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Categories: Bleach
Characters: Other, Reader

Description: If you haven't noticed, I wrote a one-shot with reader/Gin called Popsicle. Well, I wanna see if you people can write a lemon to it sense it's sorta supposed to be that way, but I can't write lemons so I'm leaving it up to you guys okay? ^_^

Posted: 01/05/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Original Stories, Anime & Manga, Books, Cartoons & Comics, Gaming, Movies & TV, Nonfiction, Poetry & Song, Real Person, Miscellaneous
Characters: None

Description: I've decided to issue a challenge to all of my fellow Luna users: write a story, poem, essay, etc. set in a post apocolyptic setting.

Any and all post-apocolyptic themed pieces count. Fanfiction of any sort is good too.

The deadline is March 15th, 2012 so get writing!

Posted: 01/22/12 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga
Characters: Other, Reader, Various, You

Description: The way members are punished in sports manga and anime always really confused me.

In most sports anime and manga, punishments usually are an increase in their training menu.
But, that sort of thing always seems set for a later date, not an immediate punishment. I mean, training menues aren't something usually seen in school settings in America outside college and in proffessional teams. It's probably a cultural thing, and probably better for building the players body to have an increase every so often in their traning, even if for a day, and the later date would allow them to think over their actions. But, to increase the entire menu for something that seems pretty simple seemed kinda extreme to me. And the lack of immediate punishment just really confused me, I'm too used to seeing people getting yelled at to immediately drop whatever they're doing and do the punishment exercise.

The only sports anime I've seen implament immediate punishment is Prince of Tennis, with running laps. If there are anymore, then I haven't read/seen them. (Kagami from Kuroko no Basuke's punishment to sit out of practice/walk on his hands was more for his own health and safety than an actual punishment.)

So, in that case, this is my challenge;

Take a sports anime/manga, any one will do, and have a character do something to get in trouble. Enough to garner punishment, but not enough that it would warrent an increase in their training menu.

Then have someone, the reader, an oc, or a canon character, bring up the idea of an immediate punishment ("I heard the Americans do it.")

How the characters react is up to you. They can agree, disagree, whatever! It might even become a regular thing!


Some little rule things;

-Doesn't have to have pairings! You can if you want to, it sounds like another challenge all together though, with what I'm asking. XD
-Any sports manga/anime at all is fine! Even ones not listed in the archives (where is my Haikyuu!! and Daiya no Ace *weeps*)
-Can be just a one-shot or a drabble series or even a progressive story! Anything's fine.
-No deadline, just have fun with it!

Now, how 'bout a little list of punishment exercises

-Running laps
-Suicide sprints
-A sport specific punishment (this one might be hard)

Posted: 05/23/14 | Deadline: None
Categories: Final Fantasy 7
Characters: You, Vincent

Description: We all know the cute fics where Vincent finally gets his cell phone right? Well what about what happens after? What if he gets a prank phone call by a girl (You/the reader)? Just thought it would be cute and funny. You/Vincent. I really hope someone responds. I mean, who doesn't want to see Vincent get a prank phone call at like two in the morning or something?

Posted: 07/16/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Yu Yu Hakusho
Characters: Reader, Hiei, Kurama

Description: I would seriously like to see as one-shot/chaptered story about the reader becoming pregnant with either Youko or Hiei's baby.

The idea that bearing a demon's baby and the unexpected problems that come with it is a huge boiling pot of ideas and plot twists! Have fun with it.

Posted: 10/16/09 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga, Gaming
Characters: Reader, Various, You

Description: Pfft . Well, you all know how new life is created, it's just that we're only focusing on probably the most stressful part of it! Just carrying that new life in your stomach for 9 friggen, whopping months!

As we have learned about pregnancy being very stressful on the mother , how do you think the father of the child copes with this too ?

I mean, it's basically a period... except you have something growing inside of you, and you throwing up your breakfast. So yeah, it's ten times worse . x]

You can make up your own prompts, but the three prompts you MUST include first are :

1. Signs .
2. The Test .
3. Confrontation .

Can be a drabble book or at least a 3000 word one-shot.
Have fun with it . Angst , Fluff , put some love in there. Pfft .

