"A Hiei Challenge" by BookWormSara
Categories: Yu Yu Hakusho
Characters: Hiei

Description: Rules:
No crossovers
Is a reader Insert
Inserts are done like this, for your name, (y/n) and last name (l/n). Hair color (h/c) eyes, (e/c). And just for the sake of bulkyness (ex: (pale,tan,dark,etc.)) skin is healthy pale.
Characters are straight
No overpowering reader

Around just entering college age (exp: 18ish)
Going to college to be some sort of animator (could be a movie animator, video game u pick in that career choice)
Is a tall American (5 7"ish) we want a Lil above average but not freaky tall but not average. Tired of the Hiei liking short characters...he can like tall women!
Wants to learn martial arts, at first nothing crazy just enough to defend and not look stupid you guys can choose whether or not to progress it to her getting more interested in it or not. By interested in it to try and become a martial arts master, and you guys can choose the style...
Over 10,000words (tired of seeing those 100word challenges, I'm making you step up and take the 10,000)
Doesn't have a deadline...yet

I have never made a challenge before so tell me what you think of the challenge. I am a sucky writer and this has sorta stayed with me and I want to read a story with this sorta concept but I'm a scatterbrain and can't stay focused. Now I am friends with people who weren't straight I just want in this story for that to be absent.

Posted: 12/15/10 | Deadline: None