"Grim Tales From Down Below, Anyone?" by Thongchan
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Description: Not sure if most of you ever heard of Bleedman, but he is known for doing Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi, Sugar Bits, and my favorite, Grim Tales From Down Below.

Anyways, I never seen a lot of Grim Tales fanfiction on here, only on Fanfiction.Net, which I do not go on that site that much, and I am currently finding some people to write a request for me, based on the series itself. However, it's really hard to find someone who does fanfiction based on it, because most of them never read Grim Tales From Down Below.

So, I was wondering if someone might be up to do this challenge, if that's not much trouble that is. I just wanted to request some people to make fanfiction one-shots or chapters for me and I am a huge fan of Grim Tales from Bleedman.

I guess the rules are:
-No drabbles, since I'm not a fan of short stories
-The characters can be OOC, if you wanna
-Reader-Insert please

Note: Also, if you want, you can do a "forced" lemon one-shot. I feel like saying "forced" is the elegant way of saying rape, but if you're still uncomfortable on doing one, that's fine by me.

Posted: 07/30/14 | Deadline: None

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