"Riku" by Cloyahken
Categories: Kingdom Hearts
Characters: Other, Reader, Riku, Various

Description: ... I don't believe that i've every seen a Riku challenge, so BAM! Well, a Riku Reader fic. As much as people claim that they love him, I don't see that many fics with him. That or i've read them all.

It can be anything you want. One-shots, Lemons, anything. Yet i'd love you to bits if it were a chapter fic. We all know how there's mainly Ficlets and stuff about. We need long Chapter fics back. Or really long chaptered One-Shots.

It has to be before he left Destiny Islands back into his childhood, and when he got back. Only refrences and maybe stories about when he was on his adventurescan be mentioned. Heck, even go into some of the Manga refrences or pictures. Those are always good.

To make it a twist, the reader doesn't even have to be from Destiny Islands. Which means you can even make a new Kingdom Hearts. Yeah. Can you do it. Defecult eh? Well, good luck! Go AUs!

Posted: 05/08/09 | Deadline: None

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