"A bit of Black and White/ Fruits Basket" by Music_of_the_Night
Categories: Fruits Basket
Characters: None

Description: So as we all know, most girls love those hot Sohmas from Fruba. From Kyonkichi to Momitchi. (Gotta love Shigure's & Aaya's nicknames!) But my favorite bishie is the slightly psychotic, but immensely gorgeous Hatsuharu. There is very little fan fiction, reader insert or not, about him. And with your help, I think we can remedy that. Here's the guidelines..

Must be from 2500 to 10000 wrds. (10000 wrds is optional!)

Haru MUST be the romantic interest

No yaoi is allowed at this time

Oneshots are accepted

Lemons and Limes are DEFINATELY encouraged!

Show both sides of his personality, his bland, laid back side, and his aggressive, slightly psychotic side. Hell, both are hot!

MUST be reader insert. Y/n, e/c, h/l are required. (Your/name, eye/color, hair/length)

Btw, no naming the reader, or giving detailed descriptions allowed. Those really annoy me.

Also, preferable, it's a high school or college fic. Alternate Universe is alright, as long everyone isn't too out of character.

I know it's a lot of guidelines, but hey, its a challenge! Do you accept?

Posted: 11/12/07 | Deadline: None