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Categories: Anime & Manga, Cartoons & Comics, Gaming
Characters: Original Character(s), Other, Reader, Various, You

Description: It first started with receiving flowers and anonymous gifts. She doesn't know who is sending them. Her family is suspicious, and the gifts begin to get stranger..

Being obsessed with someone is not a healthy habit, but what do you do when it gets out of hand; why try to go on another date with them of course. But that can either make matters worse for you or they can be great though you have to be careful with where you step because any wrong move can set them off. .
It started off with a summer fling that just was supposed to be a summer time thing, but somehow he/she fell in love and that’s when the stalking/being obsessed started happening.


[Name] opened her front door to check the mail when she see spots some flowers lying on her doorstep, she glanced around and notices nobody was there so she grabbed them placing them in the vase. She figured they were probably for her mother since her dad was secretive like that, so she didn’t really think about anything being odd.

[1] Lemons are allowed.
[2] NO OC’s please. Must be ReaderXCharacter and so on.
[3] Yuri/Shojo-Ai, Yaoi/Shonen-Ai is allowed!
[4] Any type of story is fine-drabble, ficlet, or one-shot. No set limit on how much you want to write
[5] AU and genderbending is allowed
[6] Please use proper grammar and spelling. I completely understand if English isn't your first language but please check it. I don't care if it's just a few minor ones, but double check it using some type of ‘spellcheck’. Please don't write your story in one big paragraph. It's hard to read, and really frustrating for me. Please use paragraphs in your story!
[7] All genres are accepted.
[8] If you plan to enter, please send me a message with the link with your first entry, if you don’t mind. That way, I can get you on the list. All subsequent stories afterwards, please post as chapters to the first story, and I will check up on them periodically.
[9] Somewhere in your first message please put ‘Prussia is just that Awesome’, that what I know you did read the rules.
[10] You choose your own prompts; and their is not set on what series/anime/comics yu can write for.

Posted: 09/06/12 | Deadline: None
Categories: Gaming, Pokemon
Characters: Reader, You

Description: Can some one give me a good Pokemon Black/White fanfiction. I want a good Fanfiction with White/Touka and N or Reader and N. Please make it good and have a lemon or at least a make-out scene. The use of N's innocent personality is ok but I'd prefer a darker N.

Posted: 03/29/11 | Deadline: None
Categories: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Characters: Other, You

Description: Everyone should know Naito's intrest in them 'unique' looking gals, but he still doesn't get much lovin'. SO I CHALLENGE YOU TO WRITE A NAITOxREADER ONE-SHOT. (OR drabble. Whatever. Just as long there's a reader and Naito in it. :3)

I don't care the length. And no OCs, please.

Posted: 08/25/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Persona 4
Characters: Other, Reader, Various, You, Naoto Shirogane

Description: Yes, yes, we all know the secret that is Naoto, but it doesn't stop people from wanting to be paired up with the lovely Detective Prince. :3 So any Naoto x Reader is appreciated~! Please let me know if you enter anything because I'd LOVE to read it!!

Posted: 08/04/09 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga, Naruto
Characters: Hinata, Naruto

Description: Challenge: Write a sweet story that centers around Naruto and Hinata as a couple. It can be a one-shot or multiple chapters, but NO SMUT.

No smut or explicit nudity
Must center around Naruto and Hinata as a couple
I would prefer to know what point in the Naruto universe the story takes place
No reader insert
Please try to keep Hinata in character

Posted: 01/19/12 | Deadline: None
Categories: Naruto
Characters: Various, You, Itachi, Sasuke

Description: Okay, I've been extremely bored and I want to read something that writers hardly writt about. It is disgusting but we can't denied that doesn't exist. And it is implied in Naruto that in clans such as Uchiha and Hyuga that it does happen.

Anyway, I want a complex story where a (Itachi) brother's feelings for his younger sister (You) starts to grow into something more forbidden. While the other (Sasuke) younger brother doesn't suspect anything...unless he's not a little kid. (Of course you'll have to establish how old they are.) However, his older sister is stuck in the middle, naive to the strange interest her older brother shows. But as time goes on, brothers aren't supposed to be sleeping in her bed with her.

