Wham, Slam, Bam!
Posted by Penguiduck
09/02/15 - 12:23AM
Welcome to September, friends!

The theme for September was something sweet, and here are your selections:

A Not-So-Slight Misunderstanding by SHSL Fangirl (Ace Attorney, All)
The Pros and Cons of Silence by Seiragaki (Final Fantasy VII, All)
On Your Right by Lafrenze (Marvel, 13+)

Next we have October, so let's get CREEPY. Nominate anything that gives you chills or nightmares. It can be right out scary or something that makes your blood turn. This can represent the theme of a story or even just a scene in it.

We've concluded our August 2015 Fic Trades! Feel free to wander to the forums and take a look at those gems!

Here is a link to our new Featured Challenge: Pass a Smile! by Candy Shoppe. View for details! :)

Finally, we are looking for NEW MODERATORS.

We're going to try something a little different. Not only are we looking for the typical moderators to help sift through the queue, but we are also going to be adding at least one, potentially two, community moderators, whose sole duties are to help with Featured Challenges, forum maintenance, and other responsibilities other than the queue. If Lunaescence has ever been a regular part of your life, a place for you to build your confidence in writing, and a community to which you have felt a sense of belonging, please consider giving back!

One thing we ask you to consider very carefully is the amount of time you can realistically dedicate to Lunaescence.

Questions about the moderator selection process? Want to chat about your interest? Feel free to reach out to me (Penguiduck) -- you can either PM me on the forums or message me on Facebook (Yahtzee Penguiduck Dii). I'm friendly, I promise. :3

There will be another announcement with instructions for the application process in a week or two! Keep your eyes open!

Other than that, enjoy your September!


Just Keep Writing, Writing, Writing...
Posted by Penguiduck
08/02/15 - 02:22AM
Hello, August!

Here are our nominations! The theme for August is Friendship!

Like the Old Days by Symphonic Fantasia (Yu-Gi-Oh, All)
Jacob Have I Loved by cherno alpha (Fire Emblem: Awakening, 13+)

September is National Honey Month, so let's go with something sweet. Any story that has melted your heart or has given you those good feels is eligible for nomination! Head over to the backup forums to give us your nomination: Right here!

Our Featured Challenge for the month is Summer Sweethearts. Here is our one completed entry!

Reunion by Mozart (21 Jump Street, 13+)

We also want to give an honorable mention to Tsula, who made a noble effort but was unable to finish:

Absolution by Tsula (Castle, 13+)

This month, we have our August Fic Trade 2015. Fic Trades have always been very popular, so we thought we'd bring them back! Feel free to join! Click here!

Just as a final note, our active mods are:

Enjoy your August!


"Tears are the summer showers to the soul."
Posted by Penguiduck
07/03/15 - 03:40PM
--Alfred Austin

Welcome to July, folks! It's only getting hotter and hotter, and so are the challenges! Sadly, we had no nominations for this month's theme of Summer Reading, so I really don't have any suggested summer reading for you. :( Bad pun intended. That's how sad I feel about this.


Because August 2nd is National Friendship Day, the theme for August is Friendship! This means that we're looking for stories with a focus on friendships and platonic relationships. This is not to say that the nomination can't have any romantic involvement, but we'd like to see some friendship, too! Nominate here on the backup forums.

Now, some of you may have noticed that the forums are up! Whoo! That's great news! Until we get the "go ahead" from Sally, though, we'd like to stick with the backup one, just in case the site's forum gets glitchy again. :'D You're free to use it, but use at your own risk.

For our Fallen Fairytales challenge, we have an honorable mention:

Cinderella by Tsula (Law and Order, 17+)

And, of course, there is a new featured challenge: Summer Sweethearts!

So we all know rumors about summers and relationships. You meet people on vacation, at band camp, on a business trip, and even though the look in their eyes makes you swoon, you know the relationships will never last. Time to go back and dream.

Think of your favorite fictional character and write. It can be a reader-insert if you think there might be others who like this character or it can be told in any other perspective. It can have a happy ending or a sad ending. Go back to a time when you remember loving these characters and write for them as you have never written for them before.

Have fun with the challenge! Enjoy your August!



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