"Baby on the Way" by coeur de pirate
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Description: Baby on the Way

[Three trimesters of pregnancy]

summary: so, everyone likes babies- in fact, most people on here write about their favorite character having a little bundle of joy! My challenge is simple- make a little story about the trimesters of pregnancy, the good, the bad, the ugly, and finally, the new baby!

-Pick a character from any fandom you want
-Match them up with a reader-insert
-Make them pregnant
-Follow the guidelines of the requirements or prompts
-And start writing
Simple, eh?

-must be reader-insert
-no OCs
-yaoi/yuri (although rather awesome) would not be able to use, unless the plot is creative and efficient to the prompts
-include the title of the challenge in the summary
-drabbles, oneshots, chapters, and ficlets are acceptable
-trimesters must be in order, the different symptoms do not

things to remember:
-pregnancy isn’t all rainbows and kittens, so try to show the down-sides to it
-make sure to include the father of said baby

the beginning (can be whatever you want)
-missed period
-strange feelings

trimester one
(0 - 13 weeks)
-morning sickness
-weight gain
-breast swelling and soreness
-cravings to certain food or aversion to food you usually like
-mood swings
-need to urinate more frequently

trimester two
(14 – 27 weeks)
-body aches, especially in abdomen and back
-stretch marks
-dry, itchy stomach
-tingly or numb hands
-slight swelling in your feet, fingers and face
-dark line running from your bellybutton to your pubic line, called linea nigra

trimester three
(27 – 40 weeks)
-heart burn
-shortness of breath

…and finally
-the baby is born!

*have fun and be creative~ ^.~

Posted: 05/20/11 | Deadline: None

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