You have free reign to do whatever you want for this challenge. But the reader must be the middle child. This can be serious, humorous (such as accidentally gropes and so on), ecchi, horror, lime, lemon and/or fluffy.

And to make it a bit easier for you guys. Itachi murdered everyone, when he was 13. So that makes Sasuke, 8 at the time. While the reader, being the second oldest, she would be 10. But you can make this AU, during that time, before Itachi murder everyone or way before or even a normal life...or something. You decide!

Posted: 07/12/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Naruto
Characters: Original Character(s), Other, Deidara

Description: have to make a one shot about everyones favorite artistic, akatsuki member, Deidara!!! Make it short, make it long, romantic or sad. Do what ever it takes to come out on top!!! Just no lemons or yaoi.

Posted: 02/01/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: Naruto
Characters: Reader

Description: Ok. There are only a few things I need. I need you to have it be a GaaraxReaderxNaruto fanfiction. You also have to splash a little bit of SasukexReader if only to make Naruto jealous. You don't have to say that you accepted my challenge. Just...You know...Put: Dedicated to Corsair. That would let me check in every once and again! I don`t care what you think of yourself! Everyone is a writer! They just have to find their muse and run with it! Never be discouraged by what others review! In fact, just be more dedicated! You`ll gradually improve and those who put you down will be in awe of how much you have acheived! I advise everyone to do this! No matter WHO you are! No matter WHAT it is! Everyone is equal in my veiw and that ain`t never gonna change! Watashi ai everyone!!! Good luck and have good dreams!

Posted: 11/26/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga
Characters: None

Description: During the battle of the valley of the end. Sasuke defeats naruto. and goes to train with orochimaru.

Naruto ends up in far away from the elemental continent at the Grand Line

Here he is discovered in the ocean by the straw hat pirates.

The straw hats try to help him get back home.


Naruto has mokuton bloodline limit

Naruto would be in the grand line for two years. Straw hats find him after Brook becomes a crew member but before reaching Sanbody

Include naruto regaining consciousness and meeting the crew

Due to his injury naruto won't be at full strength until two years later

at first he will be a little cold to the crew

you choose where kuma sends him, it can be in the grand line or in the four blues

He will be there for two years

meaning the whitebeard war will have happened

And the fourth ninja war will be starting

The akatsuki and The allied shinobi nations are looking for Naruto

any pairing or even harems but No yaio

You can decide if Naruto eats a devil fruit. If he dose it has to be original and if he awakens haki but that will

happen during the two year training period

rest is up to you

Good Luck

pm me if you are interested in it

Posted: 04/02/12 | Deadline: None
Categories: Naruto
Characters: None

Description: Welcome to the Naruto One-shot Challenge!!!

•All participants are required to make ONE One-shot! {Second One-shots will not be counted in the contest but I’ll be happy to read and evaluate them}
1.One-shot must be at least 500 words (Less than half a page) and can be up to 7,000 words (around 10 pages) {Note: Please do not send anything longer than 10 pages because it will take me to long to read}
2.One-shot can be OC, reader insert, yuri, yaoi, lemon; It doesn’t matter as long as ONE of the characters is from Naruto
3.One-shot’s are allowed to be x-over’s with other anime {Again all that is required is for one character to be from Naruto}
4.Please rate your One-shot according to what you believe it should be rated and add a disclaimer (for all Naruto related things) and a copyright so that people who read it on my account know it’s yours {Note: If you do not wish for your works to be posted on MY account please tell me and I’ll make sure to put the link}

Please be sure to check your grammar and spelling {Note: It’s simpler to write it out on Microsoft Word and then copy-paste it on Quizilla}

1.(Again) One-shot must contain at least ONE Naruto character
2.One-shot must be in Times New Roman 12-font (title may be in whatever style and size you want) {Note: This will make it so that it’s easier for all people to read}
3.(Please) Include a disclaimer and copyright (for your own good and is not required)
4.Include a Rate so that your and my readers can know what to expect {Note: I will not post it on MY account if you don’t want to}

