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Categories: Marvel Comics
Characters: Reader

Description: For everyone who adored the movie to pieces (:


1) Must be in the movie universe

2) Must be reader-insert and NO GUY ON GUY

3) Must have at least 25 chapters for any of the following characters: Captain America, Thor, Iron Man or The Hulk

4) Must have 5 really adorable moments OR 5 super sexy lemons

5) HERE'S THE CATCH: the reader must be a civilian. She cannot be involved with S.H.E.I.L.D. at all. No superpowers, nothing of that sort. She can, however, know of the superheroes and their powers

(Also, if you make yours Bruce Banner, I will love you forever (: )

The person who wins gets a drabble booklet from MOI (: I can do Harry Potter, Avengers, Hetalia or Death Note (:

Posted: 05/26/12 | Deadline: None
Categories: Professor Layton
Characters: Professor Layton

Description: Could someone please make a 100 drabble of a reader x Professor Layton? I haven't seen many Layton stories, and I'd like to see some! Uh, this is my first request, so I don't know how it goes, but I'd be very grateful if someone could do this. For the title, I put it as anything you'd like. Thanks!

Posted: 08/04/13 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga
Characters: Reader

Description: Rules and stuff like that
1. Can be any anime/manga.
2. Any rating.
3. Must be reader-insert. ^-^
4. Any amount or order of the lyrics can be used.
5. At least 100 words per lyric...thing...

The Lyrics!
1. “Pretty little lady with your swollen eyes, would you show them to me?”
2. “Miles away I can still feel you lay your head down on my embrace.”
3. “You are the earth beneath my feet, you are my gravity.”
4. “And I can’t hide that I’ve relied on you, like yellow does on blue.”
5. "Please, please belong here."
6. “I’ll whisper in her ear when she’s asleep and beg her to love me when the morning comes she’ll never know..”
7. “This could mean everything or nothing at all.”
8. “I’ll love you ‘til we’re black and we’re blue.”
9. “Today love smiled on me, it took away all my pain.”
10. “And spend every moment I had with you, stay up all night with the stars.”
11. “I wish I could open your eyes the way you so effortlessly open mine.”
12. “And I’m in love for the first time I let my lips on yours.”
13. “And in case you were wondering, you are like a sunset to me; you’re all kinds of beautiful as you end my day.”
14. “This dying world, you brought it back to life and deep inside I felt things shifting.”
15. “Never before has love looked safe, never again will it look the same.”
16. “Wide awake, you keep me up in bed. I’ve got a hundred different things running through my head.”
17. “And all that I have is yours. All that I am is yours.”
18. “So when you say forever, can’t you see? You’ve already captured me.”
19. “I need you here tonight, just like the ocean needs the waves.”
20. “Who would of thought that someone like me could fall in love so easily?”
21. “In the glimmer of your eye, I begin to see myself in a different light.”
22. “Just try and just try and erase this love.”
23. “Tell me that you love me, and it’ll be all right.”
24. “You know I need you just like you need me.”
25. “I’m writing again, these letters to you aren’t much I know.”
26. “Let’s get out, let’s get out of here. I’ll go it alone if I have to, but I need you here.”
27. “How I can’t afford to lose you now, not in this hell.”
28. “My heart is crushed by a former love, can you help me find a way to carry on again?”
29. “You said so much without ever parting your lips.”
30. “Despite the careless words you say, I’m always keeping faith.”
31. “Helpless. I have become so helpless to your touch, oh, touch me somehow.”
32. “Wondering just what to do every single second in the room with you.”
33. “I’m not saying that I’ll love you forever. Hell, who am I kidding ‘cause we’re perfect together.”
34. “Hands, like secrets, are the hardest things to keep from you.”
35. “She keeps a thousand secrets untold of heartbreak, far and wide.”
36. “I wasn’t looking at the setting sun this time as we watched the full moon steal our night sky. No, all I wanted was to steal her heart; please surrender. I have a feeling we’re the meaning of forever.”
37. "But baby, we're invincible."
38. "We can sail the seven seas and just leave behind these ghosts of mine."
39. "Tell me where you are and I'll find you."
40. "Strange how no matter the distance, you can never escape yourself."
41. "I'm tripped up and falling into you, you know exactly what to do."
42. "Trying to figure it out, figure it out to find the meaning and reach it somehow."

By the way...
If anyone were to write about Sasuke, Lavi, or L... I would love you forever. And ever. And ever.

Posted: 02/09/12 | Deadline: None
Categories: Movies & TV, Real Person, Actors & Actresses, Miscellaneous, Musicals, Marvel Comics, Thor, The Avengers
Characters: Loki, Loki

Description: Anything to do with Tom Hiddleston is heartily welcome. That is, any and all fics involving him and the characters he portrays (do note that smutty!real person is restricted here on Luna, so, yep.)

List of characters he portrays:
Prince Hal/King Henry V (Henry IV, Henry V)*
Captain James Nicholls (War Horse)**
Freddie Page (The Deep Blue Sea)**
Loki (Thor and the Avengers)*
Edward (Archipelago)
Magnus Martinsson (Wallander)
William Buxton (Cranford)
Mr John Plumptre (Miss Austen Regrets)*
Bill Hazledine (Suburban Shootout)**
Oakley (Unrelated)
Randolph Churchill (The Gathering Storm)
When these come out -
His character in Only Lovers Left Alive, Black Wings has my Angel and London Project

Or just as himself.********************

*Extra points for this
**Extra extra points

Get cracking!

Sincerely, I will love you forever.

Posted: 10/09/12 | Deadline: None
Categories: Death Note
Characters: You

Description: Alright, here's the sitch.

You send in your stories about You x A Death Note character of your choice. (Though my favourite character IS L. It would make me very happy if you chose him ^-^)

Seriously, the story can be anything. It can be as long or short as you like, it can be as serious or as silly as you like. You just have to be in it.

You'll get a cyber cookie if the genre is romance! :D

So, what are you waiting for? Get writing, you beautiful authors!

