Administrative and Web Site Questions                              

Q:Who are the the Admin of this site?

The following people are either retired admin or close friends of mine. Please don't bother them for help unless they offer it first

  • Wrin -- Friend, VIP
  • Trelithe -- Friend, VIP
  • Arametha -- Retired

Q: Can we reply back to the accept / decline e-mails?
Answer: Yes, you can. ^_^ archive[AT] automatically e-mails both Jasson and Sally. Please make certain you have the original message quoted so we can tell what story or e-mail you're talking about.

Q: Do you actually read e-mail we send you?
Answer: Yes, we do. It might take us a day or so to get back to you, but we do read all our e-mail.

Q: How do I report plagiarism?

Answer: You e-mail us and tell us. Better yet, if the original author is available - inform them and have them contact us themselves. Just contact us, tell us why you think it's plagiarized, and provide a link both to the original story and the plagiarized version.

Please don't spam our site or start a flame war over it. Don't send a gazillion nasty e-mails about it, they won't make us get home from work or school any faster. In fact, it might take us longer to get to looking at it while we deal with the extra e-mail.

We're usually very quick about investigating allegations like this. Please remain calm and civil, we'll take care of it as soon as we can.

Q: You have some stories with lots of problems, did you know that?

Answer: Yes, we know. It usually means we missed that error either due to the author already being validated or us simply being human. If you think they're too conspicuous or too large to ignore, contact us and we'll discuss editing the story with the author. Otherwise, review the story and offer the person feedback.

Q: How do I report a bug or error?
Answer: You can either post on the Information Desk forum or use our contact form. You MUST include any error messages or weird text that appears, what page it appeared on, and when it happened.

Q: What are you looking for in a bug report?
Q: HELP!!!!11!11 its not working 4 me! *dies*
Answer: Before you send us a bug report, understand that we're not psychic. We can't climb through your computer screen to look at what you're seeing, so you're going to have to describe it to us. Also, while we understand that you're probably a little frustrated, there's no need to be mean or super-dramatic about it.

What we're looking for:
WHO?: Who did the error happen to? While we can look up your user name, it'll save us time if you just tell us.

WHAT?: Tell us exactly what happened as best you can. What were you trying to do? What happened after the error? Did it show you a blank page? Did the site give you an error message?

Hint: Most of our error messages should include either a yellow caution sign Error or a red error icon Error.

WHERE?: Where did the error happen? What page did it happen on? If you don't know what the page is called, give us the link to the page.

WHEN?: What time did the error happen?
Also, please avoid the words "thing" and "thingy." People can use those words to describe anything and everything on our site. Without more information, we can't tell what the heck you're talking about.

Q: What's wrong with shorthand?!

Answer: These go by so many names, it's difficult to give the proper term everyone will understand. These are abbreviations used by people in chat rooms and online games to stand in for words or whole phrases. They're known as chat lingo, shorthand, chat slang, internet abbreviations, dude speak, AOL-speak, and others.

So what's wrong with them? Well, aside from the fact these are not proper English or even considered good spelling? These are stories; not chats or games where speed and brevity are more important. If you're writing a story, you have plenty of time to properly write full sentences. We're attempting to run an archive for high quality stories. Unless you're using chat lingo in dialogue to make a character come across a certain way, depicting a chat room scene, or for stylistic effect, using shorthand is really a lazy way to write stories. Even using shorthand in your author notes will be enough to make us hesitate in validating your story.

Some common examples would be substituting "u" for "you", "r" for "are", "ur" for "your", "thx" for "thanks", "plz" for "please", "b4" for "before", "ppl" for "people", "becuz" for "because", etc.

Q: Why don't you allow pictures in the summary or story?
Answer: When we allowed this in the past, too many people abused it and used super huge pictures that took forever to load or seriously warped the page.

Q: Why do you have such strict rules? Couldn't we do without them?
Answer: In a perfect world, we wouldn't need them. Unfortunately, that isn't possible. We're trying to maintain a certain level of quality in the stories we host. We couldn't do this without rules of at least some sort.

Q: Why did you create this site?

Answer: We created this site shortly after stopped allowing adult stories and deleted the accounts of anyone who wrote adult stories. Many of our favorite authors and friends had this happen to their stories or accounts. Since they needed places to host their stories in their uncensored form, we offered our site.

This site is intended to be a safe place for authors (like us) who have become disenchanted with the larger, open fiction archives.

Q: Do you accept affiliates?
Answer: Yes, we do. Please contact us if you're interested. ^_^ We also accept reciprocal linking, so long as the site is complete or mostly complete and covers anime, manga, or gaming.

Q: Can I link to your site?
Answer: Of course you can! You don't have to ask, silly. ^_~ We're redoing our linking banners, so we don't have anything to offer you at this time.