1.The One-shots will be scored twice; First on a scale of 1-10 depending on wording, grammar, spelling {Microsoft Word}. And a second time on a scale of 1-5 depending on how I liked it.
2.Also I will tell you why your stories got that score and where, I think, you should improve.( If you wish me too)

1.First Place: Original and Sequel One-shot on your selected Naruto character with you or reader insert (your choice)
2.Second Place: One-shot on your selected Naruto character with you or reader insert (your choice)
3.Third Place: Drabble on your selected Naruto character with you or reader insert (your choice)
4.All other participants will receive a mentioning and (if your still gets a high score but did not win) an super-short drabble on your selected Naruto character with you or reader insert (your choice)

•How to Sign Up
All you have to do is fill out the following application; attach your one shot; send it to my email (; and wait…

Name (User name): ___________
Website Name: ___________
Naruto Character: ___________
Name of One-shot: ___________
Link to (your) account: ___________
Post on (my) account?: _(Yes)_(No)_

The Deadline: December 21, 2008

Thank You Brave one’s who sign up for this!
!!!GOOD LUCK!!!!

Posted: 11/10/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Naruto
Characters: Various

Description: I'd like to see some NAruto stories(One-shots, drabbles or whatever you want) based on one or more of these songs:

The Human Stain by Kamelot
Frozen by Within Temptation
What Have You Done? by Within Temptation
Our Solemn Hour by Within Temptation
For the Heart I Once Had by Nightwish
While Your Lips are Still Red by Nightwish
Solitary Ground by Epica

I'd prefer one of these songs but if that's too hard you can pick other songs with a similar theme. Deep and pained and a bit dark. I don't see a lot of song-fics like that and it would be really cool if someone would do that.

You can use whichever Naruto characters you want, you can use your own characters or you could use the reader insert style it doesn't really matter to me. Do whatever style of writing you want aswell; you can include song lyrics or not if that's what you like.

I'm pretty much giving free-reign here except I don't like yaoi or yuri or lemons. Limes are alright though. Although the songs aren't really set up for romance some people might still find a way which is fine. And of course I'd like to see one of the songs I listed or a similar one.
I don't know exactly how difficult it would be but I hope some people will give it a shot! Thank you!

Posted: 11/29/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Naruto
Characters: Reader, You, Deidara, Gaara, Gai, Kankurou, Kyuubi, Lee, Naruto, Sasuke, Temari

Description: It's simple, I want a readerxGaara that's like beauty and the beast.

It can be AU, modern, same universe, highschool, middleschool, anything you can think of!

It can even be with the reader as the beast, and Gaara as the beauty. Or it could be a play that they're doing at school or something.

They don't even have to be a couple, maybe related (noincestplz).

The other characters should be somewhat related to Gaara like:


Posted: 10/25/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Naruto
Characters: Kotetsu, Reader, Sasuke

Description: I would like to read a one shot song fic set to the song "Whiskey Lullaby" by Brad Paisley. OOC is okay. Must be reader insert. (Sasuke x Reader)

The Story: After Sasuke finally kills his brother, he returns to Konoha, to You. But he comes to find that things are different now... He finds you in the arms of another man, (Preferably Kotetsu. But if you don't want to use him, you don't have to x3 ) and he is just devastated.

If you really can't make it work with Sasuke, then you can go ahead and use someone else.

Posted: 09/18/07 | Deadline: None
Categories: NCIS
Characters: None

Description: There's no Navy NCIS fic on here. There should be. No, really there should be.

Posted: 01/18/09 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga
Characters: None

Description: The story can be any lenght. Nearxreader. No deadlines. Pretty simple.
In character involing toys.

Posted: 08/01/11 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga
Characters: None

Description: NO RULES!

Okay, maybe some...
Please pick this up! I am dire need of a Near Hot, hot lemon! There are like none on here...

Posted: 05/04/11 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga, Death Note
Characters: Original Character(s), Other, Reader, You, Beyond Birthday, L, Light, Matt, Mello, Misa, Near, Rem, Remu, Ryūku, Ryuk, Shuichi Aizawa, Soichiro Yagami, Tota Matsuda, Watari

Description: Ok I saw that there was BARELY ANY LOVE FOR THE CUTE YOUNG NEAR!!!!