Posted: 05/05/12 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga, Gaming
Characters: Reader

Description: Yes that's right the Opportunity to write about that classic mishap of over drinking and marrying. This oughta be fun.
Reader x (whoever she was lucky enough to be drunk around)

Posted: 12/06/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga, Books, Cartoons & Comics, Gaming, Movies & TV
Characters: Reader, Various

Description: I challenge you to start a collection based off of Lady Gaga music. It can be raunchy, it can be sweet, it can even be depressing: Just as long as each chapter is based off a different song!

- Based on Lady Gaga songs
- 200 word minimal
- Mention in the summary that it's for the challenge
- any Category you desire
- Can be one Category or Multiple, it doesn't matter!
- Reader insert

Extra Credit:
If you do a Final Fantasy 12 with Basch collection, you win the world. (Same for Shinjiro of Persona 3)

The Fame
I Like It Rough
Money Honey
Poker Face
Just Dance
Beautiful Dirty Rich
Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
Again Again
Boys Boys Boys
Brown Eyes
Bad Romance
Dance in the Dark
So Happy I Could Die
Dirty Ice Cream
Rock Show
Shake Your Kitty

Posted: 03/02/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: None
Characters: None

Description: Alright, pick your favorite album or band and write a drabble for each song. You can only listen to that one song while you write, but you can repeat the song as many times as you need to. The drabbles can be on just one album or all of one band's albums. They can have any characters, any themes, any pairings. No hold barred!


Posted: 10/12/09 | Deadline: None
Categories: Gaming
Characters: Reader

Description: Well what are you waiting for !!

Posted: 11/16/09 | Deadline: None
Categories: None
Characters: Original Character(s), Other, Reader, Various, You

Description: On a dark and stormy night Reno and (reader insert) get traped in a dark cold castle and the only way for them to keep warm is by getting closer. Will this lead to an erotic extravagansa? One could only hope.

Posted: 05/23/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Original Stories
Characters: Original Character(s)

Description: Two worlds and seven jewels to be found. this is the story of visara and our world that mergerd togather by the seven lost jewels. new hero's will rise and discover that it is more then just power that bounds them. Kyle , li, gustavo, mei and an unlikely source of help fight to find the ultimate power of the lost jewels and be able to restore a queen t o her rightfull throne. Can they be able to do it and find the jewles ? or will the dark lord visoris discovere the seventh jewel and use it to destroy visara and take over our world . only time will tell as our heros start an adventere that will last a life time.

Posted: 10/14/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga
Characters: Original Character(s), Reader, Various, You

Description: Wai!
Well, it's all about Seto Kaiba or Light Yagami!!
You can write Seto/reader or Seto/Anzu for YGO.
And I challange you to write Light/reader for Death Note. Just choose one of them.

Okay... now, get with the rules:
1. The genre must be romance!
2. Fluffy, lemon, non-lemon, lime, reader insert, original character allowed
3. No YAOI!!!!!
4. Must be taken place in AT LEAST one of these:
.Office (Kaiba's room).
.Your Bedroom.
.Infirmary Room.
.Storage Room.
.Kaiba's House.
.Light / Kaiba's bedroom.
You don't have to use all of them. One is allowed. Maybe you can use two or three, or maybe you can use all of them. Hahahahaha!!!!
5. Minimal words must be 250.
6. Must be one-shot or two-shots.
7. Errr.... it's enough. Oh, don't forget to write "Challange from Shinku Amakusa" in your summary! Let me know that you're responding this challange. Okay??? Oh, let me know if you respond this challange by email :
I'll absolutely reply your e-mail! But, don't send me spam, please?

Honestly, I hope for a lemon/lime one... but, it's okay if it's 13+! I'll gladly read it!
Please respond to this challange, will you???

'Kay... Have a fun writing, guys!!! I'll be waiting for you!


Posted: 07/02/09 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga, Books, Cartoons & Comics, Gaming, Movies & TV
Characters: Other, Reader, Various, You

Description: I just had this idea a little while ago, and I'm actually planning it out now, that I figured might make a fun challenge.

Basically you pick a man and a song starting with each letter of the alphabet and put them together as a chapter. So, you will have a pairing for each letter along with a corresponding song. (i.e. H - Hiei; Headstrong {By: Earshot}).

Naturally some will be harder than others, but that's what makes it a challenge. ;3

Rules: Just a few guidelines.

Over 100 words per chapter.


Any, so long as it is a reader insert and not an OC.

-Writing POV-
Second person only.

Anything you like~! Feel free to mix and match, as I certainly am. XD

Posted: 03/10/13 | Deadline: None
Categories: None
Characters: Reader

This challenge will be centered totally around tons of lime/lemon-y goodness. The idea is to document the love life of two individuals
as they experiment around in some normal and some not so normal places. ♡
Without further ado... The rules.

1. Can be any anime/manga!
2. Would prefer it to be reader-insert!
3. You have to pick at least 5 of the places below to include, but feel free to go with more than just 5. You can write about all of them if you want!
4. Each story should be, but not limited to, 500 or so words.
5. This challenge is meant to be just about one character, but if you'd like to use different characters for each one, that's perfectly fine.
6. Not a rule, but if you use this to write me some reader/Ichigo ones... Bonus points for you... ♡♡♡

a. Bedroom
b. Kitchen
c. Public bathroom
d. Party
e. Dressing room
f. Park
g. Beach
h. Library
i. Car
j. Forest
k. Pool/Hot Tub
l. Elevator
m. Inn
n. Movie Theatre
o. Tent
p. Boat
q. Work
r. Wedding
s. Roof
t. Snow
u. Shower
v. Parking Garage
w. Amusement Park
x. Airplane
y. Club
z. Cemetery

Posted: 07/20/15 | Deadline: None
Categories: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Characters: Original Character(s), Other, Reader, Various

Description: Music Dictionary:
�Music is your soul, your being that tells your life and expresses your feelings"

This challenge may or may not be much, but I want you to look down at the Terms below and see if any of the characters you have in mind relates to the terms. You can either write a Drabble, Ficlet, One-shot, etc�Whatever suits your likes.

It has to apply to their personality, their skills or talent, an event and moments in their life.. (It�s sort of like a theme for you to write)

Please write a summary, so I can see who is taking it!


[1] A Tempo: An directive to return to the original tempo after a deliberate deviation

[2] Accelerando: Gradually accelerating or getting faster.

