"Friendship Challenge" by MidnightxRose21
Categories: Gaming
Characters: Various

Description: Friendship Challenge
Alright, so, as the name suggests, yes, this challenge deals with friendships. Here are the rules:

-You must pick a strong friendship from any of the KH games. A trio or a pair. But they have to be the main ones, don't mix any up. For example, like Sora, Riku and Kairi. They're a trio, and they've basically had a strong friendship, as you know, all that good stuff.

-Next, you're going to make a story unfold for your particular friendship. The twist? Well, it has to be that they haven't met at all, yet. So, the story line has to be something of when the friends meet, how their friendship goes, and how true/strong it is in the end. If you need any clarification of this, just send me a message any time, and I will gladly clear it up for you! :)

-It can be AU and you can make the characters OoC

-The themes have to be in order of appearance and they must be completed

-The minimum word limit is 350 and the maximum is 700

-And lastly, have fun! :D

Here are the themes:

1) Hello
2) Conversation
3) Something
4) Feeling
5) Personality
6) Eyes
7) Smile
8) Interesting
9) Inside
10) Spark
11) Star
12) Cry
13) Wings
14) Animal
15) Sky
16) Moonlight
17) Strange
18) Cool
19) Fear
20) Fight
21) Box
22) Ring
23) Clock
24) Late
25) Snow
26) Expectations
27) Bet
28) Move
29) Sleep
30) Roof
31) Sunset
32) Blame
33) Wait
34) Pet Peeve
35) Early
36) Sing
37) Party
38) Stay
39) Help
40) Special
41) Carry
42) Value
43) Jewel
44) Share
45) Space
46) Success
47) Right
48) Promise
49) Passion
50) True Friendship

If you want to try out my challenge, come and contact me :D Thanks and if you do start on my challenge, I shall review every chapter, that is a guarantee :) Anyways, have fun!

Posted: 04/12/13 | Deadline: None