"Shaman King Reader insert challenge!" by Invisobill
Categories: Shaman King
Characters: You

Description: Anime/Manga: Shaman King
Characters: Any of the canon characters, and yourself/the reader.

Well with the fact that if you haven't already read or saw, the Shaman King Manga has finally ended, with a REAL ending. To celebrate that (and the possibility of a sequel), I'm issuing a challenge!

The basic jist of it is:
-Writing a reader x any character oneshot/fic.

oo1. I'd rather it not be Yaoi/Yuri, since this is a reader x character challenge.
oo2. Lemons are fine.
oo3. Any character you use canon wise is fine. (Such as using...crap who's a good example? Uhm, Yoh x Reader is fine. Stuff like that I guess) But it still has to have some kind of reader x character involvement
oo4. You can use ideas from whichever (Anime or Manga), however if you use the manga as inspiration, it'd be a good idea to list that there are spoilers in like your summary.
oo5. Other then the above stated, go nuts!

-Hao x Reader, as it seems he's not very well loved...either Asakura twin will do really. xD
-Put something like "Challenge by Invisobill" or something so I can find your fics...xD I'd love to read them.

Thanks everyone!

Posted: 11/02/09 | Deadline: None