Archiving Your Stories                              

Q: How do I post a new story?
Answer: To post a new story go to your Account area and then select "Add New Story" -- it'll be the first option in the menu.

Q: How do I know if I'm in the right category?

Answer: Here's a quick overview of our categories:

Fanfiction Categories: Original & Non-Fiction Categories:
Anime & Manga Cartoons & Comics Original Stories Poetry & Song
Books Gaming Nonfiction
Movies & TV Real Person  

Please note that the subcategories inside of these main ones are under the same rules. If you are submitting a fanfic, under no circumstances does it go under anything inside of an original or non-fiction category.


Q: How do I put my story into a category?

Answer: Choosing the category can be difficult if you've never done it before with a system like we use.

The category menu will look like this:
Picture of the Category form

To select a category, open the dropdown menu and choose one of the main categories. (Let the menu close.) The menu should refresh to show the subcategories.

Picture #2 of the category form
Select the main category...

Picture #3 of the category form
The menu refreshes to show the available subcategories.

Then, when you're happy with the category, click on it and then hit "Select." You have now chosen your category. ^_^
Picture #4 of the category form

You can back up by scrolling down to the bottom of the list and clicking on "Back to the main categories. Then you can repeat these steps to add other categories if you're doing a crossover. The characters menu should also refresh to show the characters you can add to your story listing too.

Q: I don't see my category here, can I just skip putting my story in one?
Answer: NO! For one thing, no one will be able to find your story unless they visit your profile and that kind of defeats the purpose of this archive.

Secondly, you never know if we're online and on the site ourselves. We'll try our best to get categories added as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours. There have been a few times where we've had the new category up within three minutes of the person asking. ^_^

Q: How do I mark my story complete?

Answer: You can mark your story as being complete two ways. When you post it initially or through by editing your story on the story management page.

On the story form, there will be a checkbox with the word "Complete" next to it. It should be beside the ratings menu.

Q: What is a Round Robin?

Answer: A "round-robin" is an interactive story where multiple authors work together to write a story.

Example: Author #1 writes the first chapter of a story. Author #2 takes what they wrote and writes a chapter of their own. Then it's Author #1's turn again to build off from what Author #2 wrote, and so on until they have a story written.

Don't choose Round Robin unless you want ANYONE to be able to write in your story!

Q: How do I edit my story?
Q: Can I delete my stories?
Answer: To edit or delete your story, go to your account area and select "Manage Stories." There will be a list of options showing what you can do to your story.

Q: How do I add or edit a chapter? Can I delete a chapter?

Answer: To edit add or edit a chapter, go to your account area and select "Manage Stories."

The option to add a new chapter will be the last option in the options list. You will be taken to the chapter form, where you can do what you need to.

To edit a chapter, first you might need to expand your chapters list. Click "View Chapters" in the upper-right-hand corner of your screen. The story listing will expand to show all chapters and text you currently have uploaded on the site. You can then hit "Edit" to change the chapter or you can delete it by selecting "Delete."

Q: How do I change the order of my chapters?
Answer: You can change the order of your chapters through the story management page. Choose "Edit" from the list of options next to your story and you'll be taken to the story form. Scroll down to the bottom and you'll find a list of available chapters. There will be up and down arrows in a column labeled "Move." Clicking those will move your chapter up or down.

Q: I just posted my story, but it's showing up with weird characters like "’" in it. What happened?
Answer: I'm betting you're using Microsoft Word, right? Okay, this is probably caused by something called "smart quotes". Sally and I have run into problems with this with our college work when posting it to some of the online dropboxes. If our school has problems, our own site probably does too.

To turn this off, go to "Tools" then click on "Auto-Correct Options." Select the "AutoFormat" tab and uncheck the box next to "Use Smart Quotes."

Q: I just posted my story, why won't it show up?
Answer: These Archives are moderated. That means that every story that people post on here has to be checked by the Admin before it'll show up. Be patient and we'll eventually check it out. ^_^

Q: How long does it take you to read over stories before they're approved?

Answer: Keep in mind that most of the admin here are college students. We try our best to get to the stories within 72 hours, but that isn't the case all the time. Depending on our schedules it can take anywhere from a few minutes to over a week for us to check out new stories. Finals, breaks, or other real-life issues could be keeping us from the site. Be patient and we'll get to it.