[3] Adagio: A slow tempo .

[4] Ancora: Again, as a request to repeat a performance.

[5] Acompagnato: Accompanied; also a recitative that is accompanied by orchestra.

[6] Agitado: Agitated or Restless.

[7] Beat: Regular pulsation; a basic unit of length in musical time.

[8] Cantabile: Songful or singing style.

[9] Con Amore: With Love

[10] Crecendo: Gradually getting louder.

[11] Diminuendo: Getting softer

[12] Dolce: Sweetly

[13] Espressivo: Expressively

[14] Forte: Loud

[15] Grave: Solemn; Very, very slow.

[16] Harmony: Relationship between intervals and chords

[17] Key: Defines the relationship of tones with a common center

[18] Misterioso: Mysteriously

[19] Mute: Mechanical device used to muffle the sound of an instrument

[20] Non Troppo: Not Too Much

[21] Pitch: Highness or lowness of a tone

[22] Repetition: fixes the musical material in our mind and satisfies our need for the familiar; it provides unity to a form

[23] Rhythm: The controlled movement of music in time

[24] Ritornando: Holding back, getting slower

[25] Style: Characteristic manner of presentation of musical elements

[26] Tutti: All

[27] Virtuoso: Performer of extraordinary technical ability

Posted: 01/03/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: None
Characters: Original Character(s), Other, Reader, Various, You

Description: The term "Psychic" has always intrigued me and as I kept on researching about it, I decided to issue this as a challenge.

I want you to write about your character experiencing psychic abilites or how he/she began experiencing them and how they are dealing with life and the people around them. Simple.


Take my idea....

It can be in a world where not many people believe those abilites and torment those who know their secret. The outside world must not know about the gift that has been brought upon your character. But in order to help those who need her/him, He or she must use their abilities and foretell the truth of the world. ---(If you don't like my idea, you may use whatever you please as long as it follows the challenge)


1. Can be a chaptered story; whatever you desire.

2. Any genre is fine.

3. You can use OC's or any character within the categories listed above.

4. Pairing is optional.

5. Can be in any order you wish.

6. If writing a one-shot, it must be between 1000 or more words.

Might as well write one.
Anways, here are some lists of the abilities.

1. Astral Projection - The ability to leave one's body and travel in spirit to another location.

2. Aura Reading - The ability to see the energy fields that emanate from living beings. Psychic ability can often reveal itself throught the seeing of auras.

3. Automatic Writing - Writing through the subconscious mind without conscious thought, or through the guidance of an outside intelligence.

4. Channeling - Associated with mediums, this is the ability to act as a channel or vessel for an outside intelligence.

5. Clairaudience - Put simply, this type of ability is used to hear what is "inaudible". For example, someone with this ability could be a thousand miles way and "hear" a loved one's cry of distress.

6. Clairvoyance - Usually confused with Precognition, this ability actually has much more in common with "Remote Viewing", True clairvoyance is not the abilitly to see into the future, but the psychic ability to see visions of that which is hidden or far away.

7. Clairsentience - In this instance the psychic has an insight or "knowing" of and a hidden or forgotten fact.

8. Divination - A broad term that includes fortune telling, precognition, prophesy, and other methods used in an effort to predict the future.

9. Dowsing - Also known as "water witching", dowsing involves the use of a rod, sticks, or pendulum to locate water or lost objects.

10. Empathy - The talent to sense the needs, drives, and emotions of another. As with Aura Reading, psychic ability can often reveal itself through the development of empathy.

11. E.S.P. - Extra Sensory Perception is the awareness of information about events external to the psychic that are not gained through the senses and not deducible from previous experience. Often used to describe clairvoyance, precognition, telepathy, etc...

12. Intuition - Similar to clairsentience, this is the power or faculty of attaining direct knowledge or cognition without rational thought or inference.

13. Levitation - The ability to cause one's body to hover off the ground. One of the more well-documented cases of levitation involved St. Theresa of Avila during the 16th century.

14. Mind Over Body - Suppressing or mentally satisfying the need for water, food, or sleep. There is some debate over whether this is actually a psychic ability since many of those who are associated with this trait (monks, yogis, mystics, etc...) are not generally called "psychics".

15. Precognition - Quite simply, "knowing the future". However, since time is a dynamic construct, no one psychic can ever know every detail about the future. Usually this ability refers to knowing general outcomes of specific courses of action, with occasional flashes of detailed insight.

16. Psychometry - Also known as "object reading", psychometry enables a psychic to pick up on psychic impressions (vibrations) left on an object by someone connected with it. Someone with this ability could use an unfamiliar object to reveal much about its owner.

17. Pyrokinesis - The ability to start fires with one's mind.

18. Telekinesis - Also known as psychokinesis, the ability to move objects with one's mind.

19. Telepathy - The ability to communicate mind-to-mind with another.

20. Transfiguration: A spirit superimposes its face on the medium's face, and those in the room can see the visible characteristics of a deceased person's face

NOTE: If you are planning to use an ability that I have not listed here on this list, you may message me.


Posted: 06/03/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Characters: Other, Reader, Various

Description: "You Are What You Eat", they say.

What would happen if the KHR cast ate something that they disagree with?

Your challenge!
- NO OCs.
- Write 10 chapters filled with weird food that someone has to eat!
- Pairing is optional. Can be slash, or reader and another character.
- Don't make them die so fast! Let them suffer! [If you intend to.]
- Any story type is accepted.
- Bonus if you make them choke~

Certain Examples:
- Salamander meat? Sashimi style?
- Campfire snake? Flambe?
- Turtle eggs? Boiled?
- Shiokara? [The raw fish served with squid guts] Sashimi style?
- Sea slugs? Raw?

Pick any food! Knock yourselves out~ ;D

Posted: 12/13/09 | Deadline: None
Categories: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Characters: Other, Reader, Various

Description: What do you get for stereotyping KHR characters?

MOUNDS of interesting stuff!

Your challenge is to write at least two of the 'stereotypical' stuff people always associate with the Katekyo cast listed down there. Any genre is accepted; as well as

length. Happy writing~

Bonus! For writing everything~ ;D

- TYL or not, it's really up to you. :X
- Interprete the title as you wish... Maybe Ryohei's too.
- Don't sue for insulting interpretation. o.o I asked many's view.

