"Planet Terror " by xXinheritancerulzXx
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Description: For those who have seen Robert Rodriguez's movie "Planet Terror"

Make a Final Fantasy version. The main character pairing can either be CloudXTifa or SquallXRinoa. Whichever you prefer. It should be written in 3rd person P.O.V. Side characters such as Tony, Dr.Block, his wife or the sheriff, etc. can be a character from any of the other Final Fantasy games, preferrably V-X. Original Characters are welcome. A lemon should be included. Doesn't have to be verbatim, but that'd be great if it was.


No chapter can be more than 5,000 words, and no less than 1,000. (But i like long chapers.... :3) The story can be however long you wish, (chapter wise) as long as it isn't over 30.

Thank you very much!^_^

Posted: 07/16/11 | Deadline: None

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