"Pass a Smile!" by Candy Shoppe
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Description: Hi all! I just had a humdinger of an idea~!

CAUTION: It's about to get crazy sappy in here... I'm talking sap level 9 okay? You were warned.

It's called the *drum-roll* Pass a Smile Challenge! In this challenge, people are encouraged to post a story dedicated to their fellow writers (one or more) as gestures of friendship. It's pretty simple. Write them something you know they'll like and is sure to make them smile. We're spreading the love people!!!

Just make sure they know who it's for in the summary.

There's no limit on the categories of types of stories that can be used. Do they like one-shots? Give 'em one. Need a walkthrough? Help 'em out! Do they like poems, ficlets, cyoas, reader inserts, or erotica? Write away! Maybe they prefer fluffy, lemony, limey, angsty, thrillers. Give 'em what they want! The main point is to plaster a smile on their face and hopefully they'll be inspired to do the same.

(The only exception is: keep it morally responsible. Lemons and BDSM ((so long as it's consenting)) are allowed, but no underage stuff. Absolutely no pedophilia or rape or anything of the sort. And this goes without saying--but I'll say it anyway--follow the rules of this site.)

But that aside, go! Write my pretties~! Write!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! ...ahem... Aaaaanyway...

Who knows? If they like it, maybe they'll return the favor and dedicate one back or dedicate one to another writer or BOTH--thus passing smiles all around! =D

Oh and recipients aren't completely off the hook either! They are encouraged to (I can't force you) to leave a review letting the writer know that it did indeed make them smile. (Think of it as a bonus for the writer.)

So that's it! Be kind to each other, review often for writer's sake, and have fun spreading the joy!

Posted: 07/02/15 | Deadline: None

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