- Gloves
- Wimpy
- Coward
- Sexy?

- Loyal
- Fool
- Psychopath
- Dashing?

- Dense
- Happy
- Baseball Nut
- Handsome?

- Hibird
- Tonfa-holding Prefect
- Sex fiend
- Without self-restraint?

- Boxer [No, I don't mean the underwear types.]
- Hyper
- Dense
- Sister complex?

- Illusionist
- Bi-colored eyes
- Trident
- Sadist?

- Lighting
- Crybaby
- Uke
- Stupid?

Posted: 12/14/09 | Deadline: None
Categories: Original Stories, Anime & Manga, Books, Cartoons & Comics, Gaming, Movies & TV, Nonfiction, Poetry & Song, Real Person, Miscellaneous
Characters: Original Character(s), Other, Reader, Various, You

Description: "I Believe in Pink", a challenge dedicated to Audrey Hepburn. For, who doesn't love that woman?

In essence, use portions of her infamous speech as prompts for drabbles, ficlets, chapters, whatever of a story.

As for requirements: there are none. I really don't care to limit your imagination.

1. "I believe in pink."

2. "I believe that laughter is the best medicine"

3. "I believe in kissing. Kissing a lot."

4. "I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong."

5. "I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls."

6. "I believe that tomorrow is another day."

7. "I believe in miracles."

Alright lovelies, that is all aspects of the *coughbestcough* speech *coughintheworldcough*. I hope it inspires you as much as it inspires me.

Have fun!

Posted: 03/14/11 | Deadline: None
Categories: Harry Potter, Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, One Piece, Black Cat, D.Gray-Man, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Twilight Series, Pandora Hearts
Characters: None

Description: Basically, I've always wondered... how do you think a bishie would react to a girlfriend who was on her period? This is just kind of spur-of-the-moment. The rules are pretty loose, I think. Anyway, like the title suggests, it'll go over all seven days. etc. I don't care if it's ReaderxCharacter, CharacterxCharacter, or OCxCharacter, or whatever, so long as you put "response to Lyxari's 'Seven Days' challenge." so I can find it! ^-^

Here are the (suggested) prompts, but you can switch the days to fit however you want so long as the first and last prompts are the same.

1. Day One: Starting the ride
2. Day Two: Heavy days...
3. Day Three: Cramps
4. Day Four: Mood Swings
5. Day Five: Cravings
6. Day Six: Light Days
7. Day Seven: It's over

So, yeah! Have fun with it! (I actually didn't see anything like this when I looked, which surprised me a bit. ^-^;;; oh well, it's there now!)
NOTE: Also, the categories thing lies! Choose any fandom! The ones listed are just preferred. ^-^;;

Posted: 12/20/09 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga, Cartoons & Comics
Characters: Reader

Description: So I heard Waiting for Superman by Daughtry on the radio and I loved it. I instantly thought about a Reader-x-Tony Stark challenge! But then I realized that it could apply to to any Reader-x-Hero pair.

Official Video:

Official Lyric Video

Posted: 02/08/14 | Deadline: None
Categories: Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Left 4 Dead, Super Smash Brothers, Left 4 Dead II, Heavy Rain, DragonFable, BioShock, Fragile: Goodbye Ruins of the Moon, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Minecraft, Portal, Hitman, Dead Island, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Hatoful Boyfriend, IB, Corpse Party, Mad Father, Misao
Characters: Original Character(s), Other, Reader, Various, You

Description: Say someone like Link from "Legend of Zelda" had a list of rules one had to follow, or anyone from any video game for that matter, what would they be, and how would you, reader, or anyone react to them?
Face it people, games need some love, and sometimes survival is key- and to get that annoyingly well hidden key you have some rules you gotta follow.
Now, just know the parenthesis () is the more harsh option~ Pick one or the other, or switch between the two. Anything is fine, Reader/You/Your OC/Select characters can know and not know about certain rules (you pick which ones), and the order of the rules can move around -EXCEPT, number 32 STAYS where it is.
Each section of writing can have any length of words, as long as it at least over 50, but the longer they are, the more impressive it is.
Lemons, OCs, death, violence, substance-use, Non-Con, Dub-Con, hatred, fluff, and pretty much everything is allowed. You can have the point of view be a monster's, or a tree's for all I care.
No deadline, just something to fill your boredom, and remember one more thing, this can either have the 'Ruler' who created the rules telling someone, several people, or no one. You can have this be just their thoughts.
Heck, the 'Ruler' can be Reader, your OC, or several people.
#1: Be quiet (Shut up), the enemy might (can easily) hear you.
#2: Try not to get yourself hurt.
#3: Replace hurt, with killed. (God, are you that clumsy?)
#4: Quit stealing (shit) stuff.
#5: Don't (touch) break anything.
#6: Don't anger the locals, survivors,
#7: First impressions are important, so don't be yourself.
#8: The villagers are always a little clueless. (-stupid, try not to contract that.)
#9: If you fall over a cliff side, don't let go. (Nothing will catch you.)
#10: First double-digit rule, recall rule number 1.
#11: If you get badly burned, let me put some ice on it (-for god's sake).
#12: If you can't swim- tell me before hand. (Otherwise I won't notice if you start drowning.)
#13: Don't wander, things around here /will/ kill you.
#14: If it's your birthday, just remember it's (your fault) alright if we get ambushed at the party.
#15: ............If something makes you that sad, tell me sooner.
#16: If you're scared of the giant ass monster, tell me sooner.
#17: If you want a hug........ask me. (-again later.)
#18: If you're threatened, let someone know, they can handle it.
#19: If you die, I'll (maybe) try to avenge you, but you have to do the same for me.
#20: (I don't care) Even if it's cute, you can't keep it.
#21: It may look tasty, but it's probably poisonous. (Put the fucking mushrooms down.)
#22: No matter how many times you ask, I won't take a bath with you or look under your bed for monsters. It isn't proper. (It's stupid.)
#23: No cohorting or communications with the enemy. (It's probably a stupid idea.)
#24: You're badly injured, you aren't allowed to strain yourself. (Unless you want to die.)
#25: You saved me, (but this doesn't mean) I owe you now. (I've already saved your ass a hundred times.)
#26: If you suddenly become stronger than me, don't try to protect me. It's my job to protect you. (-keep you from killing us both.)
#27: Don't let yourself get kidnapped. (-again, it's a pain to rescue you.)
#28: (Just because) You were kidnapped, that doesn't mean you can.....f-fine... (No, you still can't.)
#29: You can share my bed for tonight. I don't want you disappearing again. (But just this one time.)
#30: If you're taken away, you need to be retrieved. (You......have something...important is all..)
#31: About rules 1 and 2, replace 'try' with 'don't'.
#32: Never forget that I really care about you.

