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Q: How do I request a new Category?
Answer: You e-mail us and ask. ^_^ Be sure to also let us know what characters you'll initially need.

Q: When do you split an anime into two different categories?

Answer: We really don't like to split up an anime into two different categories just because one version has a different name. We've only done that with Yoroiden: Samurai Troopers and Ronin Warriors because when we first opened our visitors felt the Japanese and the North American versions were two completely different anime.

Today, we generally give preference to the original title unless the English title is what it is most commonly known by. If the characters are known by different names, we'll provide both the English names as well as their Japanese names.

Q: When do you split categories up into different sections?

Answer: Like I said referring to anime, we really don't like to do that and probably won't do it again. We will always give preference to the original media the series appeared as.

That goes for everything, including novels, comic books, or games that have been made into movies or -- vice versa -- movie and game normalizations. We will give preference to the original media. That means Harry Potter fan fiction is under "Books" not "Movies & TV."

Q: What if there are differences between the Japanese and North American versions of an anime, manga, or game?
Answer: Still doesn't matter. We will gladly provide any alternative names, spellings, or characters but we won't create a new category. It's up to you to inform your readers in your summary or author notes what version you're writing for.

Q: When do you consider something a cartoon or an anime?

Answer: This is a difficult question. It depends on how you define "anime." In Japan, "anime" is just the word for animation or cartoons. If you define it strictly as animated programming from Japan, then only things from Japan go in the anime section. If you define anime based on the art style, themes, content, etc. then there are a lot of animated programs that could safely go in anime or cartoons.

As of right now, I'm going by what the person requesting the category says. Once there's a story posted to the category, understand that I'm not moving it no matter what anyone says.

Q: How do I request new Characters?
Answer: You e-mail us and ask. ^_^ List any characters you need, exactly how you'd like them to appear in the archive.

Q: What do you do if a character's name has alternative spellings?
Answer: We'll provide both, especially if the character is commonly known by both spellings. Just let us know when you contact us to ask.

Q: What do you do if a character has a different name in the Japanese or English dub?
Answer: Again, just let us know and we'll provide both names.

Q: What if the same character is known by two separate names?
Answer: It depends on the character. We generally won't provide a separate name if it's just a code, nick, or war name for that character. (In other words, I won't add Kenshin's war name "Battousai, The Man Slayer.")

However, if a character has two names and is treated like two completely different people for most of the series then yes -- we'll provide both.

Q: What do you mean by "Main characters?"
Answer: Main characters refers to just the characters who are the most involved in the story. Basically, who the story is about.

That means if you're writing a story about Al and Ed from Full Metal Alchemist, they are considered the main characters. Anyone else is considered a secondary or supporting character.

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