Please write some love stories on him? (that's all I'm asking!)

the only thing is: no yaoi pair story.(there can be a pairing but as long as it isn't the whole story....)

it can also be a part of different shows if you like.(like a crossover of Naruto+Death Note) that fine.

ALSO! Near has to be in charcter. NOT OCC... There can be moments and such but honestly, I would like the story to play out as Near being his true self. It makes things more interesting.

Anyways, that's all. Just make sure you send me a message to read the story please!

Posted: 07/04/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: Original Stories, Anime & Manga, Gaming, Kingdom Hearts, Star Ocean, Xenosaga, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Absolute Boyfriend, Kuroshitsuji , 07-Ghost, Starry Sky
Characters: Other, Reader, Gaku Namikiri, Night, Frau, Haruse, Kuroyuri, Teito Klein, Ciel Phantomhive, Finian, Undertaker, Alaude, Belphegor, Dokuro Chrome, Gokudera Hayato, Hibari Kyoya, Irie Shouichi, Joshima Ken , Kakimoto Ch

Description: It's not true~! When you kiss someone or get intimate, a females arms don't ALWAYS, automatically go around the neck! Practically every time I read a lemon I can see that line coming before I scroll down! So no more I say!! A smut or any kissing/intimate fic where the Reader does DON'T end up wrapping their arms around the pairings neck. They can grab the shirt, arm or something else. Be creative in their situation if you must!

Make the guy wrap his arms around the readers neck somehow, maybe. As long as the reader doesn't do it. I think I can even let just placing the readers hands/arms on the shoulders. Just not the neck, you can see it coming every time sadly.

You don't have to pick the category I chose (Yet I would love a Riku fic and/or Eye of Mikhail Teito Klein.)Pairing and rating can be ANYTHING (Reader X OC include for original stories included.) you want as long as it's a Reader-Insert. (Not 'Reader-Insert, you name them anyway. That's a OC/You.)

Yaoi and Yuri is also accepted. Have fun! You are NOT limited to certain genres for we need a bit of everything. Have you ever seen a police and or mecha fic not in their category?

Posted: 05/17/11 | Deadline: None
Categories: Gundam Wing
Characters: None

Description: Yep, this is one of those. Here are the requirements:
-MCharacter must be a girl
-MCharacter must have a Gundam
-No limes. no lemons
-No gayness please

I'm going to give you a basic plot, and I mean basic. This isn't even qualified to be a skeleton:
-MC fights one of the Gundam warriors
-MC joins them
-MC is manipulated to work for the bad guys. (yeah I said bad guys but this IS a skeleton)
-Mc realizes mistake
-blah blah blah

You can have any fluff in between. I'll be checking for:
-Plot is followed
-story is intresting

That's all. Have fun ^-^ This is going until around 25th June 2007.

Posted: 05/21/07 | Deadline: None
Categories: Death Note
Characters: Reader, Various

Description: Reader x Gevanni plox. In return, I will give you something special.

I will give you my love. ♥

※ Any rating.
※ Can be multi-chaptered or an one-shot.
※ I want fluff, dammit.
※ Second-person narrative. No first-person, no third-person. (I'm super picky about this.)


Posted: 08/07/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Characters: Other

Description: Verde and everyone else who doesn't who up much need more love. Heck, Verde isn't even on the character list. My challenge is to write 26 stories for Verde or the other lesser characters, such as Fon, Fran, Ken, Kakipi, Mammon, Futa, Naito, or Basil. Try to use everyone at least once. Here are the prompts:

A. is for accident
B. is for brutal
C. is for camera
D. is for down
E. is for experiments
F. is for fragrance
G. is for green
H. is for heartless
I. is for ice
J. is for jolt
K. is for kumquat
L. is for lightning
M. is for more
N. is for nothing
O. is for obsidian
P. is for past
Q. is for quest
R. is for research
S. is for Shakespeare
T. is for 7^3
U. is for umbrella
V. is for violin
W. is for weather
X. is for xanthic (of yellow in color)
Y. is for yo-yo
Z. is for zipper

Posted: 12/27/09 | Deadline: None
Categories: Naruto
Characters: Various

Description: A threesome between the reader, Hyuga Neji, and Gaara.

