"Fruits Basket Challenge" by GiaKohana
Categories: Fruits Basket
Characters: Ayame, Hatori, Mine, Other, Shigure, Yuki

Description: I'd like to read some new Fruits Basket stories, and I'm sure somebody can write them! Here's what I'd like to read -- two of these are kind of short variations on some of the challenges I've issued on Live Journal, if they look a bit familiar:

1. Ayame is sick and Yuki has to take care of him. Will there be brotherly bonding, or will Yuki make Aya even sicker...or maybe the other way around...may be funny or serious.

2. Yuki and the canon character of your choice walks in on Ayame and Mine during a romantic moment. Does chaos ensue?

3. Mabudachi Trio friendship fic. Can be set in the present day, or during their high school years. No yaoi, please.

Two more requirements: No reader insert you, and if Akito is included, she is female.

Have fun writing!

Posted: Unknown | Deadline: None