Q: What exactly are you looking for in a story?

Answer: We've found that most of the "bad" stories have much more basic problems than just the story content. They often have critical technical and mechanical errors in their writing, such as bad spelling, grammar, etc.

What We Look At: What We Do Not Look At:
Correct Spelling Mary Sues / Gary Stus
Correct Punctuation Original Characters
Correct Grammar Specific characters or characterizations
Word Usage:
  • You use the right word for the right thing.
  • You know the difference between words that sound alike.

    • their, there, and they're
    • here and hear
    • bare and bear
    • two, to, and too
    • know and no
Specific Pairings -- Romantic or otherwise
Adult Content:
  • Homosexual Relationships
  • Sex Scenes -- Explicit or otherwise
  • Sexual Innuendos
  • Drug references / usage
  • Swearing
  • Violence
  • et cetera . . .
You use paragraphs to more or less correctly format your story. Specific kinds or types of stories (e.g. Reader Inserts, CYOAs)
No Chat Shorthand (e.g. plz, thx, ppl) Specific genres or themes.
No Sticky Caps (i.e. "sTiCkY cApS") Specific fandoms, series, or titles.
The story is not in ALL CAPS. Your story's actual content . . .
Understandable dialogue formatting.  


Q: What happens if my story is declined?
Answer: First we'll usually e-mail to let you know what was wrong with your story and then your story will be deleted from the server.

At that point, you're free to proofread your story and try submitting it again.

Q: Why was my story declined?
Answer: We usually write you when we decline a story and provide a reason why it was refused. It usually means that you had enough technical errors with your story that we couldn't accept it.

Q: Can I resubmit my story after it's been declined?
Answer: Please do. ^_^ All we're asking is that your story be free of technical errors. Feel free to check our beta reader list and see if someone can look your story over for you. (Don't rely on spell- and grammar-check programs, since they often suggest solutions that aren't always correct.)

Q: What are series?

Answer: Series are a set of linked or related stories that are published separately.

After that, it's up to you how you use it. You can use it to link a set of sequential stories or you can use it to collect stories of a certain theme.

For example, you could consider Star Wars a series, since each movie was released as a separate story - but they'll all still part of Star Wars.

Q: How do I create a new series?

Answer: You create a new series like you do a story. Go to your account area and select "New Series" from the menu. Fill out the form like you would a story. Once its filled in, you'll be taken to another form where you can add stories into it.

Just be warned that I will delete any blank series I find, so be sure you have at least one story to go into it before you make it.

Q: What's the difference between open and closed series?
Answer: An open series will allow others to add their stories to your series. (Sometimes called a "Sandbox.") Closed series are only available to you or the author who created them.

Q: How do I add a story to my series? How do I edit or delete my series?
Answer: You can edit, delete, or add to your series from the Series Management page in your account area. It works almost exactly like the story management area, so I'll skip a detailed explanation.

Q: Do you require series to be validated?

Answer: No, series are not validated. They will appear immediately, even if there are no stories to go into them.

That being said, due to the amount of spam I get from this section I often go through and delete any blank series I find.

You're free to make them; but, I have no way to tell how recent a series was created, so I ask that you have at least one story ready to go into them before you make it.

Q: What are challenges?
Answer: Challenges are more or less dares to write a story of a certain type, style, or content. There's no prizes or awards for writing a challenge story, just bragging rights.

Q: How do I create my own challenge?

Answer: To create a challenge, go to the challenge page or go onto your account page and click "Issue a Challenge." You'll be taken to the challenge form, where you can fill it in just like you would a story.

In summary, be sure to put the terms of the challenge so everyone knows what to write.

Q: How do I respond to a challenge?
Answer: To respond to a challenge, you'll need to write a story that answers the challenge first. When your story is ready, click "Respond to the Challenge!" either on the actual challenge listing or on the challenge information page. You'll then be able to attach your story to the challenge.

Q: Why do some stories have trophies on them?
Answer: Every so often, Lunaescence issues a site-wide challenge or contest. The winners of these contests receive a trophy next to their story.

Q: How do I get a trophy?
Answer: To get your own trophy, you have to win one! ^_^

Q: When do you hold site-wide challenge?
Answer: We hold a site-wide challenge or contest maybe once every six to nine months, depending on what's going on and how busy we are.