Posted: 02/05/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Naruto
Characters: Original Character(s), Other, Reader, Neji

Description: many stories containing Neji and the reader!! I am a Neji fan girl and want to see more stories of him!! :)

Posted: 06/07/09 | Deadline: None
Categories: Naruto
Characters: Original Character(s), Other, Reader, Neji

Description: many stories containing Neji and the reader!! I am a Neji fan girl and want to see more stories of him!! :)

Posted: 06/07/09 | Deadline: None
Categories: Naruto
Characters: Original Character(s), Other, Reader, Neji

Description: many stories containing Neji and the reader!! I am a Neji fan girl and want to see more stories of him!! :)

Posted: 06/07/09 | Deadline: None
Categories: Ouran High School Host Club
Characters: Nekozawa

Description: There are Tamaki, Kyouya, Hiitachin bros, even Mori fics, and I know I've seen Honey fics! How come there aren't any Nekozawa fics?!

So as you can imagine the challenge/request is for you writers out there reading this to write a reader-insert romance fic starring Nekozawa-senpai!!

Posted: 02/20/07 | Deadline: None
Categories: Devil May Cry
Characters: None

Description: I know DMC4 just came out but I can't help but love the new silver haired boy! Anyway, I was wondering if someone could make a Nero one-shot!

-Somewhere in the fict, there must be a statement the reader says about Nero being the lost Sparda child. The reader could talk about how he is another child and he, Vergil, and Dante are the Sparda triplets.

Posted: 02/09/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Naruto, Bleach, Blood+
Characters: Reader, Various

Description: This challenge is a take-off from Pikarin's "The Nervous Game" challenge, only this time it is for Naruto, Bleach, or Blood + characters!

For those of you who don't know how the nervous game works, it is basically making some kind of physical contact with the other person playing the game. (Example: The first person places their hand on the other person's shoulder, etc.) Once this first move is made, the first person will ask if the other is nervous yet. The goal of the game is to get the other person to admit that they are nervous. If the person says no, then you have to keep trying different things that would make them nervous.

You may use whatever content/rating you desire as long as the story is reader x [character].

Posted: 07/26/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Doctor Who
Characters: The Doctor, You

Description: "The universe is vast and complicated, and ridiculous. And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen, and we call them miracles."

Time and the universe is a plethora of paradoxes, adventure, impossibilities, and most importantly, miracles.

A man who has traveled through time and space for centuries has seen so many wonderful, horrible, and unbelievable things. There is little left to cause The Doctor to stop in his tracks and stare in wonder.

What miracle sweeps The Doctor off his feet? You may use any definition of "miracle" as you wish. Is it a planet, animal, act of kidness?

As a Doctor Who challenge, thought and creativity is important. Nothing's better than an incredible plot!

Be inspired, have fun, and make sure to keep things timey-wimey!

[Tenth or Eleventh Doctor x Reader]

Posted: 03/07/12 | Deadline: None
Categories: None
Characters: None

Description: Come one,Come all to this special new Challenge!!!!!!!!!!!
1.Follow Crieteria
2.No sad endings for reader or character
3.Any couples are acceptable(yaoi,yuri,original)
4.each fic must have at least 5 lines from the song word limit may stop at any point
7.Have fun!!!^_^
Okay heres the deal: write 20 song-fics 10 are mine and ten are yours
1.Take what you take by lily allen
3.The man who can't be moved by the script
5.Into the Night by Carlos Santana
7. I'm yours by Jason Mraz
9.Like Humans Do by David Bryne
11.You remind me by Usher
13.Disturbia by Rhianna
15.I write sins not tragidies by Panic!At the Disco
17.Handlebars by Flobots
19.Down by Jay Sean

Posted: 02/16/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga, Gaming
Characters: None

Description: If you've ever seen School Days or the meme born of its infamous ending (one of three from the original Visual Novel), you'll know what's coming next. Make a story with a bloody conclusion to a love triangle! You can have them get over it (unlike Eternally) or just completely break up over it (like Eternally).