Posted: 01/12/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga
Characters: Reader

Description: I love Princess Jellyfish, it's an amazing anime and manga. Using the names of the episodes/chapters write a fic. You can use any anime/manga that you like. I prefer reader-insert, but I wont hold you to it.
Hope you enjoy and have fun!!! (Amars= otaku, nerds, geeks)

01 "Sex and the Amars"
03 "Enchanted"
04 "Let's Meet at the Aquarium"
05 "I Want to Be a Jellyfish"
06 "Night of the Living Amars"
07 "Islands of Unemployment Cash-lending"
08 "Million Dollar Babies"
09 "Midnight Cherry Boy"
10 "Days of Love and Lukewarm Water"
11 "Jellyfish of Dreams"
11 "Driving Mr. Hanamori"
16 "Romeo & Juliet?"
20 "The Affair of the Necklace"
23 "The Rose of Versailles?"
29 "Because You're My Cute Person"
34 "Party Monster"
44 "If She Looks Back, Is It Love?"

Posted: 01/23/12 | Deadline: None
Categories: Bleach
Characters: None

Description: _ Y/N_ your name or nickname Arani'
"Y/N, you will be given your own realm to rule of and it will be the Endless Dream Realm."
Hey, everybody I'm another new member to lunaescence. this is my first challenge so be nice okay! Anyway I want some one to write a Reader insert that the character is hte ruler of two Dream realms and you can change the names if you want, but i some to write a story where the character gets to have a good time with their favorite bishies!! I want limes and lemons but if it's to much for you just write some limes and but I would like it if you pit lemons in the story,if that's okay.

Summary: you are Princess and your Father is the King of the Gods, and your Uncle is the ruler of Firey Underrealm.They have both decided to give you your own realm two realms to rule over and they are Dream Realms. The realm of dreams you will rule over are not the same one is where peaceful and only pleasrue resides there, and other dream realm is where fear and painful torture lies. This where people come here to escape reality for those who have passed on and go to the dreams of where they reside depending on whether they live in Heavem or the underrealm(A/N:I’m sorry if I keep repeating underrealm just can’t say the word Hell sorry if that bothers you.). Those who live in the underrealm go to the depth of the tortures of flames with grooling nightmares, but who said their couldn’t be pleasure after the pain in bad dreams. The others that visit here from heaven go to peaceful dreams where only pleasure and peace awaits those good souls.You get to enjoy it all these pleasentries to yourself and the hot Bishies that await you have fun.

This is what you look like and here’s the website: Expect you have long brown hair with gold and red highlights and brown eyes

Posted: 12/03/07 | Deadline: None
Categories: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Characters: Reader, Gokudera Hayato, Hibari Kyoya, Rokudo Mukuro, Sasagawa Ryohei, Sawada Tsunayoshi, Yamamoto Takeshi

Description: We have all seen countless stories and where the reader is courted by one of the major hunks men of the Vongola. But, have you ever wondered how they would ask for the hand of their leading lady. Well, this challenge answers just that! Here are some suggestions:

TYL! Tsuna: He’ll propose with his dying will.

TYL! Gokudera: Heavily blushing, being all tsundere about it.

TYL! Yamamoto: Smiling, trying not to blush hard.

TYL! Hibari: He’ll just throw the ring at you. Like the romantic he is.


TYL! Mukuro: He’s tricky, he’s sly. He’s telling the truth with a lie.

These are just some ideas, but please enjoy this challenge. There aren't any limitations.

Posted: 01/27/11 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga
Characters: Original Character(s), Other, Reader, Various, You

Description: Here's a list of famous proverbs. If it's not obvious, write anything revolving around these proverbs. Even a small drabble will do. Have fun!

o1.} Actions Speak Louder Than Words
o2.} An Eye For An Eye
o3.} All Good Things Must Come To An End
o4.} Better Late Than Never
o5.} Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover
o6.} Early Bird Gets The Worm
o7.} Keep Your Friends Close And Your Enemies Closer
o8.} Practice Makes Perfect
o9.} There's No "I" In Team
10.} When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Gets Going

Posted: 09/19/14 | Deadline: None
Categories: Movies & TV
Characters: Original Character(s), Reader, You

Description: Characters include for x reader

Nicholas "Nick" Amaro, most likely born in the late 1970s to early 1980s, is a detective who transferred to the Special Victims Unit from narcotics and warrants in 2011. He is charismatic and charming, often using his charm to get difficult witnesses who won't cooperate to talk

Odafin "Fin" Tutuola (born 1962) is a detective on Manhattan's Special Victims Unit.

