"1 Crazy, Wild Masked Monster >3" by PumpkinSpice2891
Categories: Spirited Away
Characters: Reader, Original Character(s)

Description: Ok, everybody familiar with the movie Spirited Away? Good, cuz this challenge is about....


But its not your typical NoFace challenge..... Fufufufufu.....

Here's what I want from you: a reader-insert pairing NoFace and the reader, but there are two catchs:

One: he has to be in his large, crazy, maniacal form. Remember when he was running amok in the bathhouse? Yep. That form. I don't want timid NoFace. I want crazy and out-of-control masked guy!

And two..... I want it to be a lemon. I don't care whether its comedic, cute, romantic, or down and dirty. I want smut! No deadline. Min: 500 words, please.

Posted: 08/10/11 | Deadline: None