"Zuko!!!! T-T WHERE ARE YOU!??" by KCemployee
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Description: As I browsed through this site, I've noticed the shortages of "Avatar: The Last Airbender" stories. This sucks because, believe it or believe it, I am a Zuko fangirl. NOT a stalker...Just a fangirl. So?


Anyone and everyone can write the story. No deadline. I just want the stories. Yep. Hand em over. *holds out hand, waiting*

-Uncle Iroh must show up somewhere in the story
-Main character MUST be fire nation
-Main character must be well thought out. That means create the character's appearance and height yourself.

-Main character can't be life long friends with Zuko.
-Zuko must not be in love from the start (this is hard-ass Prince Zuko we're talking about)
-Don't have the main character extremely beautiful, smart and good at everything. She has to have bad points like a normal person.
-Don't just describe the main character like, "You have long (h/c) hair and big (e/c) eyes" Describe her throughout the first part of the story.
-In fact, don't put (h/c) (e/c). Make the main character's appearance whatever you want.
-Don't make the main character and Zuko have so much in common, like "your mom died, and the Fire Lord hates you and you were banished" make your own past.
-NO PETS!!!!!

Okay, that's it. You can either make your own material and make true fiction or insert your main character into the original show's plot. Have fun!

Posted: 06/21/07 | Deadline: None

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