"-10 Lyrics for Inspiration" by ladylokii
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Description: I basically wanted to create a challenge that included some of my favourite lyrics. Knowing me, I've made them sexual.
You have to take in each lyric and write a chapter for each of them.
Your stories can be full on smut or fluff - just as long as I see the concept of the lyrics within the chapters :)

>"I can't take it anymore, baby let me in your bed. Take what you want from me and leave me with the rest." Get Set Go - I Want You.

>"I'm all broke up again at the thought of this friend - and the things that he's doing to you." Get Set Go - It Must Be Love.

>"I'm gonna kiss and caress her, idly possess her, I'm gonna eat her up - gobble up all her fight." Get Set Go - Sweet Little Kisses.

>"Chew me up - I just want to taste when you spit me out and put me in my place." Cobra Starship - Chew Me Up and Spit Me Out.

>"I'm not your boyfriend baby, I can't grant your every wish. I'm not your knight in shining armour, so I'll just leave you with this kiss." 3OH!3 - I'm Not Your Boyfriend, Baby.

>"She's the kinky kind, got you all tied up with a dirty mind. I'll treat you just like it's World War 5 - every night." The Fingers - Every Little Thing (from Losers Take All.)

>"Oh a kiss can last all night, you'll have to seduce me - nibble and bite." Jessie J - Sexy Silk.

>"Show me, by the way you hold me. The way that you control me - speed me up or slow me." Big Time Rush - Show Me.

>"Caught in a spell that I can't break - where your touch compels me to stay." Phixx - Hold On Me.

>"You've got my life in the palm of your hands, come and save me now - I know you can." Nicki Minaj - Turn Me On.

You can put your chapters in any order you feel is right. But you should try and use all of them

Posted: 03/22/12 | Deadline: None

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