"Marth = Love?" by Whispers
Categories: Fire Emblem
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Description: I'm dying to read a good Marthxreader, MarthxOC romance, and I hope people will respond to this! (Y'know, Marth from Fire Emblem/also appears in SSBM and SSBB)

-Marth is the main character along with either the reader/OC, as long as it's a female character, I'm good. No yaoi, please.

-Must have romance (duh xD) It could be cute, sweet, funny, fluff or serious romance. (a mix of these is perfectly fine, I'm fond of sweet yet a more serious romance, though.)

-Keep Marth IC, I don't know a lot about him myself, but try your best.

-No lemons, keep it PG/13.

-Can be a one shot or multi-chaptered. Minimum words is 1,000 but it's okay if you are a little under.

-MUST BE in third person view if you're using OC! (Ex: He/she said, Marth groaned, etc)

-Do not name the reader/give the reader an appearance, if you do reader insert.

-Doesn't matter if you write cliches (except for Mary-sue readers or OCs, I can't stand them...) or be more original, AS LONG AS YOU WRITE IT WELL it should make me happy.

-More points for adding stuff like...
*embarrassing/awkward moments (ex: dancing, tripping/stepping on partner's toes while dancing, almost seeing one of'em naked, etc)
*poison, *roses/wildflowers, *kissing, *forests, *cuddling, *big time blushing, *holding hands, *a fight, *keeping it in Marth's time and not all modern, *having the setting in the Winter/Fall, *building strong friendship, *and getting protective over each other. :D

-Try to make it flow together smoothly and not all fast, quick and look like you spent a few minutes on it.

And, I think that is all! I wonder who's up for the challenge......

Posted: 07/07/08 | Deadline: None

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