"Princess Jellyfish" by SammiSam
Categories: Anime & Manga
Characters: Reader

Description: I love Princess Jellyfish, it's an amazing anime and manga. Using the names of the episodes/chapters write a fic. You can use any anime/manga that you like. I prefer reader-insert, but I wont hold you to it.
Hope you enjoy and have fun!!! (Amars= otaku, nerds, geeks)

01 "Sex and the Amars"
03 "Enchanted"
04 "Let's Meet at the Aquarium"
05 "I Want to Be a Jellyfish"
06 "Night of the Living Amars"
07 "Islands of Unemployment Cash-lending"
08 "Million Dollar Babies"
09 "Midnight Cherry Boy"
10 "Days of Love and Lukewarm Water"
11 "Jellyfish of Dreams"
11 "Driving Mr. Hanamori"
16 "Romeo & Juliet?"
20 "The Affair of the Necklace"
23 "The Rose of Versailles?"
29 "Because You're My Cute Person"
34 "Party Monster"
44 "If She Looks Back, Is It Love?"

Posted: 01/23/12 | Deadline: None

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