Sergeant John Munch, (born July 31, 1951) is a Sergeant assigned to Manhattan's Special Victims Unit. He was previously affiliated with the Baltimore Police Department. As of Season 15, he is retired from the NYPD and is a DA Investigator

Elliot "El" Stabler (born October 20, 1966) was a detective in the Manhattan Special Victims Unit. He was partnered with Olivia Benson for over twelve years, and reported to Captain Donald Cragen.

Special Agent George Huang, M.D. is a psychiatrist on the TV drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. He is also an FBI Agent. He is portrayed by B.D. Wong.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs is a 53-year-old (as of 2011) widower and retired Marine sniper. He currently works as a Special Agent for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) agency.

Anthony "Tony" D. DiNozzo Jr. is the Senior Field Agent on the NCIS Major Case Response Team led by Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Timothy "Tim" McGee is a Junior Agent working on Leroy Jethro Gibbs's team. He made his debut appearance in the Season 1 episode Sub Rosa (episode) as an Agent stationed at the Norfolk Naval Base but he also regularly made appearances at NCIS HQ whenever the team called him for help in regards to a case. He was officially transferred from Norfolk to Washington D.C on a permanent basis at the end of the Season 2 premiere episode, See No Evil (episode), becoming the fourth and final member of Gibbs's team and also the Probie which he has remained to this day up until Ziva David becoming an NCIS Special Agent.

Clark Kent, aka Superman, is Earth's greatest hero and the protagonist of Smallville. Hailing from the planet Krypton, Clark is a super-powered alien who was raised in Smallville, Kansas. He resided there until his early adult years, when he moved to Metropolis.

Jor-El (1935-1986) was the Kryptonian biological father of Kal-El, as well as the most renowned scientist on Krypton and an influential member of the Science Council.

Lex decisively turned to his dark destiny after a series of events through the years: His friendship with Clark Kent went back and forth, he blackmailed Metropolis Inquisitor reporter Roger Nixon into his employ, his father/son relationship with Lionel Luthor grew deeply troubled after he became LexCorp's founder and CEO, his relationship then marriage with Helen Bryce failed, he became LuthorCorp's second CEO, his manipulative friendship with Jason Teague developed, he led various experiments with kryptonite, his race for Kansas State Senator against Jonathan Kent turned ugly, his "partnership" with Brainiac evolved, he managed various inhumane projects involving metahumans and meteor freaks, has a rivalry with Oliver Queen that turned deadly, his relationship then marriage with Lana Lang imploded, his encounters with Lois Lane worsened, he illegally cloned of his own brother Julian Luthor, purchased the Daily Planet and named himself CEO, manipulated Kara Kent, murdered his own father Lionel with his own bare hands and finally discovered Clark's secret then used the Orb to collapse the Fortress of Solitude on him and Clark.

Oliver Jonas Queen[1] is Chloe Sullivan's husband as well as the billionaire owner and CEO of Queen Industries, who also serves on the Justice League as a vigilante archer, Green Arrow. As Green Arrow, Oliver dresses in green and black and utilizes a variety of arrows and gadgets for many forms of defense.
Shawn Spencer (b. February 1977) is a pseudo-psychic part-time consultant employed by the Santa Barbara Police Department. He is the son of Henry and Madeline Spencer. He is currently engaged to Juliet O'Hara. Shawn is the main protagonist of the television series Psych. He is portrayed by James Roday (Liam James and Skyler Gisondo in flashbacks).

Burton "Gus" Guster II (b. December 1977), also known as the "Vault of Secrets", "Fearless Guster", and other aliases, is the best friend and crime-solving partner of psychic detective Shawn Spencer. He is portrayed by Dulé Hill (Carlos McCullers II in flashbacks).

Carlton Jebediah Lassiter (b. March 1968), also known as "Lassie", "Booker", "Binky" and sometimes "Detective Dipstick", was head detective of the Santa Barbara Police Department, but was demoted to a regular officer in "No Trout About It". However, he is a detective again as of "Cog Blocked" and is currently the Chief of Police. He is the husband of Marlowe Lassiter, the father of Lilly Lassiter, and the older brother of Lauren "Lulu" Lassiter. He is portrayed by Timothy Omundson.

