My How Time Flies!
Kerrigan Sheehan
Posted by Kerrigan Sheehan
04/30/19 - 11:14PM
Welcome to May, everybody! I can't believe it's May already... Enough chatter. There's a lot to go over here.


Our April challenge was "Villainous." We have one submission:

And It All Comes Down To This by SweetDeath (Marvel Comics, Iron Man, The Avengers, 17+)

Do You Want to Build a Snowman? This month's challenge is "Disney Songs". Be Prepared to write some songfics that bring Honor To Us All! Be Our Guest and check out the details here.

Featured Stories

The nomination theme for May was "Revival" Unfortunately, there were no stories nominated.

June's featured story theme is "Fun in the Sun". To nominate something, go here!

Bug Reports

We are currently experiencing a problem with Outlook selectively blocking emails from the domain, which is what the moderators and admins use for official site business as well as what the site uses if you're trying to recover your user account data or if you've signed up for email alerts on reviews and/or favorite story updates.

Dia has begun the process of contacting them to fix this issue, but it's out of our hands at this point, and it could take a while. If you have an email address associated with your Lunaescence account, especially if you're an unvalidated author planning on submitting fics to the queue any time soon, please consider temporarily changing the email associated with your account to an email that uses a different domain, such as yahoo or gmail, until this problem is resolved. You can change the email associated with your account by going to "Your Account" and selecting "Edit Personal Information" under "Your Settings."

As far as we know, no other domains are affected, but regardless of which email provider you use, we recommend whitelisting moderators[at] and archive[at] These are the two addresses the site and its admins use for most non-queue business.

Just a reminder, the best place to file a bug report is either on the official bug report thread in the forum or, if that's not possible, to email moderators[at] Those are the two places it's most likely to be seen quickly by the site admin.

The Queue

We appreciate your ongoing patience with queue submissions. We are very shorthanded at the moment, and with just a couple of us working on it, real life disruptions affect queue wait times a lot more substantially. Thank you for your understanding.


Please consider donating to the fundraiser here or sharing it to keep Lunaescence around as long as possible. Site donors get beta access to the site revamp as well as other perks. More details on the

Site Revamp

Dia is totally rebuilding Lunaescence. If you'd like to see the countdown and progress bar or sign up to the mailing list please check out the landing page here. Expect more information from her here soon.

She is also working on a mobile-friendly theme for the current site to help in the meantime. Expect that in the near future.


April, April, April...
Goodfellow & DIA
Posted by Goodfellow & DIA
04/07/19 - 10:57PM
The months seem to have passed us by in a blur! As always, we are still looking to improve Lunaescence and keep it around for as long as we can, but we can’t do it alone! If you’re able, please consider donating to our fundraiser or sharing the page so that we can meet our goal! If you’re interested in learning more about the fundraiser, how you could help, or what sort of incentives we have for those that donate, click here!


Because our February and March announcements couldn't get uploaded due to certain circumstances, we’ll just skip along to April! Our January challenge was "First to Say." We had some awesome entries!

Spices and Teas by Penguiduck (Fire Emblem, 13+)
Pretty by Ladybird (My Hero Academia, 13+)

Excellent work you guys!! This month’s challenge is “Villainous." The goal is to write any piece of writing that is from the perspective of a villain! Click here to get more details!

Featured Stories

Our nomination theme for February was Kiss Kiss Fall in Love. Unfortunately, no stories were nominated. Maybe next month! The theme for May’s featured stories is "Revival." You may nominate any story that has been updated after a hiatus of a year or more.

Click here to nominate someone!

Downtime in March

Lunaescence experienced a period of downtime mid-March. This was entirely due to the site’s host. We have taken appropriate steps to insure this does not happen again in the future. This includes enlisting a third party service to monitor site-uptime so potential issues can be more quickly addressed, as well as moving to a different service provider. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank users for their understanding.

Full Site Revamp

A revamp of Lunaescence Archives is in the process of being developed. New features and a updated, modern interface are just part of the improvements provided as part of this revamp. You can visit the landing page for the site’s revamp here. All accounts, stories, and content will be transferred to the updated website upon launch. Early Access to the site’s revamp will be provided to certain users during the revamp’s Closed and Open Beta periods. More information regarding features and dates will be covered in subsequent announcements.

Multiple Submissions

As a rule reminder, please be aware that we do not allow multiple chapters of the same story to be submitted to the Queue. Submitting multiple chapters of the same story in the Queue will result in the automatic deletion of the chapters in question. There are two main reasons for why we have this rule. For one, there is a risk that the chapters will not be read and validated in the correct order. Finally, if one chapter does not pass validation, it is unlikely the others will. Please only submit one chapter at a time.

As always, we sincerely thank you for visiting Lunaescence Archives and hope you'll enjoy the rest of your April!


New Year New Memes
Posted by Goodfellow
01/06/19 - 08:26PM
Happy New Year to you all! I hope everyone had a pleasant 2018! As we greet 2019 with hope and optimism, please keep the fundraiser in mind! We are still hoping to reach our goal in order to keep Lunaescence online for a long time to come, but we cannot do it without your help! If you’re interested in learning more about the fundraiser, how you could help, or what sort of incentives we have for those that donate, click here!


As many of you know, the last event we held was a Fic Trade! Thank you to those of you that participated, it was a lot of fun! To see what submissions were received click here! Keep an eye open for our next event!


Our December challenge was "12 Days of Winter Writing”. We had a single submission for this challenge, which can be found here:

Oh What Fun by dark_wing19 (Ouran High School Host Club, rated 13+)

Hopefully our next challenge will garner more interest! This month’s challenge is “First to Say”. The idea here is to write out the first time something big was said! For more information on what this challenge entails, click here!

Featured Stories

Our nomination theme for January was Best of 2018. Sadly no stories were nominated!

The theme for February’s featured stories is Kiss Kiss Fall in Love. As the title may suggest, this month’s theme is all about the lovely feelings involved with falling in love! Nominate any story where this is relevant here!



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