Good luck! :)

Posted: 07/07/13 | Deadline: None
Categories: Dogs: Bullets & Carnage , Deadman Wonderland, Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club
Characters: Reader, Various, Kiyomasa Senji, Sakigami Toto, Badou Nails , Bishop, Giovanni, Heine Rammsteiner , Matsuoka Rin, Nanase Haruka, Tachibana Makoto

Description: Okay, so I keep finding animes I hadn't found before with really hot guys in it! Gaah!! Fanservice is awesome its just why not put them all in one anime? *Nose Bleed*

That would be awesome.
Anyway, all must be reader insert and now I want is lemons from:

Deadman Wonderland -
Senji Kiyomasa
Toto Sakigami
And any other but I WANT those two!

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club -
Haruka Nanase
Makoto Tachibana
Rin Matsuoka
And any other!

Dogs Bullets and Carnage - (SMUT!!)
Heine Rammsteiner
Badou Nails
Giovanni Rammsteiner
I don't know if there's others that people like....

But SMUT! I want SMUT!! I can't promise to read every one of them but I'll try!!


Posted: 08/05/13 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga, Books, Cartoons & Comics, Gaming, Movies & TV, Real Person, Miscellaneous
Characters: Reader, Various, You

Description: Eh, since Valentine's Day is coming up, I decided to issue this challenge to at least do something on that specific day.
Anyways, the only requests I have for this challenge are:
1)Must be Reader Insert
2)Must be at least 100 words
3)Can be in any order you wish

Even if these might not sound like they have to do with love, I assure you that they do, in my opinion. (My view on love at the moment isn't very a lot of these sound rather angsty.) Probably not the whole mushy type romances you see on television though.
1)Oh, It IS Love
2)Simple Form Of Entertainment

7)Sweet Lies
8)Love Fool


16)Locked Away



26)All The Rest

29)It's Over
30)Not Forever
31)Almost Yours

33)Try And Try Again

37)Remember When
38)Fade Away
39)Under These Stars

Posted: 02/09/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: Supernatural
Characters: Other, Various, Alastair, Azazel, Balthazar, Castiel, Crowley, Gabriel, Lucifer, Michael

Description: 〖challenge〗
•pick a demon/angel
•pick a prompt
•write in the form of ficlets/drabbles/one-shots/chappies


•no oc's
•any rating/genre
•does not have to be in order
•must be reader-insert
•smut is allowed and welcomed!
•yaoi/yuri is allowed
•no word limit

Posted: 02/19/13 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga, Books, Cartoons & Comics, Movies & TV
Characters: Reader, Various

Description: pick some fandoms, pick some characters, pick some characteristic and start writing. =]

challenge breakdown
•pick any of your favorite fandoms
•any character(s) you want
•match them up with a prompt
•start writing

•no oc's
•yaoi/yuri is accepted
•minimum of 200 words
•can be in the form of ficlets, drabbles, one shots, or chappies.
•order? What order? It can be any order you want~
•any rating is accepted
•any genre
•hit me up if you respond to the challenge or put the name of said challenge in your summary

if you write for the following, I will love you forever!
•Katekyo Hitman Reborn
•Fullmetal Alchemist
•Ouran High School Host Club
•Soul Eater
•Vampire Knight

the characteristics


Posted: 03/18/11 | Deadline: None
Categories: Supernatural
Characters: Lucifer

Description: 〖challenge〗
•write on lucifer and/or his vessel(s), nick/sam
•match 'em up with all of the below prompts
•can be ficlets, drabbles, one-shots, or chapters


•no oc's
•any rating/genre
•does not have to be in order
•must be reader-insert
•smut is allowed and welcomed!
•yaoi/yuri is allowed
•no word limit
•have fun or lucy'll get ya~

〖if you write about nick〗
•there's no "nick" option under characters
•simply put him under "lucifer"
•and clarify in summary

Posted: 02/19/13 | Deadline: None
Categories: Original Stories, Anime & Manga, Books, Cartoons & Comics, Gaming, Movies & TV
Characters: None

ℓσƔε ℭøηqυℯrs ⒶⓁⓁ ღChallengeღ

I was inspired by this tiny little book filled with quotes I have on my nightstand. I have taken a very many of these quotes, and these shall be the prompts for this challenge.

But first the rules, shall we?

The Rules— What You MUST Do and What You CAN Do:

You MUST do at least 10 of the prompts

You CAN write for any fandom/fandoms of your choosing

You MUST use proper grammar (correct spelling, punctuation, etc.)

You CAN use any pairing you like (OCxOC, ReaderxCharacter, CharacterxCharacter, etc.)

You MUST let me know when you have posted anything for this challenge (pretty please?)

