance you will read it, because you love to ignore me. You are more than a sexy hunk of man, you are a Captain I have come to know and respect over these many years and all I can say is; I would truthfully give up anything for you. I would give Renji\'s left nut to be with you! Ahaha, take that Renji. EEEE~, my liddo Shiro-sama~ I love you so much I\'d kill someone if you died, I really would. That\'s dedication right there people, master to his slave, lover to lover, friend to friend, so on and so forth. I\'d give Ichi- No, I\'d give everyones left nut for you, that\'d be a lot of nuts. I\'d be considered a squirrel; that\'s how much I love this man, he\'s a GOLDEN GOD people, the way his deadly cold turqoise orbs peer deep into your soul when he furrows his brows in frustration and confusion, the way he yells bloody murder at Rangiku, the way he makes my skin shiver just from his icy voice. Toshiro makes me purr like a kitten when he smirks, and pounce like a tiger when he even bats an eyelash. Grr, he\'s got me sexually frustrated, I couldn\'t tell you how long I\'ve wanted this man, I couldn\'t even think back to when it all started, probably when I first laid eyes on him, yes yes, that\'s it, love at first sight, what a cliche but then again, what an excuse to fall madly in love with someone like Toshiro Hitsugaya. Oh, how I adore you, my sweet, sweet Toshiro. ♥♥♥♥♥

Ranty-Rant about Gin Ichimaru~:
Oh that silver haired fox, how sexy and seductive his mink little demenor is, and that cute sly smile that makes you shiver at the sight. I\'m seeing a pattern, some people just really hate the bad guys, but I love all the characters no matter if they\'re bad or not, I love them whatever the case. Gin especially; that man\'s voice, and that silly happy-go-lucky attitude just brightens my day. Yo-Chan: Gin~! Gin: Yes, Yo-Chan~? [Gin smiles wide] Yo-Chan: I love your smile, Ginny-Winny~! Gin: All the better to eat you with my pretty~! Yo-Chan: Gin. [Gin becomes worried by my disappointed look.] Gin: Yes...? Yo-Chan: You are a fox! Not a wolf and you mixed Little Red Riding Hood with whatever wicked witch said, \"I\'ll get you my pretty!\" I\'m thoroughly disappointed in you, Ginny. [Crosses arms over my chest with a \'hmph\'.] Gin: [Frowns slightly and wonders over pecking my cheek] Better? Yo-Chan: [Swoons] Thoroughly. [Pecks Gin\'s nose]. He acts like a silly little boy, I love you Gin. ♥♥♥

Not-A-Haiku about Izuru Kira:
Izuru is just so cute and innocent, his sullen look and nervous demeanor make me giggle. All I wanna do is cuddle and kiss him like a kitten; what a guy. Theres no telling how he really feels when he\'s so caught up on Gin leaving him and betraying the Seireitei like that. You could jump him all sexual like and Gin could still be stuck in the back of his head. IS HE IN LOVE!? Who knows? I don\'t think so, he just feels like he lost a best friend is all, and that\'s why I\'m here to make it all better! [Kisses at all of Izuru\'s booboo\'s] Izuru: [Blushes] Y-Yo-chan?! Yo-Chan: Hai! I love you, Izuru! ♥♥♥♥♥

Heart Wrenching Love for Ulquiorra Schiffer:
Ulquiorra, there is no way in hell I couldn\'t cry upon your deparcher. That was the moment I had complete and utter respect for all Espada and Arrancar. There are no words in this world that could describe my utter desire to just caress you in the most romantic of ways, to just look into your eyes and let my heart fall into your hands as if it were yours. It\'s cute that I just wrote that because the song I\'m listening to said \'my heart, in your hands\' a split second after I wrote that. Ah, it\'s a sweet feeling, the love for Ulquiorra; it\'s endless, an abyss of everlasting love. Those who stand in my way of you shall fall by swift punishment. I could never forgive Ichigo for bringing Ulquiorra to his infinite demise, the way he began to fade into the wind made a black hole appear where my heart was, the word emptiness comes to mind. More so then not, my love will forever strive for the Cuatro Espada and he will live on in the wind and through the eternal thoughts that adorn my head. Emptiness (Thank you to whomever made this.) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Bow to Your Master



