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Rated: 13+ | Warnings: Angst, Death, Fluff, Mild Adult Situations, Mild Sexual References, Spoilers, Strong Language, Violence
Main Characters: Reader, Various
Genres: Angst, Drama, Family, Friendship, Humor, Psychological, Supernatural | Story Types: Collection, Drabble, General, Reader Insert
Length: 17 chapter(s) / 1301 words | Complete: No

Summary: [Response to Miseria1's "100 Drabbles of Randomness"]

"Shall I take you to that world of nothing?"

[Clannad] [ReaderxKazuto with hinted ReaderxVarious]

Better summary in the works~
Published: 2010.03.17 | Updated: 2010.06.24
Inu Yasha, Yu-Gi-Oh, Shaman King, Sailor Moon, Gravitation, Fullmetal Alchemist, BeyBlade, Digimon, Fruits Basket, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Bleach, Black Cat, Death Note, Prince of Tennis, Ouran High School Host Club, Haruhi Suzumiya, Soul Eater, Clannad, Rosario+Vampire

Rated: All | Warnings: Fluff, OOC
Main Characters: Reader, You, Kai, Tyson, Saya Minatsuki, Train Heartnet, Hanataro, Hitsugaya, Soifon, Yoruichi, Light, Raito, Yuki, Alphonse, Edward, Maes Hughes, Roy Mustang, Winry, Haruhi Suzumiya, Itsuki Koizumi, Kyon, Mikuru Asahina, Yuki Nagato, Inuyasha, Jaken, Kagome, Rin, Sango, Sesshomaru, Haruhi, Hikaru, Hunny, Kaoru, Kyoya, Mori, Tamaki, Echizen Ryoma, Ryuuzaki Sakuno, Mizore Shirayuki, Moka Akashiya, Tsukune Aono, Ami, Amy, Tao Ren, Blair, Death The Kid, Joey, Jounouchi, Seto Kaiba, Yami no Yuugi, Yugi, Yuugi, Jaden, Judai, Seto Kaiba, Syrus, Yugi, Yuugi
Genres: Alternative History, Comedy, Fantasy, Fluff, Friendship, General | Story Types: Alternative Universe, Crossover, General, One Shot, Reader Insert
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 620 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: It's raining and people are off work. Why not enjoy the strange events in the sky?

Published: 2011.07.25 | Updated: 2011.07.25
Summary: When you put an iPod on shuffle you hardly know what to expect.
The same goes for these drabbles.
Currently up: Reader-x-America, Canada, L, Yuki Sohma, Kyouya, Genesis, Prussia, NEW! Minato
Published: 2009.08.22 | Updated: 2009.10.16

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