"Princess of the Endless Dream Realms Book of one shots" by anijiru22_love
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Description: _ Y/N_ your name or nickname Arani'
"Y/N, you will be given your own realm to rule of and it will be the Endless Dream Realm."
Hey, everybody I'm another new member to lunaescence. this is my first challenge so be nice okay! Anyway I want some one to write a Reader insert that the character is hte ruler of two Dream realms and you can change the names if you want, but i some to write a story where the character gets to have a good time with their favorite bishies!! I want limes and lemons but if it's to much for you just write some limes and but I would like it if you pit lemons in the story,if that's okay.

Summary: you are Princess and your Father is the King of the Gods, and your Uncle is the ruler of Firey Underrealm.They have both decided to give you your own realm two realms to rule over and they are Dream Realms. The realm of dreams you will rule over are not the same one is where peaceful and only pleasrue resides there, and other dream realm is where fear and painful torture lies. This where people come here to escape reality for those who have passed on and go to the dreams of where they reside depending on whether they live in Heavem or the underrealm(A/N:Iím sorry if I keep repeating underrealm just canít say the word Hell sorry if that bothers you.). Those who live in the underrealm go to the depth of the tortures of flames with grooling nightmares, but who said their couldnít be pleasure after the pain in bad dreams. The others that visit here from heaven go to peaceful dreams where only pleasure and peace awaits those good souls.You get to enjoy it all these pleasentries to yourself and the hot Bishies that await you have fun.

This is what you look like and hereís the website: Expect you have long brown hair with gold and red highlights and brown eyes

Posted: 12/03/07 | Deadline: None

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