Email stories must be completed no OCs

Posted: 06/06/14 | Deadline: None
Categories: Bleach
Characters: Other

Description: Hey! It may just be me, but it seems this place is severely lacking in some completely awesome fanfics about my favorite creepy psycho, Gin Ichimaru. I love him, creepiness and all, so I issue this challenge to you, oh awesome authors. I want you to (please!!!) write a crazy story that meets these qualifications:
1. It has to involve Gin Ichimaru
2. and a totally insane party

and that's it! everything else is up to you! I mean, if you want him wear a dress, go for it. If you think he should be gay with that guy who seems to think he's pretty (not saying anything here...) that's cool, I guess. I mean, is it ever really stated otherwise?

Posted: 12/20/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Psycho-Pass
Characters: Ginoza Nobuchika, Kagari Shusei, Karanomori Shion, Kogami Shinya, Kunizuka Yayoi, Makishima Shogo, Masaoka Tomomi, Other, Reader, Sasayama, Tsunemori Akane, Various, You

Description: Seriously, this site lacks Psycho-Pass so please. Please.

Here's the challenge!
1. Make it long! At least 500 words? And as detailed as you can. More chapters would be better of course!
2. No crack. Humor is fine, but no crack.
3. Correct grammar, punctuation, and those English rules, of course.
4. Indicate on your summary that your story is a response to my challenge.
5. Well-written reader-inserts are always the best.
6. No OOC! AU is fime but the characters' personalities remain the same.
7. Bonus for Kougami x Reader
8. Bonus for good smut or a heartbreaking angst fic.
9. This is basically Psycho-Pass and I didn't really require the reader-insert so you may also write a Kougami x Akane story because I ship them.
10. Shuusei x Akane would be good too (Am I the only one who ship them?)
11. Shion x Yayoi is my favorite ship! (Oops, spoilers)
12. If it's a reader-insert and you plan to dedicate it to me, no Ginoza please. (I'm sorry I just hate him.)
13. AU but I would love if someone writes a story with Shuusei and/or Makishima alive because they're my favorites. :(
14. Go on and write~ I'll be waiting!

Posted: 03/07/14 | Deadline: None
Categories: Movies & TV
Characters: None

Description: You have to write a comedy story based on the following plot points :

1) David(Protagonist) is a jobless software engineer living with his big brother and sister-in-law .
2) Severly depressed , his entire life revolves around watching a fictional TV show called 'Surprise Motherfucker' , he mainly watches it cause he feels a character on the show is deeply connected with him .
3) But that character is suddenly killed off , after that all hell breaks lose for David as he decides to burn down the production of 'Surprise Motherfucker' . He embarks on a cross-country journey to do so and on the way meets all sorts of peculiar characters thus learning the true value of life .

Posted: 05/13/13 | Deadline: None
Categories: Silent Hill
Characters: Original Character(s), Other, Reader, Various, You, Pyramid Head

Description: I would like to see a a story that has pyramid head from silent hill and an oc pairing. I do not care what happens if its sad of funny just make it to where it will fit the silent hill story line.

Posted: 10/26/09 | Deadline: None
Categories: Silent Hill
Characters: Original Character(s), Reader

Description: Yup. I want a PyramidheadxReader fanfic. It could be a crackfic, a dark fic, whatver. Just go for it! I DARE you... x3


I bet no one's gonna do it. Hahaha.

Posted: 08/01/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga, Death Note
Characters: Original Character(s), Kanzo Mogi, L, Light, Matt, Mello, Mero, Misa, Near, Nia, Raito, Ryūku, Ryuk, Shuichi Aizawa, Soichiro Yagami, Tota Matsuda, Watari

Description: Any ICP fans on here? Inspiration for this: trying to find an L lemon I haven't already read and, failing at that, randomly singing the song Rainbows N' Stuff by Insane Clown Passe. Haven't heard the song? Check it out, it's totally worth it! Now enough of my rambling and on with the challenge!

The main plot to stick with is having L and Light randomly singing this song back and forth to each other while they are handcuffed together.

Bonus points:
- Have Matsuda freak out at some point in every chorus because he has a random weapon of choice pointed at him.
- At some point involve flying chairs and computers flying around Task Force headquarters accompanied by fire.
- At the very cuss-y parts at the end of the choruses, have Mello and Matt randomly burst in singing them to Near.
- Find any character to be the mom at the part "I like his mom cause she's nice. To. Me!"
- At the end have either Soichiro or Mogi make an out of character comment.

- Random yaoi at the end!

Do whatever you want with it, but be sure to have fun! Yay! Happy fun time for all!
Good luck!!!

