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Name: Choco! (I will never tell you my real name)

Age: 18!

Inspirations: Songs, books anything that I can wrap my head around! XD

Short Info: This is not my only account, I have other stories already posted and going on Quizilla! My account is modiMONSTERSdisease! look it up if you want OK?

Anything you need to know: I\'m a very hyper active girl! And because my father wants me out of the house (Collage here I come!) I will try my best to update as best as possible OK? This means that it might take a while to update I might not update for a week or maybe a month or more but I will try my best to stay on top of my writing! any more questions message me kk?

Anime: to many to name! XDDDD

╚@Coming soon@╝

•The Misguided Adventures of a Vampire Slave to a Women

• The Guide to a Historical Account of a Greek Vampire

♪ ♫ ♬ ◍Song Fics◍ ♬ ♫ ♪

This are going to be some songs that I listen to that give me inspiration to right something~! The list below are a few for now it probably will get longer :)

◍ET- Katy Perry
◍Your Love is Mys Drug- Ke$ha
◍Beautiful Monster- NeYo


I am the Biggest Tsuna Fan EV-EH!!! Therefore I shall be posting a few stories dedicated to him~! But fret not I shall make other stories as well but he\'ll probably be main occupation.... Maybe~!

๑Philophobic (TYL)

๑A One Night Stand? (TYL!)

๑Miracle (Song Fic.)

๑ The Baby Momma Diaries: 9 Months of Pure Hell (All possibly KHR Characters)

๑Wedding Troubles (TYL)

๑ℬest ℱriends

*Note: the stories will not be out like they are listed... My brain works n strange ways and if it has more ideas for one then that\'s how it is*


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