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Marvel Comics, Daredevil

Rated: 17+ | Warnings: Fluff, Self-Harm, Spoilers, Suicide
Main Characters: Reader
Genres: Drama, Fluff, Friendship | Story Types: Prequel, Reader Insert
Length: 5 chapter(s) / 3186 words | Complete: No

Summary: As a small child, you believed the world to be pure and perfect. When your best friend got hit by a truck and blinded – a hero, you called him after the fact, but never to his face – you realized you were wrong. The world was not all white, not all pure. It was grey and muggy and terrifying, with shadows around every corner. But even in that perpetual darkness, he never failed to provide you with the light you needed to survive, to persevere. Even if you never told him about it.

Matt Murdock x Reader friendship fluff. Set before the beginning of Daredevil, starting before Matt is blinded and ending right before the series starts.
Published: 2017.08.30 | Updated: 2017.09.04