Posted: 06/23/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Characters: Original Character(s), Reader, Yamamoto Takeshi

Description: Okay so I'll also be trying respond to my own challenge but I was curious to see how everyone else would write it :D

The challenge is about the reader being a ramen girl or working at a ramen place or whatever! Lol you can choose! I think it would work better if it was Reader X Yamamoto (and I'm not saying it because I HEARRTTTTT him lol) but if you could somehow work a way with the reader being paired with someone else then feel free!

Posted: 03/19/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: Vampire Knight, Fruits Basket
Characters: Original Character(s)

Description: Envy loves fanfics
Particularly those with rape, romance, lemon/lime, torture, romance, obsessive and possessiveness in them ALL at the same time.

Posted: 07/23/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Movies & TV
Characters: Reader

Description: You can email them to me at! They must be either a short story with character x reader or a longer one of your choice but they must be completed! Here are the following categories:

*peter pan *twilight *Smallville *Gossip Girl *NCIS *Law & Order:SVU *Aladdin *Beauty & the Beast *Phantom of the Opera *speed Racer *batman *superman *vampire knight * Uta no Prince-sama *sugar sugar rune * back to the future *more soon

Posted: 06/06/14 | Deadline: None
Categories: Prince of Tennis
Characters: Reader

Description: you must write a short or long Reader Insert for Prince of Tennis. you can not use any Yaoi or Yuri. No OCs are allowed. Deadline is September 30, 2014

Posted: 08/27/14 | Deadline: None
Categories: Tales of the Abyss
Characters: Reader, Asch

Description: Ehem... I, jinky, authoress of a couple of ToA fanfics in the ToA category, hearby challenge you to... *drumroll please*... make a readerxAsch fanfic for me. It doesn't matter if it's a oneshot or a multi-chapter fic... xD Asch needs more love... and what better way to give him love than to write a fic for him? *innocent smile* Lemons are also accepted... *hint hint* xD But nothing cheesy please... ^^

Posted: 06/08/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Tales of the Abyss
Characters: Reader, Asch

...coz we seriously need more of this thing... Come on... the poor emo original needs more love~! xDDD

Posted: 06/07/09 | Deadline: None
Categories: Fullmetal Alchemist
Characters: Envy

Description: I know what you are thinkin and there is nothing wrong with me!
anyways reader x envy lemon challenge!

Posted: 11/03/07 | Deadline: None
Categories: Yu Yu Hakusho
Characters: Reader, You, Hiei, Jin, Koenma, Kuronue, Kuwabara, Touya, Yusuke, Hiei, Jin, Koenma, Kuronue, Kuwabara, Touya, Yusuke, Hiei, Jin, Koenma, Kuronue, Kuwabara, Touya, Yusuke

Description: Thats right I want a readerx?x? story...
I would preffer ReaderxHieixKuwabara,
or any of the following mixed
but any pairings is fine.
Must only be from YYH though!
No powers for the reader of any kind.
Must have lemon!
Can be a one shot or more.
Can be a one of event or a on-going realationship/happening.
Can do as many pairings as you like
No song fics please.
I know I didn't add Kurama onto the list of charachters below and that is becuase I want Yoko and not Kurama :-)
No time/word/chapter/etc limit

Posted: 08/22/11 | Deadline: None
Categories: Hakuouki
Characters: Reader, Toudou Heisuke

Description: Come on... This brat needs love~ It can be crack, something funny, romance, drama, death, angst, you name it~ as long as it has readerxheisuke love in it, it'll work! xDDD Thank you!

Posted: 12/11/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga
Characters: None

Description: No Mary sues.
Oneshots of:
Ones with stars are a must
Death Note





I obviously fail in writing the listed pairings.
Obviously if you don't know one of the shows just say so! You are not suppose to know everything loves! It can be as long as you want and deadline is august 10

Posted: 08/01/11 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga
Characters: Various

Description: So. The title of this challenge doesn't make ANY sense. But anyway.
I've been reading a few Naruto fan-fics and have to say... Wow. There aren't many GOOD Lemons.
I'm a sad person. (;-;) and while there ARE lemons and such; most of them are very little detailed or just. Eh. I don't know.

NOT TRYING TO SAY ANYONE'S WRITING IS BAD. I guess I'm just picky when it comes to reading?