Rated: 17+ | Warnings: Adult Situations, Angst, Crude Humor, Death, Drug References, Explicit Material, Fluff, Graphic Violence, Mature Content, Mild Adult Situations, Mild Sexual References, OOC, Sexual dialogue, Sexual Situations, Strong Language, Violence
Main Characters: Aizen, Byakuya, Grimmjow, Hanataro, Hirako Shinji, Hisagi, Hitsugaya, Ichigo, Ikkaku, Jinta, Kira, Kurosaki Isshin, Matsumoto, Noba, Original Character(s), Orihime, Other, Reader, Renji, Rukia, Ukitake, Ulquiorra, Ururu, Uryuu Ishida, Various, Yumichika, Zaraki
Genres: Action, Adventure, Angst, Comedy, Death, Drama, Fluff, Friendship, Horror, Humor, Lemon, Lime, Martial Arts, Ninja, Romance | Story Types: Lemon, Novel, Original FanFiction, Other, Reader Insert
Length: 4 chapter(s) / 13039 words | Complete: No

With time and effort from Rangiku, Kaora and Renji will become more than friends. A relationship such as theirs could only end in a strong passionate love.
Battle scars, hidden pasts, secret loves, heated romance, bad guys, and kidnappings fill the chapters with twists and turns.

I hope you enjoy!

Published: 01/07/11 | Updated: 07/24/11

Rated: 17+ | Warnings: Adult Situations, Angst, Crude Humor, Death, Drug References, Drug Use, Explicit Material, Fluff, Graphic Violence, Mature Content, Mild Adult Situations, Mild Sexual References, Mild Yaoi, Sexual dialogue, Sexual Situations, Silliness
Main Characters: Aizen, Akatsuki, Alphonse, Auron, Axel, Byakuya, Cloud, Coyote Starrk, Deidara, Demyx, Edward, Envy, Gaara, Grantz Yylfordt, Grimmjow, Haji, Haku, Hanataro, Hayner, Hidan, Hikaru, Hirako Shinji, Hiro, Hisagi, Hitsugaya, Howl, Hunny, Ichigo, Ichimaru, Ikkaku, Inuyasha, Iruka, Itachi, Jean Havoc, Jinta, K-san, Kai Miyagusuku, Kakashi, Kankurou, Kaoru, Kiba, Kira, Kon, Kurosaki Isshin, Kurotsuchi Mayuri, Kyōraku Shunsui, Kyoya, L, Lelouch Lamperouge/Zero, Leon, Light, Madara, Maes Hughes, Marluxia, Matsumoto, Matt, Mello, Miroku, Mori, Mori, Moses, Naraku, Naruto, Near, Nekozawa, Noba, Obito, Original Character(s), Orihime, Other, Pein, Raito, Reader, Renji, Riku, Roxas, Roy Mustang, Ryūku, Ryuichi, Ryuk, Sai, SaÔx, Sakano, Sasori, Sasuke, Seifer, Sephiroth, Sesshomaru, Shikamaru, Shuichi, Suzaku Kururugi, Szayel, Taki, Tamaki, Tobi, Tohma, Uchiha Clan, Ukitake, Ulquiorra, Urahara, Uryuu Ishida, Various, Watari, Xehanort, Xemnas, Yoruichi, Yuki, Yumichika, Zabuza, Zaku, Zangetsu, Zaraki, Zexion
Genres: Action, Adventure, Angst, Comedy, Death, Drama, Fluff, Friendship, Gay Romance, General, Horror, Humor, Lemon, Lime, Other, Romance, Samurai | Story Types: Drabble, Lemon, One Shot
Length: 5 chapter(s) / 944 words | Complete: No

Summary: [Reader (OC) xVarious]

In the short little drabbles, an character of mine will have fun or sexy happenings with the characters of various animes! I hope you enjoy!
Published: 01/27/11 | Updated: 03/08/11

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