"Ryan Evans to the Stage!" by Ranchod Tunnell
Categories: Movies & TV, High School Musical
Characters: Reader

Description: It just occurred to me that, as popular as High School Musical was (and with the admittedly good-looking people in the cast), there aren't very many fanfictions out there about it. Personally, I'm not a terrible fan of the movie as I am of Ryan Evans and I'd suffer through the movie to see him move any day. The challenge is simply to write a story about Ryan Evans in a relationship with the Reader. Rules are as follows:

1. It's a reader-insert, meaning you don't get to decide what the character looks like unless the main character is in costume or has dyed their hair. The reader can be either gender though I'd prefer if the reader were portrayed as male.

2. The love relationship does not have to be romantic or lustful. Platonic love is cool, too. Lemons and limes are allowed but if you don't want to write it, you don't have to.

3. I'd prefer a happy story. Drama is allowed, and expected considering the movie, but please no situations that could possibly lead these poor emotionally unstable teens to suicide or other such things. Angst is perfectly fine though! :D

Anything else you want to add is okay. I don't particularly care what goes on in the story as long as it's not a crackfic.

Posted: 08/10/14 | Deadline: None

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