Basic Information:
- write a detailed story for all of the following characters of Naruto:
• Naruto Uzumaki
• Kakashi Hatake(my personal favorite. (; )
• Shino Aburame
• Kiba Inuzuka
• Shikamaru Nara
• Sasuke Uchiha
• Itachi Uchiha
• Iruka Umino
• Chouji Akimichi
• Gaara
• Kankuro
• Sai (my second favorite! xD)
• Neji Hyuuga
• Deidara


- One Shot or a short Chaptered story, it's totally up to you.

- OC preferred; but Reader-Insert is perfectly awesome! (:

- Lemons(obviously) are required. VERY detailed please.

- You can do whatever you want with the characters before and after the lemon, only asking that NO rape/abuse is included. A personal request.

- If a one-shot; a MINIMUM of 5000 words. And if a Multi-Chapter story; then at-least 1600 words per chapter.

- Please no under-age lemons or limes.

- When writing your summary, write "Challenge Reply: ari3132~"

Just have fun with it! I hope to be hearing from you all! Thank you all! Ill be posting some of my own fiction very soon!

Thank You!

- ari3132

Posted: 05/27/13 | Deadline: None
Categories: Yu Yu Hakusho
Characters: Kuwabara

Description: Kazuma Kuwabara! One of the kindest & toughest human psychics one will ever encounter in an anime/manga, and yet, he receives so much cruelty from the series' fanbase. This cannot continue!

Should you accept this challenge, you must abide by the following rules!
+Kuwabara must be the main character in either a one-shot or full length story if you prefer.
+No bashing may occur. Period.
+If you chose to put him in a relationship, please keep it as the Yukina x Kuwabara pairing
+The story must be at least 1000 words in length
+First, second, or third person is fine.
+Let's keep it no higher than PG13 so that everyone can enjoy it
+Original Characters are allowed
+Have fun with it! :)

Posted: 10/11/09 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga, Books, Cartoons & Comics, Gaming, Movies & TV
Characters: None


-has to be in oneshot format (but the genre is your choice)
-guy (or girl if she meets the requirements) must have red hair and green eyes

Have fun and be creative!

Posted: 08/26/12 | Deadline: None
Categories: One Piece
Characters: Shanks

Description: Ummm... If anyone is willing to (not likely), could you please write a fic with Shanks, Mihawk, and the reader? Perhaps a threesome, if possible? Yay for lemons!

Posted: 02/15/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: None
Characters: Reader, You

Description: For some reason Red Mist, from the film Kick-Ass, is frigging hot. So! What I ask of the good people on Luna is if a reader-insert Red Mist fanfic could be made. I would like it to be reader-insert for all the closet fans out there (you know who you are!). The story can be as long as you want and can include from fluffy-crack-high-sugar-intake stuff to f**k-his-brains-out kind of thing. Obviously it can/will have cursing in it. If you have questions/comments/concerns feel free to contact me. Thank you!

Posted: 05/09/10 | Deadline: None
Categories: None
Characters: Original Character(s), Other, Reader, Various, You

Description: Because this is her favorite type of character, Aileadh would like to issue a challenge, be it RI, OC, or whatever you want. What I want to see is people making the reader/OC/whatever the BAD GUY, so to speak. And I don't mean anything half-assed, either. Make them murderers, willingly working for the evil organization, or selling people off as slaves. Anything evil goes, so long as it is not the result of some sad past (happy, normal childhoods are even better). And, if you want, also consider trying to reform them realistically.

Length is whatever you want it to be, so the sky's the limit: drabble, ficlet, one-shot, full-length, drabble collections, or anything else.

Additional things I challenge you to try and include are:

Finding a dead body in the sewer.

Glasgow Grins.

Someone breaking down and crying WHILE killing someone else.

Plushies/dolls representing something throughout the story.

...and, of course, have fun! I look forward to seeing the results of anyone that wants to try this.

Posted: 03/18/09 | Deadline: None
Categories: Gaming, Final Fantasy 7
Characters: Reno, Tifa

Description: Can someone make a Reno love story with him and tifa. i would really appericiate it.

Posted: 07/05/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Gaming, Resident Evil
Characters: Reader, You, Albert Wesker, Barry Burton, Billy Coen, Carlos Olivera, Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine, Kevin Ryman, Leon Scott Kennedy, Luis Sera, Rebecca Chambers, Sherry Birkin, Shvea Alomar, Steve

Description: What happens in a story where Chris and Leon have the some love intrest? Multi- Chapter story.

