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The Lunaescence Archives is an online library dedicated to quality works of literature. This site is intended to be a safe haven for both writers and readers who have become disenchanted with larger, open online archives. Quality is of paramount importance at Lunaescence Archives and we strive to provide a community where quality works can be viewed and appreciated.

We believe that no one should have to dig to find a quality story.

We also understand the frustration many writers feel when stories they’ve put a great deal of effort into are buried under pages of badly-written, yet popular, stories. Due to these issues, we have chosen to moderate submissions for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Certain aspects of a submission, such as character portrayal or plot choices, are not factored into the moderation process. Only grammatical aspects of a story are considered in the moderation process.


A Brief History

Site founders Sally and Jasson opened their first Web site in January of 1999, which was a fan-page for the anime Yoroiden: Samurai Troopers and its North American version called Ronin Warriors. It was called "The Ronin Dungeon" and offered a little bit of everything concerning this anime including fan fiction, fan art, information, and links. Unfortunately, time constraints eventually led to an extended hiatus in 2003 and permanent closure in early 2004.

Shortly after that Web site went on hiatus, they purchased -- though it didn't reach its current incarnation until mid- 2004. Submissions for Lunaescence were opened shortly after stopped allowing stories with adult content and deleted the accounts of anyone who wrote said stories. Since many of their favorite authors and friends had their accounts deleted, they offered their site as an alternative. was registered 19 May, 2003 and uses a heavily modified version of a script to house its growing library of fiction. The name "Lunaescence" is a play on words between the founders’ dog's name, Luna, and the word "Luminescence."

The two were combined, which produced Lunaescence.


Moderation Team

Lunaescence Archives is managed by a team of people who volunteer their time to supporting the growth of the community. Below you will find a list of bios and contact information for each member of the Moderation Team. Should you have questions regarding submissions, usage or site policies, please contact the Moderators at moderators[at]

Alternatively, each Moderator of Lunaescence Archives can be reached personally.


Profile | breezy[at]

By day, Breezy splits her time between college courses and her shifts at a local gardening store, but by night she is a queue moderator here on Lunaescence Archives. She was born and raised in the south, y'all--Kentucky, to be exact, and continues to live there with her boyfriend, her two cats, and her ever-growing army of house plants. As far as hobbies go, Breezy enjoys writing the occasional reader/cute babe fluff-ball, gardening, reading, and painting. In her spare time, she can most often be found cooing over makeup tutorials on Youtube or building cute houses on the Sims 3. Her favorite things include magical girl anime, cacti, sweet tea, and reader-insert stories. Although her university major is currently English literature, she honestly has no idea what she wants to do with her life, so stay tuned for ambition.


Profile | caraina[at]

Originally from the American Mid-west, Caraina spends her days teaching English in Japan. The rest of her time, she could potentially be found swimming, writing, reading, hiking/exploring, singing opera, or learning better Japanese, but she is more likely to found organizing community events, rewatching movies she’s seen a million times, or playing the newest Legend of Zelda game for the 900th time. Some of her favorite things include good doggies, singing at all times, and of course, reading fanfiction. While she may take a billion years to upload any of her writing, she is always ready and willing to help if you have any questions or concerns!


Diamond April
Diamond April
Profile | diamondapril[at]

As a devoted reader and writer for more than a decade, Diamond April is truly honored to serve as part of Lunaescence’s Moderation Team. Literature has always been an important aspect of her being, beginning with her first foray into writing in the form of poetry. Particularly, she has grown to possess a soft spot for prose among other literary techniques. No stranger to site moderation, April was formerly the administrator of two fanfiction archives where she worked to foster and maintain a thriving community. Diamond April now currently functions as both a Moderator and Site Administrator of Lunaescence, juggling community-based duties with administrative tasks such as coding. When not working to improve the site, you can find her reading, fiddling with odd trinkets or pursuing many of her passions such as web design.


Profile | kumi[at]

Kumi is as indecisive as they come. She first joined Lunaescence in 2012 under the penname SugarFizz, and became a moderator in 2014 after changing pennames twice. Going into her third year in Pharmacology, she is currently studying for her MCAT and trying to resist the temptation of spending all of her time writing fanfiction, getting sucked back into fandoms, and playing League of Legends. Aside from her virtual vices, Kumi can be found playing with her dog, lurking around bubble tea shops, making travel plans, and figuring out what the heck she’s going to do if she doesn’t get into medical school. She also laughs at really bad jokes, makes an excess number of puns, and is knee-deep in memes. Did I mention she's also terrible at updating her stories regularly?


Profile | mozart[at]

Mozart joined Lunaescence in 2010 and became a part of the moderating team in 2016. She lives in the Midwest and currently works full-time as a writer in the marketing department of a financial services firm. Writing has been her passion since toddlerhood, and besides her mountain of fanfiction, she has also written a wealth of original fiction, much of which can be found in her alma mater's creative writing journal. Apart from writing, she enjoys reading fiction and true crime novels, improving her German, people-watching, trying new makeup, studying art and architecture, attending concerts, and curating playlists for friends, a carryover from her time hosting a radio program in college. An avid film fan, she is working through a very long list of must-see movies. Mozart also loves to travel and has visited half a dozen European countries; she looks forward to her next trip abroad.


Profile | penguiduck[at]

Penguiduck has been a Lunaescence moderator since 2012. She lives in the southwest US with her fiancé and rescue dog, working full time as a financial advisor. She is an avid writer, who enjoys reading mostly original fiction with a sprinkling of fanfiction. In her free time, she writes (reader-inserts and WWYFFs, especially), cooks and bakes, and does all sorts of arts and crafts. Right now, she's busy planning a wedding. She has specific interests in wine tasting, dog training, and video games -- her current obsession is League of Legends. She listens to Disney music, laughs until her stomach cramps, and sings along to musicals. Food is one of her passions, both eating and cooking it, and she wants to open a restaurant in retirement. She would like to publish a novel one day, but until then, she will likely be writing with Lunaescence.


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