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What does Lane Mikelson look like? *points to avatar* Or check here (Karely Tufo) or here (left) (orange-plum)

June News

(06.14.14) I'm so sorry everyone for such a delay. A few things have happened, so updates will be very very slow. Good news is, Chapter 17 is out now!

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In Progress


*UPDATE 06.17.14* Current: Enter!Gaia - ReaderxReno [Chapter 17 - Out Now!] (Currently 17/24)

Enter!Shizuo Heiwajima - ReaderxShizuo [Chapter 2] [HIATUS REVIEWING PLOT]

Explanation about Enter!Series
It's focused around you and an original character by the name of Lane Mikelson. Lane is a fallen angel on a mission and has to travel to several worlds to find what he is looking for. Whenever he enters a new world, somehow or another, he runs into you–a different/AU you every time, but still you. The stories are not posted in a chronological order, and every story has it's own feel. Heavily based on my original series.

News and Updates

(04.15.14) -The story is currently at 16/24, but it will be finished very soon. I am planning on putting each chapter in as soon as the other gets validated. Thank you for your continued dedication and your patience.
-Enter!Gaia II is still being worked on, no where near finished.
-New Story Idea(s)Enter!Sibyl is a project I'm working on the side along with Enter!Maria, Rose, Sina. They will not be focused on or as in depth as Enter!Gaia, at least I don't plan on it. We'll see.
-If you're interested in betaing any of these new stories, please let me know.

--(03.19.14) Part One has been completely written and read over. Currently in the process of been beta'd.
--(03.19.14) Another hiatus!?!?!!!? Why yes, I'm just following Andrew Hussie example. No, but seriously I've been hit by the real life train and haven't been able to get much done. My beta's are also currently busy with what they need to do as well. My plan? Simple, I want to get the rest of my chapters edited, beta'd and queued back to back. As in the rest of the story will be queued immediately after a chapter is validated. Quicker updates. More story for you in a smaller amount of time. Right now it is currently 13/24. I promise you guys have not been forgotten and this story has not been abandoned.
-Sorry for the mini-hiatus. Lot of technical difficulties with chapter 13 on my end.
-Lane Mikelson has been revealed. Please check the top of my page and click the links.
-You are more than welcome to email me any questions about the Enter!Series Be it more detailed updates, plot questions, theories or to just say hi. My email is sinner_turk (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Happy February!
----(02.24.13) Chapter 13 of Enter! Gaia is delayed to technical difficulties on my part. Will be out as soon as possible.
---(02.15.14) Enter! Reno of the Turks is now known as Enter! Gaia . I found the title to be somewhat misleading, as the story is not focused on Reno, but around the Final Fantasy 7 home world, Gaia. Reno and the Reader are simply main characters to a huge story. I deeply apologize for any misleads, I am very terrible at making titles and summaries. The plot has not and will not change.
--(02.13.14) As an apology, I will start queueing chapters as soon as they have been reviewed.
-Sorry for the delays in chapters, I've gotten very busy and very distracted when I have time off. They are still being written and reviewed.
-Enter!Reno: Chapter 10 has been taken out of the queue simply because it didn't flow right.
-Still brainstorming a plot for a Attack on Titan fanfiction.
-If you're interested in beta-ing the Attack on Titan fanfiction , let me know, I need someone that knows the story and the characters.

-I unfortunately will not be completing the Christmas special. I couldn't think of a good plot for it, and I wasn't going to force one to happen. It wouldn't have flowed right if I did.
-Chapter 9 is out! Chapter 10 is being reviewed by my lovely beta, HatedLove6.
-I'm pondering a Good Omens story. I need a good plot for it.
-Lane is going to be getting his own story soon to help explain his existence.
-I submit my stories on Wednesdays or Thursday.

-I am pleased to announce I'm writing a Christmas Special for Enter!Reno. Will it be done before Christmas? Haha, I have no idea.
-Chapter 8 is now in the queue and is my last backlogged chapter, so updates may be slow.
-Where is Enter!Reno as a whole? So far it's a two part series, probably heading into 3 part. The first part has been written out and being reviewed chapter by chapter as I submit them to my lovely beta(s) and the queue. There are 33 Chapters total for part one. I do plan to get all of them published on this website. Part 2 is on an off and on hiatus, but slowly being written. Part 3 is in the air. I want to wrap it up in two parts, but there's so much in my head that it'll end up 3 parts knowing me.

Final Fantasy 7

Rated: 17+ | Warnings: Adult Situations, Alcohol Abuse, Mature Content, Mild Adult Situations, Strong Language
Main Characters: Original Character(s), Other, Reno, You
Genres: Action, Fantasy, General, Humor, Mythology, Supernatural, War | Story Types: General, Mythology, Novella, Other, Reader Insert, WIP
Length: 17 chapter(s) / 26156 words | Complete: No

Formerly known as Enter! Reno of the Turks

How much more can this world take?

You hit a man with your car and end up on an adventure you never intended to sign up for. These are the tales of you and your immortal friend, Lane Mikelson.

Long plot ahead with many familiar faces. Eventually ReaderxReno
[Rated for language and future chapters]
Published: 06/19/13 | Updated: 06/17/14

Rated: 17+ | Warnings: Adult Situations, Coarse Language, Graphic Violence, Mature Content, Mild Adult Situations, Mild Sexual References, Physical Abuse, Sexual Situations, Strong Language
Main Characters: Anri Sonohara, Celty Sturluson, Masaomi Kida, Mikado Ryuugamine, Original Character(s), Reader, Shizuo Heiwajima, Simon Brezhnev, Tom Tanaka
Genres: Action, Fantasy, General, Romance, Supernatural | Story Types: General, Mythology, Novel, Reader Insert, WIP
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 2977 words | Complete: No

Summary: Ikebukuro: a place filled with supernatural happenings, chaos, and interesting characters.

Good. That means you and Lane will fit right in.

[Rated for future chapters]
[MAJOR HIATUS. Sorry! The plot was getting iffy so it is under review.]
Published: 10/07/12 | Updated: 10/09/12

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