You CAN chose between one-shots, drabbles, ficlets, or a combination of the three

You MUST credit me for the prompts

You CAN write smut if you so chose (but you should put in a warning just in case)

Now to the quotes~

"Love is the whole and more than all." – E. E. Cummings

"One day out of darkness they shall meet, and read life's meaning in each other's eyes." – Susan Mara Spalding

"The moment I heard my first love story I started looking for you." – Shep Laughlin

"If I had never met you I would have dreamed you into being." – Natalia Bergmann

"It is strange that men will talk of miracles, revelations, inspiration, and the like, as things past, while love remains." – Henry David Thoreau

"In dreams and in love, there are no impossibilities." – Janos Arony

"Compared to my heart's desire, the sea is a drop." – Adelia Prado

"What is that you express in your eyes? It seems to me more than all the words I have read in my life" – Walt Whitman

"It would be a fine thing, in which I hardly dare believe, to pass our lives near each other, hypnotized by our dreams." – Elie Smithen

"Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other's eyes for an instant?" – Henry David Thoreau

"I love you, not only for what you are, but for who I am when I am with you." – Anthony Karaba

"To love the one who loves you, to admire one who admires you, in a word, to be the idol of one's idol, is exceeding the limit of human joy; it is stealing fire from heaven." – Delphine de Girardin

"Lovers don't one day meet somewhere, they're in each other all along." – Mitchell Prime

"Whatever our souls are made of, yours and mine are the same." – Emily Brönte

"Within you, I lose myself, without you, I find myself wanting to be lost again." – Anonymous

"Give all to love. Obey your heart." – Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Doubt that the stars are fire: Doubt that the sun doth move: Doubt truth to be a liar: But never doubt that I love." – William Shakespeare

"Of all the earthly music, that which reaches farthest into heaven is the beating of a truly loving heart." – Henry Ward Beecher

"Oh, how he loved her. He gave her a look you could have poured on a waffle." – Ring Lardner

"She made my bloodstream feel like the place that the gods had to find before they could discover fire." – Pat Conroy

"I give thee what could not be heard, what has not been given before: The beat of my heart I give." – Edith M. Thomas

"The loving are the daring." – Bayard Taylor

"We have both lost ourselves, but that is when one reveals most of one's self." – Anaïs Nin

"True love helps you find things you didn't know were missing in your life. It helps you fill spaces you didn't know were empty." – Kobi Yamada

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." – Antoine de Saint Exupéry

"No one has ever measured, even poets, how much the heart can hold." – Zelda Fitzgerald

"Love like ours can never die!" – Rudyard Kipling

"What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us." – Helen Keller

"We are each of us angels with only one wing. And we can only fly embracing each other." – Luciano de Crescenzo

"Then we sat on the edge of the earth, with our feet dangling over the side, and marveled that we had found each other." – Erick Dillard

Posted: 08/06/11 | Deadline: None
Categories: None
Characters: Original Character(s), Reader

Description: What would you do if you had had 24 hours left to live? Will you make amends? Find love? Whatever you do, you have the time limit of one day.

○ Must be a reader insert!
○ Genres are mainly Angst and Death. But additional genres are, of course, welcome
○ Can be a chaptered fic if you want
○ No lemons
○ You cannot change the fate of the reader character

I suggest you listen to "24" by Jem for insperation ;)
[[Make an Ed/Reader one and I will love you forever!]]

Posted: 07/05/11 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga
Characters: Reader, Various

Description: Ohohohohoho!

Yes You've all read the title correct! I am doing a challenge cause I can!

~What You May Write~

Drabbles -one hundred words minimum-

One shots

stories * as in a thousand and more , words per chapter kind of story kora!

*Just saying ! I like reader inserts, No yaoi/yuri and you can't do show pairings like KyokoxTsuna. And if i see a orihimexichigo , I'll hate you! jk , but no! just , no*

~Le Rules~

Your theme MUST be the adventures you have with your crazy boyfriend . (Cause all of these anime men are NOT normal.)

Cussing - i'm fine with it , but no cussing every sentence or anything.

Grammer - No , OMGz! or ppl and etc. If i see such , you're kicked out , sorry.

Spelling - Well.. spelling IS nice no ?

Plagiarism - If I find out your entries were copied , you're out.

Entries - There must be 10 of them in the least.

Deadline is January 7th. If somehow you can't finish till then ,please , do message.


Katekyo Hitman Reborn!



Ao no Exorcist

The World Ends With You

One Piece

Soul Eater

Code Geass




KPop guys

Full Metal Alchemist.


Those are just some I like. Idc what fandom you choose really :)

FYI I'm obsessed with Hitman Reborn :D I tell everyone that.

Message if you'd like to participate :)
ShiraeDarkrai A.K.A. .... GDlove!

Posted: 11/28/11 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga
Characters: Original Character(s)

Description: Heyy~! I just had this challenge in my head and I thought about letting it out 8D

As you see on the top this is a gender-bender challenge~!




This challenge is only for animes.

To finish there has to be 10 drabbles/ficlets. (I see a ten when the male and female signs are together . . .)

You have to change the gender of a cannon character from any anime (only one at a time).

Only male cannon characters can have their genders changed.

The story has to have OCxOC, one-sided loves are accepted too.

No OC’s are allowed. (OOC is ok)


Tsunayoshi (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)

Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Ciel Phantomhive (Kuroshitsuji)

Yuugi Moto (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)

Naruto Uzamaki (Naruto)

Allen Walker (D. Gray Man)

Canada (Axis Powers Hetalia)

I hope you guys enjoy this! Like I said there is no headline so no pressure 83

Posted: 12/03/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga, Books, Cartoons & Comics, Gaming, Movies & TV, Miscellaneous
Characters: Reader, Various, You

Description: Alright, so I saw SarahWeasley's lyrics challenge some time ago, and I wanted to try one of my own(hope you don't mind). Music to me is like my oxygen, the steady beat to my heart; my everything. The following lyrics are from songs that have made their home in my heart and soul; Although I must warn you...a lot--more than half-- of these are kinda angsty..) I was planning on having 65 lyrics in this challenge..I managed to gather 50 lyrics for this challenge, there are much more though...but I kinda got lazy towards the you'd like, you can choose the five additional lyrics you'd like in your response.

The only requests I have for this challenge are that they;
1)Be reader insert.
2)Must be above at least 100 words.
Asides from that, they can be in any specific order you wish.

One more thing, if you do reply to this challenge, please click the red 'Respond to the challenge!' link so that I can be aware of your drabbles/ficlets.
Thanks and I hope you enjoy!

1)"...And as the light fades from my eyes, I smile but don't know why..."
2)"With you on my mind, and my heart held in your hands...Screaming, ''Break me...''
3)"If I kiss you where it's sore-Will you feel better, better, better?Will you feel anything at all?"
4)"I was pulling out my heart so I could pin it to my sleeve. On display for you to see, I'm on display."
5)"I'm sorry, I know that's a strange way to tell you that I know we belong..."