The categories shown with this are not binding, so you can include anything you want to.

Posted: 01/07/11 | Deadline: None
Categories: Kingdom Hearts, Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Ouran High School Host Club, D.Gray-Man, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Characters: None

Description: Well, it seems that the generally nice bishies of anime (nice to girls) don't seem to get alot of love. So, just create a one-shot around the nice characters of the folowing shows for me. The only rules are no Yaoi, Yuri, or Oc's. Make them reader-inserts and lemons are preferred, but not demanded.


Itachi (before massacre)

Baka To Test:

Akihisa Yoshi
Hideyoshi Kinoshita

Hitman Reborn:

Yamamoto (will love you forever if you do him)

D.Gray Man:

Allen Walker
Alma Karma



Kingdom Hearts:


Yu Yu Hakusho:


Avatar: Legend of Aang


Ouran Highschool Host Club:


Posted: 03/12/12 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga
Characters: None

Description: Rules:
(1) No Yaoi/Yuri (sorry, I have trouble reading these)
(2)Can be any anime or manga, though Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist and Death Note are preferred.
(3)Can be a collection, chaptered, one-shot, whatever, the fics just have to be a Nickleback song fic.

No deadline! I'll take any Nickleback song, but here are some suggestions.
Next Contestant
If Everyone Cared
Gotta be Somebody
Burn it to the Ground
If Today was Your Last Day
This Afternoon

Have fun~!

Posted: 07/17/11 | Deadline: None
Categories: Bleach
Characters: Grimmjow, Ichigo

Description: This site is sadly lacking in my favorite pairing T^T So I would like to issue a challenge on it. Everyone loves fairytales and nightmare creatures, even moreso when thrown in with fanfiction. I'd like to see a fantasy-based fic, chalk full of monsters, conflict, drama, and romance! No rules really. I just prefer a happy ending, a few good twists I wouldn't expect (my specialty), and no character death! I hate character death and I've never written it myself. Other than that, have fun with it! =3

Posted: 06/08/12 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga
Characters: None

Description: I would like to see someone make an entire ten chapter story using Nightwish songs. I don't care which songs you use as onge as they are form the band Nightwish. By the way, if you need the actuall lyrics printed on the booklets that come with the official cd you can email me at

Posted: 07/28/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: Yu-Gi-Oh, BeyBlade, Hunter X Hunter, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Tales of Legendia, Harvest Moon, Pokemon, D.Gray-Man, Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Symphonia, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Nabari no Ou, Ookiku Furikabutte, Soul Eater, Gintama
Characters: Reader, Various, You

Description: No, don't even ask. Just do.

So, you get to write a ReaderxVarious drabble collection pertaining to these Disney songs. To make it more interesting, I drew characters' names out of a hat, as well as the titles of the songs.

1.) Each song has three characters. You have to write drabble for at least two of the three characters given.
2.) If you don't know who they are or don't know them very well (this is different from them being, then you can choose two characters on your own.
3.) Each character gets their own chapter.
4.) No crossovers.
5.) No OCs.
6.) Can be crack / silliness, since I don't think some (any) of these will work otherwise
7.) Title the chapters with the song title and the character's name (it doesn't have to be their full name).
8.) No Deadline
9.) Put my screenname in the summary, since I want to be able to find it~

