"Practice and Punishment" by Syncro-Neko
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Description: The way members are punished in sports manga and anime always really confused me.

In most sports anime and manga, punishments usually are an increase in their training menu.
But, that sort of thing always seems set for a later date, not an immediate punishment. I mean, training menues aren't something usually seen in school settings in America outside college and in proffessional teams. It's probably a cultural thing, and probably better for building the players body to have an increase every so often in their traning, even if for a day, and the later date would allow them to think over their actions. But, to increase the entire menu for something that seems pretty simple seemed kinda extreme to me. And the lack of immediate punishment just really confused me, I'm too used to seeing people getting yelled at to immediately drop whatever they're doing and do the punishment exercise.

The only sports anime I've seen implament immediate punishment is Prince of Tennis, with running laps. If there are anymore, then I haven't read/seen them. (Kagami from Kuroko no Basuke's punishment to sit out of practice/walk on his hands was more for his own health and safety than an actual punishment.)

So, in that case, this is my challenge;

Take a sports anime/manga, any one will do, and have a character do something to get in trouble. Enough to garner punishment, but not enough that it would warrent an increase in their training menu.

Then have someone, the reader, an oc, or a canon character, bring up the idea of an immediate punishment ("I heard the Americans do it.")

How the characters react is up to you. They can agree, disagree, whatever! It might even become a regular thing!


Some little rule things;

-Doesn't have to have pairings! You can if you want to, it sounds like another challenge all together though, with what I'm asking. XD
-Any sports manga/anime at all is fine! Even ones not listed in the archives (where is my Haikyuu!! and Daiya no Ace *weeps*)
-Can be just a one-shot or a drabble series or even a progressive story! Anything's fine.
-No deadline, just have fun with it!

Now, how 'bout a little list of punishment exercises

-Running laps
-Suicide sprints
-A sport specific punishment (this one might be hard)

Posted: 05/23/14 | Deadline: None

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