6)"...And I won't let your heart turn to stone, 'cause when I found you, my heart found a home."
7)"I'm taken in your undertow, everything is fine...I'm lonely all the time."
8)"When you cry, a piece of my heart dies, knowing that I may have been the cause..."
9)"As the storm grew fierce, an angel was certainly near;I knew there was nothing to fear."

10)"...the crown you placed upon my head feels too heavy now, and I don't know what to say to you, but I'll smile anyhow."
11)"...What a mess, what a marvel--I walked into that cloud again, and I lost myself..."
12)"We could live for a thousand years, but if I hurt you, I'd make wine from your tears."
13)"She says that love is for fools who fall behind, and I'm somewhere in between. I never really know a killer from a savior...'Til I break at the bend."

14)"Every moment marked with apparitions of your soul, I'm ever swiftly moving, trying to escape this desire;The yearning to be near you."
15)"My soul is evaporating, Won't you saturate me, won't you saturate me?Rain down on me with life...."
16)"I love the way you love, but I hate the way I'm supposed to love you back."
17)"Tell me, did you fall for a shooting star--One without a permanent scar--And did you miss me while you looking for yourself?"

18)"I'm just trying to find a decent melody--A song that I can sing. My own company."
19)"She thinks about herself, and cares about nobody else because the only friends she has all put her down."
20)"I tried and tried to let you know, I love you but I'm letting go."
21)"You make me smile like the sun. Fall out of bed, sing like bird..."

22)"I am seeing in me now the things you swore you saw yourself..."
23)"You’re always in my heart, there’s no letting go. You gotta know, you’re unforgettable..."
24)"I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints. The sinners are much more fun..."
25)"Now that I've decided that you can't be by one, wasn't that fun, this party dies, fades away..."

26)"I need you so much closer. So come on, come on..."
27)"On the night you left I came over, and we peeled the freckles from our shoulders.Our brand new coats so flushed and pink, and I knew your heart I couldn't win..."
28)"We're not the same, dear, as we used to be. The seasons have changed and so have we. There was little we could say, and even less we could do, to stop the ice from getting thinner under me and you."
29)"And all I see in you, is another mistake right over my I see, who you are."

30)"You'll never be alone;When darkness comes I'll light the night with stars ..."
31)"Maybe it’s not 'cause of you, but it’d be easier if you needed me too..."
32)"What a silly dream. Oh silly, silly me, to think I had a handle on this."
33)"You're worth more than this to me. You're worth more than you can see."

34)"It ain't hard to see, who you are underneath...I'm still in love with who I wish you were."
35)"You lie, but I'm a pretty good liar. You chose a game, I can play better. You're bright, oh, but baby, I'm clever."
36)" 'Cause those who get to know our hearts the most, they always seem to be the ones we'll never hold..."
37)"No damage you can do now, I'm immune to you now, you can't break what broke apart. There's nothing you can do to me no more;You can't break a broken heart."

38)"I used to sing to your twisted symphony;The words that had me trapped inside your misery..."
39)"And when he asked me: 'Do you still love me?' I had to look away, I didn't want to tell him... That my heart grows colder with each day."
40)"I've never been this close to anyone or anything. I can hear your thoughts, I can see your dreams."
41)"Some of them want to use you.Some of them want to get used by you.."

42)"What do I have to do to make you love me? But, if I can't make you love me, just tell me what do I have to forget about you..."
43)"You become my best friend, I wanna love you, but I don't know if I can."
44)"I will be all that you want, and get myself together...'Cause you keep me from falling apart."
45)"It's not meant to be like this. Not what I planned at all. I don't want to feel like this..."

46)"It's like I can't even feel, after the way you touched me. I'm not asleep, but I'm not awake, after the way you loved me..."
47)"I know you're upset and that you're happy just to sit and hate me, but I'll make a bet that you'll be better to forget about me..."
48)"I would be crazy to say that we were perfect, and sometimes I was wondering if it was worth it..."
49)"I never thought that I could walk away,every second I'm regrettin' that I didn't stay. How could I just keep on driving, when I left my heart with you?"

50)"I miss the years that were erased. I miss the way the sunshine would light up your face. I miss all the little things, I never thought that they'd mean everything to me."

Posted: 01/20/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga
Characters: None

Description: Straight from the 1000 Word Coliseum: take any chapter (or segment of a chapter) from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and insert a character from your favorite anime or manga into the role of Alice (and other characters to fill the roles of the rest) and totally run wild with it. Attempt to make your story original, but staying inline with the general scheme of things. Minimum requirement for the challenge is 1000 words. 'OOC' OK. Feel free to submit as many stories as you'd like also!

Features the original "The Konoha-Weasel" and "Tea for Three" challenges by Wrin and Crimson.

Posted: 06/03/06 | Deadline: None
Categories: Supernatural
Characters: Reader, Various

Description: I'm starting to get in the Christmas mood and I think it's time Dean, Sam and the rest of the Supernatural team had some cheer in their lives.

Anything goes, it's totally up to you on how the boys get those cheers. ;3

Drabbles, one-shots or a mini-series, I'm not picky. Just make sure you include more then just Dean or Sam or Castiel!!

Cookies for those who give me some Lucifer, Gabe and Balthazar~!

Posted: 11/23/11 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga, Fruits Basket, Bleach, Black Cat, Ouran High School Host Club, Code Geass, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Kuroshitsuji , Axis Powers Hetalia, Pandora Hearts, Dengeki Daisy, Durarara!!
Characters: None

Description: -1) Running Away-Runner Runner
2) 21 Guns-Green Day
3) Real Life Fairytale-Plumb
4) This is For Real-Motion City Soundtrack
-5) The Saltwater Room-Owl City
6) Untouched-The Veronicas
7) Contagious-Avril Lavgine
8) I Run to You-Lady Antebellum
9) Naturally-Selena Gomez
-10) Obvious-Hey Monday
11) Everytime We Touch-Cascada (slow or fast verison)
12) Hot-Avril Lavgine
13) Crack The Shutters-Snow Patrol
14) All I wanted-Paramore
-15) Stop This Song-Paramore
16) Runaway-Avril Lavgine
17) I Need You Now-Lady Antebellum
-18) I Owe You a Love Song-Shiny Toy Guns
19) Teenage Dream-Katy Perry (or) I Love You Always Forever-Donna Lewis
-20) Our Kind Of Love-Lady Antebellum
Rules and Info:

20 Songs to show how one falls in love. You can decide how many words you want to use in each of them. Also only one character to fall in love with the reader/OC. And you can choose any character from KHR.