Posted: 03/30/11 | Deadline: None
Categories: Yu-Gi-Oh
Characters: Various

Description: Take any Yu-Gi-Oh characters and at least 2 original Characters. The setting is Halloween, it's midnight, and they are all in a graveyard. Make it special by adding your own monsters, people, etc. Make it a parody or serious resident Yu-Gi-Oh! Absolutely no making a character out of the reader.

Posted: 08/02/07 | Deadline: None
Categories: Original Stories, Anime & Manga, Books, Cartoons & Comics, Gaming, Movies & TV
Characters: Original Character(s), Reader, Various

Description: Revenge is a harmful action against a person or group for the wrongdoing they did. And so in this challenge I listed below, songs that are about revenge. And it's up to you to use them in a story (either actually use the lyrics along with the story or use the story in the lyrics as an outline for your story). But the main goal is to come up with a story that's all about revenge. And it can be any type of revenge...for a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend, for abuse, for a boss, for a backstabbing friend, a stranger, thief, murder...whatever you like as the victim. This can be anything from lemon, reader-insert, OC, etc.

1. The Promise by Within Temptation
2. Candy by Lovedrug
3. Revenga by System of a Down
4. I Want You Dead by Brooke Valentine
5. We're Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister
6. Bad Things by Wednesday 13 (More of a hate song)
7. Fighter by Christina Aguilera
8. Down With The Sickness by Disturbed
9. Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood
10. Should Have Said No by Taylor Swift
11. Leech by Incubus
12. Waking The Demon by Bullet for My Valentine
13. These Boots Are Made For Walkin' by Nancy Sinatra
14. One Way Or Another by Blondie
15. Shitlist by L7
16. Rub 'Till it Bleeds by PJ Harvey
17. Revenge by Papa Roach
18. Hey Pete by Type O Negative
19. Your Time Is Gonna Come by Led Zeppelin
20. Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were) by The Veronicas
21. Blood on the Ground by Incubus
22. Pain by Type O Negative
23. Vengeance is Mine by Alice Cooper
24. Everything Ends by Slipknot
25. 25 Years by Pantera

Posted: 12/13/08 | Deadline: None
Categories: Writers' Guide, Articles
Characters: None

Description: Reviews are like the blood keeping a fanfiction living. Of course, fanfics can live on short, excited reviews demanding a quick update, but those are like junk food and the fanfic or body will become unhealthy with too many of those. Reviews that actually mean to critique are like health food. Some people don't like broccoli, but they know it's good for them, right?

Rules: First, write a guide on how to review in general. The type of review can vary from story to story, so give different short guides and examples to reviewing these. For instance, you would review a drabble differently from a multichapter, am I right? Discuss them separately.

The guide must inform the reader on how to critique a story in a proper and polite manner.

Bonus: Give tips on how to leave a short, meaningful review when on the run. Give tips to the reader who doesn't know much to say in a review. Leave tips for the author on how to write things here and there to give the reader ideas on what to write in a review.

Posted: 11/05/09 | Deadline: None
Categories: Anime & Manga, Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho
Characters: Kurama

Description: I challenge you guys to pick any of the pairings I will tell you in a minute and write a song fic/parody about them in which they sing lines from random love songs! Any of the following parings are allowed: KuramaXHiei, KuramaXYouko, NarutoXSasuke, SasukeXSakura, . I shall post an example (bonus points if you use a song that i know.)

Posted: 09/21/11 | Deadline: None
Categories: Kingdom Hearts
Characters: Other, Reader, Riku, Various

Description: ... I don't believe that i've every seen a Riku challenge, so BAM! Well, a Riku Reader fic. As much as people claim that they love him, I don't see that many fics with him. That or i've read them all.

It can be anything you want. One-shots, Lemons, anything. Yet i'd love you to bits if it were a chapter fic. We all know how there's mainly Ficlets and stuff about. We need long Chapter fics back. Or really long chaptered One-Shots.

It has to be before he left Destiny Islands back into his childhood, and when he got back. Only refrences and maybe stories about when he was on his adventurescan be mentioned. Heck, even go into some of the Manga refrences or pictures. Those are always good.

To make it a twist, the reader doesn't even have to be from Destiny Islands. Which means you can even make a new Kingdom Hearts. Yeah. Can you do it. Defecult eh? Well, good luck! Go AUs!

Posted: 05/08/09 | Deadline: None
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