1.) I'll Make a Man Out of You -- Mulan -- Guy Cecil (Tales of The Abyss) / Sawada Tsunayoshi (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!) / Chazz Princeton (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)
2.) Hakuna Matata -- Lion King -- Rei Kon (Beyblade) / Sakata Gintoki (GinTama) / Lavi (D.Gray-Man)
3.) When You Wish Upon a Star -- Pinocchio -- Elliot (Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness) / Shalnark (HunterxHunter) / Tyson Granger (Beyblade)
4.) This is Halloween -- Nightmare Before Christmas -- Brock (Pokemon) / Blue (Harvest Moon: Magical Melody) / Aizawa Kouichi (Nabari No Ou)
5.) I Won't Say (I'm in Love) -- Hercules -- Squalo Superbia (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!) / Yoite (Nabari No Ou) / Max (Beyblade)
6.) I Just Can't Wait to Be King -- Lion King -- Gary Oak (Pokemon) / Kratos Aurion (Tales of Symphonia) / Jaden Yuki (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)
7.) A Spoonful of Sugar -- Mary Poppins -- Yugi Mutou (Yu-Gi-Oh!) / Deathscythe (Soul Eater) / Hanai Azusa (Ookiku Furikabutte)
8.) Be Prepared -- Lion King -- Justin Law (Soul Eater) / Reever Wenham (D.Gray-Man) / Kai Hiwatari (Beyblade)
9.) Be our Guest -- Beauty and the Beast -- Sakaeguchi Yuuto (Ookiku Furikabutte) / Moses Sandor (Tales of Legendia) / Yamamoto Takeshi (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)

Posted: 04/10/09 | Deadline: None
Categories: Naruto
Characters: Neji, Reader, Shikamaru, You

WEEE! Here we go~

I, Mizu-chan, challenge each and every one of you to write a.....

NejixReaderxShikamaru One-Shot

Yup! You heard me! >=D Who wouldn't want to be stuck between two REALLY hot and smart ninja's? Buwahaha! .... -cough- Sorry! ^_^ ANYWAY! I was hoping that maaaaaaaaybe someone could do it? XD If you do, I'll love you forevvvvvvvvver! ^_^

Only thing that I ask is that it be HumorxRomance and there be no yaoi or yuri in it. >>; Pleeeeeease~

Posted: 08/10/07 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga, Death Note
Characters: Reader, You, Mello

Description: I've looked the Death Note category up and down, and while there are fics about Mello, there aren't any lemons for him (reader-insert lemons, at least.) I always thought that Mello was a pretty important character (as important as Near, I'm sure), and while Light, L, and Near have their own lemons, Mello doesn't have one, that I've seen.

All I ask for is a readerxMello lemon! ^_^

And all I require is that it has decent grammar.

Posted: 11/11/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Dragon Ball Series
Characters: Reader, Various, You, Android 17, Android 18, Bardock, Broly, Bulma, Cargo, Cell, Chi Chi, Dende, Frieza, Gogeta, Gohan, Goku, Goten, Gotenks, Krillin, Majin Buu, Nail, Pan, Piccolo, Radditz, Trunks, Vegeta, Yamcha

No more playing with the hero (Trunks and Gohan) lets get some stories not involving them lets get Goku or Yamcha Tien or Kuririn *shudder* Nappa or Captain Ginyu even Vegeta and Piccolo. Who ever floats your boat but no Trunks and no Gohan

Posted: 07/16/11 | Deadline: None
Categories: Kingdom Hearts, Naruto, Final Fantasy 7, One Piece, Bleach, Mass Effect
Characters: Reader, Various, You

Description: Okay, so while trying to find a (decently long) Reader x [Various, any character I'm interested in] story, I noticed something: I got 30 or so pages of them (when I was being the least picky) and all of them were Reader x Naruto, Reader x Ichigo, Reader x... you get the point.

All of them were female writers (or at least written from the perspective of a female) falling in love with one of the main males. What's up, no romance for the guys?

I've been doing my part, with my Unlikely Romance series, but what about you guys? So my challenge is for this:

Anyone can take this, but they must write at least 5 chapters (Total of a minimum 2,500 words) of a Reader x [Any female character here] story, from the perspective of a male. These can be 5 one shots, or 5 chapters of one story, or 3 chapters of one and two of another, etc...

(And to be clear, it should not be that the reader is one of the characters from the show; they are themselves. EG No writing "You" but making that "you" be one of the canon characters.)

For bonus points, use these worlds and/or characters:

-Bleach [Yoruichi, Rukia, Orihime]
-Naruto [Sakura, Hinata, Tenten]
-One Piece [Nami, Boa Hancock]
-Final Fantasy [Aerith, Tifa, Yuffie]
-Kingdom Hearts [Xion, Kairi, Namine]
-Mass Effect [Miranda, Tali, Samara]

Have at it!

Posted: 05/25/10 | Deadline: None
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