The mark numbers of the following:

-1) Beginning of everything and shows that the character feels insecure and alittle untrusting towards others.
-5) Beginning of the crush.
-10) Starting a relationship with them.
-15) Something happens to them like betrayel, lieing, or trust issues. There has to be drama in a story XD
-18) They firgured everything out and they are together again.
-20) The happy ending.

Posted: 04/03/11 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga, Yu-Gi-Oh
Characters: None

Description: Reader is Duelist Summoner, is person who control of duel monster cards and summon them usually for purpose of duel, and when you win you gain any of there cards, and possibly use for later duel. Currently there been duel monster let loose in certain places and disturbing the peace, reader trying to find out and stop the other Duelist Summoner(s) who are causing these commotions. And on the way she meets of other Duelist Summoner(s) but are they; her foe(s) or friend(s)?

Posted: 06/24/09 | Deadline: None
Categories: Naruto
Characters: Original Character(s)

Description: I want someone to write a lemon about a blind date gone wrong but ending right!

In other words the preps of Konoha (Sakura and Ino) make you play a blind date game along with all of Konha and the three(two since it HAS to be a guy)san sibs.

The date has to go horrible. You can chose where the date is the time everything including why it's horrible in the first place.

Then for some reason you have to end up having a lemon with the guy. You dont have to write out the actual lemon just say 'they did it' but an acctual lemon is STRONGLY encoraged.

Also the other charecter has to be a GUY.

You can make up your own charecter(s), add the reader, or make it with one of the naruto girls.

You can also chose sensies since most people normally pick akatsuki or sasuke.

And PLEASE in the summary put "Challenge by Monkey93" that way i can find it and read it!

Posted: 02/12/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: None
Characters: Reader, Various, You

Description: Stories based on daft punk's RAM.

Each chapter must be titled and based off each song.

- Give Life Back to Music
- The Game of Love
- Giorgio by Moroder
- Within
- Instant Crush
- Lose Yourself to Dance
- Touch
- Get Lucky
- Beyond
- Motherboard
- Fragments of Time
- Doin' It Right
- Contact

Happy writing!

Posted: 06/16/13 | Deadline: None
Categories: X-Men
Characters: Other, Reader, You, Nightcrawler

Description: He is my favorite character in all of X-Men. Wolverine gets way too much screen time in my opinion, and worse, Nightcrawler was cut out of the third movie JUST because the new director didn't want to waste time putting make-up on the guy who played him! But Azazel was in First Class (that red guy was Nightcrawler's dad!) and helped remind me how cool our blue buddy is! Hope someone takes up this challenge!


"...who did you say you were?"

"I am Kurt Wagner! But in the Munich Circus, I was known as The Incredible Nightcrawler!"



Challenge: Write a series of reader-insert Nightcrawler drabbles (at least ten, one for every prompt, but feel free to do more).

Theme: Though there are many difference between Kurt and the Reader, they still have much to teach each other--a disagreement is not a call for the end of a relationship, but a chance to learn, grow, and change.


1. This can be any continuity from any of the X-Men media, be it the cartoon, movies, or comics.

2. Sexual content is fine (at any level of explicitness the writer feels comfortable with) but shouldn't be the main focus of the story. It is not by any means a requirement, but is allowed if so the writer chooses.

3. Each prompt is a line of dialogue that either the Reader or Kurt say, and while it is not necessary to use it in the chapter, the theme of the line should dictate the content of the chapter. For example, if the prompt was "I never planned on eating snails, but I find myself pleasantly surprised!", the corresponding chapter should have to do with trying new things, leaving one's comfort zone, or literally eating snails.

4. The Reader can be a normal person, a mutant with any kind of power you choose, a member of the X-Men, one of Magneto's followers... or the chapters could be stand alone, and the Reader could be different in all of them. Your choice.

5. There is no deadline.


1-Kurt: "...but in the Munich Circus, I was known as The Incredible Nightcrawler!"

2-Reader: "If I didn't know you, I'd think you look kind of badass. Your personality ruins it."

3-Kurt: "Pacifism isn't a weakness. Even I know that justice can call for desperate actions."

4-Reader: "My relationship with god? Angry. Sometimes a lot. But always a little."

5-Kurt: "You're too cynical. I believe that there is at least a little good inside of everyone."

6-Reader: " know, if were in your shoes, I would've just killed everyone."

7-Kurt: "Saying such a thing is blasphemous. I fear for you, sometimes. And pray."

8-Reader: "Sometimes you're so good it makes me sick. It's like I have to be twice as hateful just to make up for it."

9-Kurt: "I trust my faith absolutely, but even I waver. Your most admirable quality is that you never doubt yourself."

10-Reader: "I've got a nihilistic bent. I don't know about god or ideals... but I do believe in you."

Crack-Reader: "...I didn't hear half of what you just said, but you've got the sexiest distracting accent."

Crack-Kurt: "ACK! Was machst du--?!"

Posted: 08/12/11 | Deadline: None
Categories: None
Characters: None

Description: Alright Luna community, here's a challenge for you! *brick-d for opening line*

Anyway, I've always read stuff where the reader or OC always get with their pick. It's cute and I love it, don't get me wrong, but I want to see something different.

So, choose ten characters from any anime, game or book and write with each one that ends with the Reader (or OC) that ends as friends or worse. So, what I want is a ten character booklet.

Drabble, one shot, doesn't matter, and there is no word limit as well. It just can't end on a romantic note.

Have fun and good luck~!

(PS: Write for D. Gray-Man, Final Fantasy VII, Tales of Symphonia, or Romeo X Juliet and I will love you forever. xD)


Posted: 07/26/09 | Deadline: None
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