Account Questions                              

Q: How do I Register / Join?
Answer: To join, please click the "Register" link at the top of the page and follow the instructions.

Q: Why don't you want people under 13 joining?

Answer: We really aren't set up for kids. This Web site is primarily aimed at people ages 15 and older; in fact, most of us are actually over 18. Some of our authors are old enough to have teenage children themselves.

Also, many stories in this archive contain material that would be questionable for young readers, even though the bulk of our stories are about Japanese animation. We don't have time, money, or the resources to check your identity or gain permission from parents.

Q: I didn't get my password! What happened?

Answer: If you didn't get your password, one of three things happened:

  1. There was an error or problem with the site.
  2. Your e-mail provider blocked our e-mail, deleted it, or put it in your junk mail folder.
  3. Your e-mail provider requires someone sending you an e-mail to prove they're human by doing something first.
  4. You entered the wrong e-mail address or spelled it incorrectly.

Before you do anything else, first add archive[AT] to your address book or to your whitelist and use the "Forgot Password" link at the top of the page.

Lately, has been apparently deleting our e-mails for some reason (they probably think they're junk). So if you used an e-mail address, that may also be why you haven't gotten your e-mail.

If that doesn't work, use the contact form and ask us to help. Be sure to include your username for the account you're having problems with. We're not psychic, so there's no way for us to tell who you are from your e-mail.

Q: How do I contact an author?
Answer: There is either a text link that says Contact Author or a little e-mail icon somewhere on their account page. Those will both take you to the author's contact form. Their e-mail address is automatically hidden to protect them from spammers.

Q: How do I change my user name?
Answer: E-mail us and ask. ^_^ It seriously only takes us a minute at the most.

Q: What is a "Beta Reader"? by Tikatu
Answer: A beta reader - a.k.a. beta / betareader - is a sort of personal story editor and proofreader rolled up in one. Depending on his or her strengths, he or she can check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, find plot holes, point out continuity errors, tell you where you've deviated from canon, and generally ask you, "Are you sure you want to do that?" Their job is to give you the tools to polish up your story to a fine sheen, and make it presentable to the world at large.

Q: What does the "Short URL" in my stats mean?
Answer: Jasson sometimes offers members the option of getting a short URL to link to their stories. If he's given you one, it will appear in that space.

We're also exploring the option of providing everyone with a short URL at a later date.

Q: How come some people get a picture (avatar) in their bio?
Answer: Avatars are open to all validated authors. It can be a maximum of 100x100 pixels in size and no bigger than 40kb.

If you've been validated, a blank will appear on your edit bio page that says "Avatar" next to it. If that appears, you can put the URL to your avatar there and it'll appear. (Hint: If you make an account on our message board, you can upload your avatar and let us store it for you!)

Q: Why do you only allow validated authors to have an avatar?
Answer: Hackers have tried using the avatar or upload features to try hacking the site before and there have been cases where they have tried uploading viruses and crap to other eFiction sites. By only allowing validated authors to have them, we're mostly guaranteeing that only people we trust can use that feature.

Q: How do I edit my bio?
Answer: Click on "Your Account" at the top of the page to go to your account area. The option to edit your bio will be the 5th option down, labeled "Edit Personal Information."

Q: How do I put pictures or a link in my bio?
Answer: You can format your bio using HTML tags, including link and anchor tags. Just be sure you close everything properly so you don't mess up your page!

If you need help with HTML tags, here's a few of our favorite sites:

Q: Editing your contact info

Answer: In addition to your e-mail address, we provide the additional contact info:

  • AOL: Your AOL or AIM screenname.
  • ICQ: Your ICQ number.
  • MSN: The address you use with the MSN Instant Messenger
  • Yahoo: Your Yahoo! user name so people can contact you on the Yahoo Instant Messenger or in a Yahoo chat room.
  • DeviantArt: Your DeviantArt username, which will provide a link to your DA account if you have one.
  • Gaia Online: Your Gaia Online user name, which will provide a link your Gaia account if you have one.
  • Website: Creates a link to your web site, if you have one.
  • Weblog: Creates a link to your weblog, if you have one.

To edit your contact information, you need to go to your Edit Profile page. If you don't have any of these, just leave it blank and it won't even appear on your profile. ^_^

Q: Do I have to fill everything in? I don't know or use half of them you have.
Answer: Nope, the only thing you're required to have is a Penname and a valid e-mail address. If you don't have it, leave it blank and it won't appear.

Q: What do those little icons in my profile mean?


  • - Contact Author by E-mail
  • - Add Author to your Favorites
  • - Beta Reader
  • - Male
  • - Female
  • - Not telling! / Undisclosed Gender
  • - AOL / AIM Messenger Name
  • - ICQ Messenger Name
  • - MSN Messenger Name
  • - Yahoo! Messenger Name
  • - Gaia Online Username
  • - Deviant Art username and link
  • - Website
  • - Weblog

Q: What do you mean by Validation?

Answer: In this archive, the word validation applies to both stories and accounts.

Validated stories/chapters refer to any story, poem, or writing that has been approved by our moderators so everyone can see it.

Validated authors are authors who have shown repeatedly that they can follow our rules and that there's no need to moderate their stories.

Q: Why do you do validate some authors?
Q: How do I get validated?

Answer: We usually validate authors once we can tell their writing style and general quality of their stories. They've also shown they can follow the rules and that we can trust them.

You can become validated by writing stories with no major technical problems. That means good spelling, grammar, understandable dialogue formatting, etc. Once we've gotten to know your writing style, we'll validate you.


Q: How does validation work?

Answer: Once your account has been validated, any stories you post will appear immediately. If you go into your story management area, you'll see the word "Validated" next to all your stories.

Validated authors are also able to have an avatar in their profile and are eligible to receive their own forum on our message board.

Q: Why haven't I been validated?
Answer: It usually means we just don't know you or your writing well enough yet. We may also have hesitated due to the presence of shorthand in your bio or author's notes, or that some of your recently submitted stories had a few problems in them.

We usually like to see several stories in a row with no significant problems. I'm not going to give an exact number, since we do this on a case-by-case basis.

Q: When do you delete an account?

Answer: Well, since this is our site, we do reserve the right to delete accounts. Reasons we do this can include:

  1. The account was new and had not been confirmed. (You didn't log in within 14 days like we say in your welcome e-mail.)
  2. The account went 3 months or longer with no activity.
  3. The account belongs to a suspected hacker, spammer, or robot.
  4. The account belongs to someone who has identified themselves as being under 13.
  5. The account contains information or links to things we find highly inappropriate. (e.g. Ads or links to porn sites, pharmaceuticals, dating sites, etc.)
  6. The author has requested that we delete their account.
There's more reasons, of course, but these are some of the main ones.

Q: Why do you delete accounts?

Answer: One of the things that irritate me is when people create accounts and then not use them. It's a waste of space and server resources, in my honest opinion. Not only that, but in recent months I've found hackers creating accounts in order to try to exploit my Web site.

Thus, if you don't have any stories posted, you'll need to log onto your account at least once every three months to keep it.

Q: I haven't posted a new story in a long time, is my account going to be deleted?
Answer: NO! ^^; Once you have at least 1 story posted, your account is safe from deletion.

Q: When do you ban people?

Answer: We only ban people who have either asked us to ban them (even in the heat of the moment) or people who have broken one of our zero-tolerance rules, such as the rule on flaming or plagiarism.

If an account ban doesn't stop them, we will attempt to ban their IP address or their Internet Service Provider . We usually only ban people's IP addresses or ISPs for about a month or so. However long it takes for them to cool down and find something more constructive to do.