"Roomies" by honestlyrachel
Categories: Harry Potter
Characters: Reader

Description: So I’ve just recently moved in with my boyfriend of 3 years. Moving in with someone is a big step and an eye opener, and can make or break a lot of couples! These prompts have been some interesting parts of our time together.

1. Messy partner
2. Out of clean clothes
3. Home-cooked meal
4. Grocery shopping
5. No electricity (blackout)
6. Trying to keep the romance alive
7. Waiting for the other person to get home
8.“Parent in laws” visit
9. Sharing the same bed
10. “Alone time”
11. Nagging/Petty fights
12. Laughs
13. Leaving a random note
14. Being awake whilst your partners asleep
15. Lazy weekends
16. Practical jokes
17. Learning something new
18. Waiting for the other person to get ready/running late
19. Friends come to stay/having a party
20. Cuddles

-Must be over 100 words per chapter
-Please be realistic
-I’d prefer the couple to be fairly young.
-Must be reader insert
-The couple can be married, but can’t have been “together” for more than 3 years.
-If you have any further questions let me know. I realise these prompts may be a bit ambiguous!
-Can be various HP characters
-No deadline

Posted: 09/20/12 | Deadline: None

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