"Seymour Love" by Byakko-chan
Categories: Final Fantasy 10
Characters: Other, You

Description: Okay! Here is the challenge! Not very hard.

Anyone think they can manage a Seymour Lemon with plot?! And with him I.C.?! (In character) But, it CAN'T be dark, can be serious, but not dark and cruel.

Eh? Eh? Can anyone stand it? Could make him all possessive and stuff???


1:Reader-insert (i.e. You walked up to Seymour, hands trembling...)
2:Leave names, traits and all that blank like as it customary for reader-inserts.
3:Make Seymour as I.C. as you can!!!!!
4: Good grammar would be nice
5: Decent length
6: Please don't make it a drabble, vignette or ficlet. One-Shot or multi-chap would be good. ^_^
7: NO rape! Yes, take that!

And well um... That's it!

Anyone who responds, I will be so happy!!!! I'll LOVE you forever!!!!!!!

Posted: 06/04/09 | Deadline: None